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Some topics below:
Orbital mirrors, Google and
Amazon are Competing with
Our Rothschild Utilities to Create
Deadly Wireless
Wireless household silent weapons,
Urban Heat Islands, Solaren Corp,
Worst cities ranked for urban heat,

Recent research has shown
Black and brown neighborhoods
disproportionately suffer from the
effects of urban heat compared to
their White counterparts.

From Deborah Tavares

San Francisco WILL Be Cooked
This IS a Worldwide Agenda

LIST of Communities in USA, Inc.
to be SCORCHED and COOKED by Heat Targeting


Heat waves: Cities with the worst urban heat, where temperatures can spike 15-20 degrees in a matter of blocks – CNN: Hiding the Directed Energy Weapons

Weather Weapons From Space Making Heat Waves
Chemtrails and Atmospheric Electromagnification
Wireless Frequencies

Targeting Individuals with Weapons Causing Increased Body Heat

Our Overlords are using deadly technologies to create the climate crisis and make record-breaking heat waves more frequent.
Science is for sale – and paid and controlled researchers rely on CONsenus which is NOT science to adopt deadly policies. These sell outs receive benefits to deceive and KILL – and say cities should do more to combat the impact of urban heat islands.
DO NOT LET THEM create a new battle language – “Urban Heat Islands”
We must start controlling the
language and say it like it is –
Cities are Human Microwave Cooking Zones
We are being murdered by these scientists, researchers and overlords.

A Partial LIST of Communities to be SCORCHED and COOKED by Heat Targeting
is below – is your city on this list?
Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno not on the list
Because those cities have more experience with heat and are using lighter materials to pave roads, for example, instead of black asphalt

Maybe, those cities that are not on the “scorch and cook list” have become globalists controlled “out posts”
used to hide those that will invade nearby communities and neighborhoods with other weapons.

Think about it – in regions where densified heat is targeting communities who would go to a known desert community?
Why would folks go to escape the heat to an area that is usually HOT?

WHY? – Likely, SAFE HAVENS for those Hiding from extreme heat?
For those in the know – they could escape a number of planned health impacts intended to damage, injure or kill.
Hyperthermia, occurs when the body can’t cool itself efficiently, and can affect “anyone” who is exposed to extreme heat for too long.
Air pollution tends to be amplified on hot days, which is intended
to irritate the lungs.
People with cardiovascular disease are particularly vulnerable in hot weather, which makes the risk of a heart attacks higher by design.

ESCAPEES will become REFUGEES and targeted by MANY other weapons as they are forced out of fear to relocate.

MORE Infrastructure failures will result from the increased pulsed frequencies – think about the several recent building collapses.

Google and Amazon are Competing with Our Rothschild Utilities to Create Deadly Wireless SMART HOMES – of DEATH

We are finding our Rothschild controlled utility companies are suggesting we deploy interior smart thermostats IN our homes. We are told during heat events, and to keep the power grid from going down, that your “remotely controllable” wireless thermostat can and WILL be adjusted REMOTELY to a Hotter Setting.
Think about how these will be remotely hacked while you’re sleeping and you may be unable to STOP or adjust the setting.

Of course, no mention of the invisible amped up frequencies of death.

We will discuss what you CAN DO to be less easy to be killed.



The smart home market is booming, reaching 40 percent of all U.S. households. By 2025, that number is expected to grow to nearly 60 percent. For energy utilities, this sought-after technology is an opportunity to reach customers in new ways, increase engagement and improve J.D. Power scores.

Energy utilities are competing directly with Amazon and Google in the smart home market.
Beyond selling smart home devices, tech companies are using home energy automation as an opportunity to collect customer data, which they are using to build digital profiles. In fact, many utility customers are receiving energy-related emails directly from these tech giants.
Google sends out a monthly email newsletter to Nest customers featuring colorful reports on each customer’s energy usage and local energy trends. The eNewsletter includes infographics and videos that provide energy efficiency advice and other engaging content.
The deadly smart home market is projected to reach $29 billion in sales in 2021 and nearly $47 billion by 2025. With financial gain at stake, death tech companies have a strong incentive to continue building relationships, WHILE COLLECTING DATA from customers around energy efficiency.
WOW – disclosing how they will trick you.
According to a recent survey, 80 percent of energy utility executives agreed that utilities fail to match the level of personalization and convenience that customers receive from Amazon and Google. That’s why it behooves your energy utility to take control of the smart home conversation and reestablish its role as an energy expert.

We are being set-up to be cooked with frequencies and frequency pulses that create ‘mini earthquake like conditions” that are creating structural failures worldwide in buildings, bridges, dams, levees, and more.
Pulsed frequencies cause worldwide structural failures.

They tell us – A smart home strategy might include a personalized eNewsletter targeted to customers who have shown interest in this technology or purchased a product through the energy marketplace. Energy utilities should also promote the energy efficiency benefits of smart home technology in their education and outreach efforts.

A new survey by Deloitte found that the average American household contains a minimum of 25 different wireless devices.

Here is a partial list of wireless household silent weapons – all of which will be hacked –
while your bodies are being hacked to advance convenience.

Smart meters, smart wireless water meters, smart phones, Micro-wave ovens, iPads, Kindles, wifi modems and routers, range extenders, wireless computers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless speakers, wireless headphones and earpieces, wireless garage door openers, wireless door locks, wireless doorbells, wireless baby monitors, wireless surveillance cameras, wifi video cameras, wifi digital photo frames, smart thermometers, smart thermostats, smart yoga mats, smart indoor lighting, smart security systems, voice controllers, gesture controllers, smart buttons, smart alarm clocks, smart air quality monitors, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart navigation systems, connected exercise machines, fitness trackers, sleep trackers, location trackers, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, smart appliances, controllers of smart appliances, ibeacons for home automation, smart ovens, smart irrigation systems, wireless garden sensors, Click and Grow Herb Gardens, smart grill thermometers, smart sprinkler controllers, smart air conditioners, smart TVs, video streaming devices for TVs, wireless gaming consoles, wireless leak detectors, smart watches, smart bracelets, smart air purifiers, smart home vent systems, remote pet feeders, smart light bulbs, bluetooth-connected espresso machines, and bluetooth-connected cookers – and more.

Every one of these devices emits radiation. Every one of these devices, if you have it on your person or in your home, irradiates you and your family, your pets and your neighbors, and ALL that is ALIVE . . .

Urban Heat Islands – Dense Human Settlement Zones called KILL Cities
Mass Densification of Wireless Devises and Equipment – KILL

Deadly technologies are attacking Communities of Color and Neighborhoods with little tree cover, few grassy areas and a lot of concrete will be at least 15 to 20 degrees hotter than the surrounding areas of greenery. This is a cover story for the directed and deadly heat tech.

Lack of Trees and Landscaping Increase Heat – just look around and NOTCE neighborhoods void of landscaping as they WILL become Targeted Heat Zones with the excuse of lacking vegetation.

The Heat is Invisible – Frequencies are Invisible


In-fact, we did a video we named the “Cooking of Humanity”
which was an interview with Barry Trower –
a noted World expert on microwave warfare!
If you have not heard or seen this interview with Deborah Tavares we highly recommend watching the “Cooking of Humanity”.

Aka – Climate Crisis is increasing severe weather events and heating us up – and we are told it’s OUR Fault!
We are Running Out of Water and Communities are Restricted and NOT allowed to use water for outdoor landscaping . . .

Water is a RENEWABLE –
and WE Are NOT Running Out of Water
Go To

Asphalt, Roadways and Freeways Create more Heat and MELT in Heat WAVES . . .
More People WILL Give Up Their Cars, Willingly, to Reduce the Intolerable Heat
and Unaffordable costs of Cooling

Weather Weapons, Pollution, Frequencies CREATE MicroClimates
We will soon become climate refugees and forced to abandon areas that are to hot to continue to live in.

We are told to expect more record breaking heat events under the guise of Climate Change –
We ALL are being attacked intentionally with Technologies of Death

Overheating areas in North West, USA, Inc. with orbital mirrors

From Satellites in Space

NASA Launched a Giant Magnifying Glass Into Space to Collect Solar Energy
Being Used to Scorch Large Regions as we have witnessed in the Western Hemisphere.

Solar Powered Space Weapons

PG&E produced a space weapon through a company called SOLAREN CORP which beams and targets microwave energy directly down to a land based target from space

On StopTheCrime.net we have many videos posted
about the SOLANEN CORP – posted several years ago

BEWARE – a NEW Sales Trick is Emerging
Selling Cities is NOW called Municipal Marketing
to Convince enough people to move to a particular city,
and that city suddenly has a new worker ecosystem
that can grow organically without having to dole out multimillion-dollar
tax breaks to lure corporations.

NOW – After Reading About KILL Cities “DO NOT” be Tricked or Lured by Municipal Marketing to relocate into Human Settlements and Cities of Death.

These cities have the worst urban heat, where temperatures can spike 15-20 degrees in a matter of blocks

The Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. As the climate crisis makes record-breaking heat waves more frequent, researchers say cities should do more to combat the impact of urban heat islands.
(CNN) — There are places within cities where summertime heat can soar, and giant swings in temperature are observed over a matter of blocks. Neighborhoods with little tree cover, few grassy areas and a lot of concrete can be as much as 15 to 20 degrees hotter than the surrounding areas.
During heat waves, these so-called urban heat islands are deadly. Extreme heat is an invisible yet dangerous consequence of human-caused climate change, killing more people each year on average than any other weather-related event, according to the National Weather Service.
The urban heat island effect amplifies a heat wave’s already-oppressive temperatures: areas with a lot of asphalt, buildings and freeways tend to absorb the sun’s energy then radiate heat. Areas with green space — parks, rivers, tree-lined streets — absorb less.
And some cities have it worse than others. Researchers at Climate Central, an organization that focuses on the impacts of the climate crisis, analyzed urban heat island factors in 158 cities in the United States and ranked the top 20 for worst urban heat:

New Orleans
New York City
San Francisco
Salinas, California
Burlington, Vermont
Bend, Oregon
Erie, Pennsylvania
Fresno, California
Lafayette, Louisiana
McAllen, Texas

Andrew Pershing, the director of climate science at Climate Central, said the results were somewhat unexpected.
“Anything with ‘urban’ in its name you’re going to be surprised if New York City and Chicago and places like that don’t rate pretty highly,” Pershing said. “But I was certainly surprised NOT to see places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno on the list.”
But, he said, those cities have more experience with heat and are using lighter materials to pave roads, for example, instead of black asphalt, which can literally melt in high temperatures.

Extreme heat has several health impacts. Hyperthermia, which occurs when the body can’t cool itself efficiently, can affect anyone who is exposed to extreme heat for too long. Air pollution tends to be amplified on hot days, which can irritate the lungs. People with cardiovascular disease are particularly vulnerable in hot weather, which makes the risk of a heart attack higher.

Recent research has shown Black and brown neighborhoods disproportionately suffer from the effects of urban heat compared to their White counterparts.
Low-income residents and communities of color tend to be in areas that lack tree cover, green spaces and access to cooling centers, Vivek Shandas, a professor of climate adaptation and urban policy at Portland State University, previously told CNN.
Many in these communities work outdoor jobs where they are exposed to heat for long hours, to pay rent for apartments that don’t have proper cooling systems, Shandas said.

Officials announced last week the Pacific Northwest heat wave in late June was a mass casualty event in which hundreds of people in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia likely died in unprecedented temperatures.
Officials in Oregon say at least 83 people died from heat-related illness in the state, 54 of whom were in the Portland area. Many of the victims there were older, living alone, and without functioning air conditioning, according to a preliminary report on excessive heat deaths released by the county Tuesday.
In Washington, at least 78 people died, and across the border in British Columbia, officials estimate tallied 500 more deaths than normal for that time period, which they believe are heat-related.
Addressing the public-health crisis requires mitigation during heat waves and thoughtful planning in future development.
Pershing said the color of surfaces is critical to consider when planning new buildings or roads — white is coolest, black is hottest — but another interesting factor is population. In densely populated neighborhoods, he said, “they’re going to be running machinery and running air conditioners” that adds to heat.
“I like to think of it as the human-induced microclimate,” Pershing said.
As the climate crisis makes record-breaking heat waves more frequent, researchers say cities should do more to combat the impact of urban heat islands by thinking about heat impacts before choosing materials, planting trees and planning new green spaces.
“It’s been a real issue in the development of US cities over time — that green spaces tend to be built in the suburbs, or in the places where the rich people live,” Pershing said. “I think it’s really important that those be available to everyone.”
CNN’s Rachel Ramirez and Chris Boyette contributed to this report.

Final Energy Thoughts and Concerns that Utility Companies Currently Have.

Energy utilities are competing directly with Amazon and Google in the smart home market. Here’s how utilities can take back control of the energy efficiency conversation. See the Solution
To start the smart home conversation, energy utilities need to take advantage of content marketingto educate and engage customers. Research finds that 70 percent of internet users want to learn about products through content versus traditional advertisements. Content marketing builds long-term engagement and fosters a digital relationship that brings value to customers.
With the right content, energy utilities can educate customers, help them make decisions and show them how this technology is an essential part of a smart energy lifestyle.
A smart home strategy might include a personalized eNewsletter targeted to customers who have shown interest in this technology or purchased a product through the energy marketplace. Energy utilities should also promote the energy efficiency benefits of smart home technology in their education and outreach efforts.
It’s also essential to create a cohesive, companywide message to ensure all customers receive a similar experience, whether they receive a promotion about purchasing a smart thermostat or contact your call center to inquire about smart home resources.
As more energy utilities roll out time-of-use rate options and demand response programs, it will be “critical” to encourage adoption of smart energy technologies to both residential and business audiences.
The cost of doing nothing if the utilities do not stop the tech giants from taking over . . .
The risk of forfeiting customer relationships to the tech giants could lead to lower program participation, higher operational costs and reduced revenue from lost marketplace sales. Another potential threat is big tech selling electricity in the future.
According to a Wall Street Journal article, “In 10 or 20 years, the dominant retail electric provider in the United States is going to be Amazon or Google.” Currently, tech companies are teaming up with energy industry partners – a market that could grow as much as 500 percent in the next few years.
For example, Amazon Web Services has an oil and gas division with BP and Shell as clients, while Microsoft currently has a partnership with ExxonMobil and Chevron. Google has a partnership with Schlumberger for its oil and gas petrotechnical software.
According to UCRC’s State of the Customer report, approximately 25 percent of consumers would choose a different energy provider if given the option, and another 50 percent did not have a strong feeling either way.
That’s why it’s critical to build strong customer relationships around smart home technology before tech companies make further inroads.
A competitive advantage
While it’s no easy task to compete with these tech giants, energy utilities have one major competitive advantage: Customers trust their energy utility.
According to research from the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC), 42 percent of consumers said the involvement or endorsement of their utility would influence their adoption of smart home technology.
In contrast, customers have concerns about big tech and data privacy, as cybersecurity breaches continue to make headlines.
The bottom line is customers are looking for smart home advice from a reliable source like their energy utility. They need advice and information – and that’s the perfect opportunity for energy utilities to take control of the conversation.

Final comment:

Search “SmartFlex Platform” to learn HOW international corporations who advocate for climate change will track, and monitor every customer interaction.
Frequencies amped up to destroy Life –
ALL Life.
This is the New World Order
as told us in the
United Nations agendas. .



UK Permanent Lockdown – Document Leaked




Former NSA Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine Horton Speak on Being Wifi Tortured Mercilessly



GET READY – LIKE IT or NOT: Decline and Fall: The Size & Vulnerability of the Fossil Fuel System – Carbon Tracker Initiative


We are entering a new epoch, comparable to the industrial revolution.
Our Overlords want us to switch to ALL renewable energy systems – solar, wind, etc.
The Controllers LIE and tell us solar and wind are inexhaustible sources of energy, unlike coal, oil and gas. Be warned they tell us at the current growth rates of renewables fossil fuels will be pushed out of the electricity sector by the mid-2030s. 
Renewables are not reliable since the weather is controlled.
Remember, Fossil Fuels NEVER came from dead dinosaurs.Petroleum is a renewable and Rockefeller created the LIE of fossils and scarcity to control the petroleum market.
In Other documents the overlords tell us that abundant wind and solar has the potential of at least 100 times greater than demand in some countries. And in countries like Australia, Chile and Morocco with well-developed infrastructure and governance they can aspire to provide renewable power to the rest of the world.. 
This is a NEW ECONOMIC System and it sounds like THEY plan on exporting renewable energy. 

The chairman of think tank Ember-Climate, said: “The world does not need to exploit itsentire renewable resource”
Exploit renewable resources. Another LIE is in the making.

We have been told we are in the process of a Decline and Fall
 The decline of the fossil fuel economy poses a significant threat to global financial stability. 
This is information you WILL not hear in the Media – Please read and share widely and quickly – so you can prepare. 
We are being taken off of ALL traditional legacy ENERGY SYSTEMS. 
While many of you have known about these goals of Sustainable Development and Climate Change policies, that have been adopted in ALL cities, towns, states, and nations worldwide – it has remained unimaginable to many people.  
In many cities worldwide Emergency Climate Resolutions have now been adopted and goals are being fast tracked.
Those of you that are able MUST become self reliant in ways that most people are unable to imagine or understand.
You must provide your own renewable energy sources – i.e. solar with Silicone Gel Batteries (Do NOT Use Lithium-ion batteries as these batteries are highly combustible and should NEVER be used in fire areas or anywhere else – these are a type of weapon). 
Your solar system MUST NOT be connected with a smart meter or any WiFi connecting your system to the utility company or TESLA.It is NOT recommended that you USE A TESLA SYSTEM or a SYSTEM that is wireless in anyway. YOUR POWER CAN BE REMOTELY TURNED OFF and it likely will be . . . 
Most Contractors that Install Solar and Battery Systems are NOT taught How to avoid a wireless system or even why. Most contractors are not aware of the intentional solar dimming programs and will not calculate enough solar panels to compensate for reduced sunlight.  
Also, if possible, work with others to redo existing water wells. You can and must drill to primary water. If you are near a spring that does not run dry during manufactured droughts that could be primary water.
Purchase Poly Water Tanks NOWThere is a manufactured RESIN Shortage in the Country and ANYTHING that is made with RESIN will become unavailable. This is NOT a supply disruption, this is Planned Elimination of all RESIN products – indefinitely. 
The time has come – if you can do any of theabove please do so – IMMEDIATELY.
Store water, practice a power outage without water,or gas and you will discover there AREactions you can take.
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In Defense of HumanityStopTheCrime.net andPrimaryWater.org
Decline and Fall: The Size & Vulnerability of the Fossil Fuel SystemThe energy transition is disrupting the entire fossil fuel system, with profound consequences for financial markets and geopolitics.In this report, we calculate the size and vulnerability of the different parts of the system. We take a wider definition of the whole fossil fuel system, looking at stocks and flows, supply and demand, fossil fuels, infrastructure and financial markets.
The forces of disruption in the fossil fuel systemThe fossil fuel system is being disrupted by the forces of cheaper renewable technologies and more aggressive government policies. In one sector after another, these are driving peak demand, which leads to lower prices, less profit, and stranded assetsThe COVID-19 crisis is now accelerating this.
Our analysis finds falling demand (BY FORCE), lower prices and rising investment risk is likely to slash the value of oil, gas and coal reserves by nearly two thirds, increasing the risk and likelihood of “stranded assets”. The four main consequences of lower prices, as highlighted in the chart below, are:Lower rentsAs the chart shows, the largest quantum of change is the fall in the amounts of rent. This means less money for the governments of petrostates.Lower profitsProfits fall not just for the high cost companies, but right across the system.Totally stranded assets. When prices fall below variable costs, you have totally stranded assets.Lower capex. As companies struggle to survive and figure out that growth is over, so they reduce their capex.
The decline of the fossil fuel economy poses a significant threat to global financial stability. The report warns investors there is far more risk in the fossil fuel system than is conventionally priced into financial markets. Investors need to increase discount rates, reduce expected prices, curtail terminal values and account for the clean-up costs.For policymakers, the implication is the urgent need to put in place an orderly wind-down of assets rather than trying to rebuild the unsustainable.Carbon Tracker has been writing for many years about which areas are most at risk from the energy transitionWe provide a framework within which to think about the energy transition so that the impact on each of the pieces can be better understood.________________________________ A FINAL SIDE NOTE:

What prices might the oil and gas industry use to align reporting with climate targets? The industry data and analytics firm Wood Mackenzie recently published the Accelerated Energy Transition-2 or “AET-2” scenario, which identifies a pathway to limiting emissions below two degrees.[2] In AET-2, dwindling oil demand pushes future prices towards the marginal price of oil production, with gas prices remaining relatively more resilient.Figure 1: AET-2 scenario oil pricesYearPrice Range2030$37-$422040$28-$322050$10-$18WoodMac concludes that,”[t]he tantalising hope of a few more years of windfall cash flows may lead some [International Oil Companies] and [National Oil Companies] to defer action, but delay will not be a sustainable corporate strategy under the AET-2 scenario.“Clearly, the AET-2 price deck would challenge the economics of any oil and gas company’s reserves. If companies are considering such scenarios, they aren’t disclosing it to shareholders.  We’ve reviewed many oil and gas company annual reports and of those that disclose their value-in-use impairment assumptions (typically European and Canadian companies), none use future commodity price decks approximating the collapse in oil prices modelled by analysts such as Wood Mackenzie.Even the lowest prices disclosed (for impairment testing) are much rosier than Mackenzie finds in its Accelerated Energy Transition-2 or “AET-2” scenario. Since companies are using more optimistic scenarios it follows that asset valuations are likely also higher than they should be as a result. But investors want to know: what are these assets worth if the world lives up to its Paris pledges?REMEMBER, We are entering a new epoch, comparable to the industrial revolution.WORTH CONSIDERING: Carbon Tracker’s Barbara Davidson, Senior Analyst, will be moderating Plenary 2: How will UK pension funds and asset managers adopt new laws on reporting to the TCFD? And will they soon have to report to mandatory net-zero CO2 emissions targets?

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US Needs More Land For Net Zero – Modern Land Theft Explained


MODERN DAY LANDTHEFT EXPLAINEDUnder the Guise of Reducing CO2  Emissions and the Unacknowledged Use of Weather Weapons 
The U.S. Will Need a Lot of Land for a Zero-Carbon EconomySee the Maps in the File Below
Posted on StopTheCrime.net In the Email Blast Section
This Information WILL inform you How our Overlords will accomplish the RE-Wilding Goals aka the U.N. Agenda 21- Wildland’s ProjectLand on which Human Access is Limited and or DENIED
Mandated by the Biodiversity TreatyForced Transformation and Relocation of ALL People and Cities WILL HappenTo comply with environmental Policies and the Reduction of CO2  Emissions
All systems activated – fires, wind, heat, overhead death dumps aka (geoengineering), tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunami’s, Blast wave accelerators, Floods, power outages, lightning, earthquakes, severe heat events, dust storms, proclaiming we are running out of water – when water is a renewable (PrimaryWater.org), proclaiming we are running out of petroleum which is a renewable, turning insects – humans – animals into vectors.Increased frequencies, heating the atmosphere – increasing Gamma Radiation, and on and on.
NOW – All the Media and Controllers Need is to manufacture historic Weather Events and Mass Power Outages to to create FEAR and convince the People Taking THEIR Land is Necessary for Survival to Keep Jobs, and Provide ENERGY People Depend ON.
Most U.S. Roads and Infrastructure WILL not be maintained – since access to most land and travel will be prohibited.
Resource consumption above what is needed to supply “vital” human needs is immoral
All life (human and non-human) has equal value
All Industrialized civilizations must radically change present economic, technological, and ideological structures
Expanding nuclear power will present serious land-use challenges. While no one wants a power plant in their backyard, many people don’t want nuclear power on their planet.To make 300 new natural-gas fired power plants emission-free, a network of carbon-capture pipelines and storage facilities would be built. That would require land easements totaling 500,000 acres, about half the size of Rhode Island. To drive down costs, Princeton estimates it will take about $100 billion in private and public investment in CO2 capture demonstration projects over the next decade.

See the Maps in the DocumentUS Needs More Land for Net Zero

At the international climate summit in April 2021, the United States vowed to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The goal will require sweeping changes in the power generation, transportation and manufacturing sectors. It will also require a tremendous amount of land.Wind farms, solar installations and other forms of unreliable renewable power will take up far more space on a per-watt basis than their fossil-fuel-burning brethren. 
Wait a Minute: Our petroleum NEVER came from dead dinosaurs – So why are the saying fossil-fuels above and below. Are OUR trusted University’s and science tzars trying to fool us AGAIN and AGAIN?

A 200-megawatt wind farm, for instance, might require spreading turbines over 19 square miles (49 square kilometres). A natural-gas power plant with that same generating capacity could fit onto a single city block.Achieving our controller’s goals will require aggressively building more wind and solar farms, in many cases combined with giant batteries. To fulfill the requirement of an emission-free grid by 2035, the U.S. needs to increase its carbon-free capacity by at least 150%. Expanding wind and solar by 10% annually until 2030 would require a chunk of land equal to the state of South Dakota, according to Bloomberg and Princeton University estimates. By 2050, when Biden wants the entire economy to be carbon free, the U.S. will need up to four additional South Dakotas to develop enough clean power to run all the electric vehicles, factories and more.
Sources: Princeton University’s Net-Zero America project, Jesse Jenkins, Eric Larson; John van Zalk, Paul Behrens, Leiden University; National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); Strata: The Footprint of Energy: Land Use Of U.S. Electricity ProductionPower Densities: Renewables Need More Space
51.5 million acresLiquid biofuels: ◼ Soy ◼ Corn farming8.7MHydropower7.1M◼ Solar and ◼ wind energy farms4.8MPetroleum and gas pipeline easements3.0MOil and gas drilling operations, fracking-sand mining4.8MPower line easements0.6MCoal mining, transport and waste storage operations0.23MNuclear power plants and uranium mining0.15MFossil-fuel power plants
168.6M acresSpecial use654M acresPasture/range391.5M acresCropland69.4MacresUrban68.9M acresMiscellaneous538.6M acresForestand croplandLargest2050 energyfootprint                                                15M acresOffshorewind farms Click on the file links above to view the maps Note: Liquid biofuels map depicts soy and corn farming. One dot equals 10,000 crop acres. About one-third of the nation’s corn and soy crops are used for biofuels.Right now, the current U.S. energy sector requires about 81 million acres (33 million hectares) of land. That estimate includes not only energy sources fueling the electric grid, but also transportation, home-heating and manufacturing.Two-thirds of America’s total energy footprint is devoted to transportation fuels produced from agricultural crops, primarily corn grown for ethanol. It requires more land than all other power sources combined but provides just 5% of the nation’s energy, making it the most land-intensive major fuel source.
Here’s how 81 million acres of energy acres lumped together looks on a U.S. map. Our current energy footprint is about the size of Iowa and Missouri combined, covering roughly 4% of the contiguous U.S. states.Princeton University’s Net-Zero America Project maps various pathways to reaching a carbon-free U.S. by 2050. Each path has unique land-use.
If the U.S. wants a carbon-free economy by 2050 using the least amount of land, it will need to rely far less on wind and solar and instead build hundreds of nuclear plants and natural gas plants outfitted with systems to capture the carbon dioxide before it escapes into the atmosphere.In this model, the current pace of wind and solar development remains constant, but carbon-capture and nuclear power grow at historically unprecedented rates.Wind and solar would contribute 44% of electricity generation, and 50% would come from emission-free nuclear and natural gas power plants with carbon-capture technology. Methane, an especially potent emission that’s a central component of natural gas, would be aggressively curtailed via better monitoring of pipelines and other equipment. Any leaks would be offset by systems that filter greenhouse gases from the air, improved farming methods and other means.In this highly electrified economy, wind and solar provide four times the electric power capacity of the 2020 U.S. grid. Electricity powers all vehicles, heats homes and powers many industrial processes. When demand peaks and the grid needs an extra boost, it will come from a mix of batteries, hydropower and combustion turbines burning carbon-free synthetic fuels and hydrogen.Is there even enough open land to build 250 million acres of new wind farms? 
Our land will be TAKEN as there will be NO HAVE’S OR HAVE NOT’s

◼ Pasture/range◼ Forest◼ Cropland◼ Special Use◼ Miscellaneous◼ Urban

ADVISORY – John Hopkins Center for Health Security ‘Preparedness for High- Impact Respiratory Pathogen Epidemic’


John Hopkins Center for Health Security ‘Preparedness for High- Impact Respiratory Pathogen Epidemic’


Excerpt from page 6


This report examines the current state of preparedness for pandemics caused by “high-impact respiratory pathogens”—that is, pathogens with the potential for wide- spread transmission and high observed mortality. Were a high-impact respiratory pathogen to emerge, either naturally or as the result of accidental or deliberate release, it would likely have significant public health, economic, social, and political conse- quences. Novel high-impact respiratory pathogens have a combination of qualities that contribute to their potential to initiate a pandemic. The combined possibilities of short incubation periods and asymptomatic spread can result in very small windows for inter- rupting transmission, making such an outbreak difficult to contain. The potential for high-impact respiratory pathogens to affect many countries at once will likely require international approaches different from those that have typically occurred in geographi- cally limited events, such as the ongoing Ebola crisis in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Numerous high-level reviews have been commissioned in recent years to take stock of global preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics. These reviews have assessed current preparedness structures and capabilities, have identified existing gaps, and have proposed recommendations for strengthening outbreak preven- tion, detection, and response. But preparedness for a high-impact respiratory pathogen pandemic has received little specific focus in these high-level reviews. While there has been some focus on improving international and national capacities for pandemic influ- enza, specifically after the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, there have been few (if any) high-level reviews or recommendations focusing on the possibility of other high-impact respiratory pathogens with pandemic potential. The lack of global attention on and consideration of this threat speaks to the urgency of addressing preparedness for epidemics and pandemics that might be caused by high-impact respiratory pathogens. While there is overlap between the systems and capabilities required to respond to any disease outbreak, a high-impact respiratory pathogen poses serious additional challenges that deserve special consideration.

In preparing this report, Preparedness for High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemics, we reviewed dozens of high-level reviews of global preparedness and conducted interviews with international experts in pandemic preparedness and response. The state of national and global readiness in 10 functional areas were examined: global preparedness mecha- nisms; multisectoral involvement and coordination; surveillance, monitoring, and assess- ment; health systems and clinical management; community engagement; risk communication; research and development for medical countermeasures; nonpharma- ceutical interventions; accidental release and biosafety; and deliberate use and biosecu- rity.

“Adrenochrome”The Elite’s Super Blood Drink


“Adrenochrome” The Elite’s Super Blood Drink
READ WITH CAUTION “Confidential”LEAKED United States ArmySpecial Medical CorpDocumentation
Kidnapping Young Children to Torture – Extract Their Blood and KILL Them 

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We have ALREADY sent this confidential document out for verification and have been receiving conformation that this is REAL. 

We received this DOCUMENT with this CAUTION:Before reading this – a word of CAUTION – these are not documents that any man or woman should ever have to read – and if you are anyway squeamish we would advise that you should not read these documents either – choose wisely.1.https://web.archive.org/20200924225717/https://site-891171.mozfiles.com/files/891171/Adrenochrome04082020.pdf – pp30 inc. cover letter (~44MB)2.Adrenochrome manufactured by the US military – pp48 inc list of names, DOBs deceased children and also list of officers with photos for promotionshttps://ia801702.us.archive.org/17/items/docs-15-08-2020/Docs_15_08_2020.pdfCheck page 48/48 for an eerie message regarding burial site #9 (Likely indicating there are at least 8 others!!)…Apologies for any upset caused – none is intended – this is the world we find ourselves in.______________________________
Adrenochrome produced by the “oxidation of adrenaline. Higher Levels of Oxidation in the Blood is Caused by Extreme FEAR and Trauma inflicted on the VICTIM 
Kidnapping – Torturing – Murdering Young CHILDRENto EXTRACT and Sell Their Blood  Disposing of Their Bodies Military Bases Used for Harvesting Blood 

Secret OperationsIn the United States _________________________________________________________
Excerpts BELOW From the Above Document Links:

Confidential United States ArmySpecial Medical CorpClosed Military Facilities – Maybe ?

List of Detention Centers Where Children are Held Until Death
Camp AuzaCamp CallanCamp KearnyCamp KohlerCamp Lawrence J. HearnCamp LockettCamp McQuaideCamp Santa AnitaCamp SeeleyCamp StonemanCamp YoungDesert Training CenterFort BakerFort HumboldtFort MacArthurFort MasonFort OrdFort PointFort TejonFort Winfield ScottFort YumaOakland Army BasePresidio of San FranciscoSacramento Army Depot
Confidential United States ArmySpecial Medical Crop
There are multiple page reports listing Inmates (Children), dated June 1, 2020, and Detention Center Locations which Contain Lists of Children’s Names, Date of Birth, Age, Blood Type, Custody Months,Adrenochrome Quality, Custody Location, Due to Disposal (Kill), Suicide or Not, Country of Origin,Daily Quota, Inmate I.D. Number 

THE CYM. CARING CORPADRENOCHROMEMain Detention Centers Production Report

Data shows Inmates Production in mg
Average Age of Disposal List
The CYM, Corporation – Main Detention Centers Disposal Report LIST and Children’s Names, Inmate Number

LAST PAGE OF THIS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION CONTAINS – a GOOGLE MAP Indicating Location of Orderly Disposal of Human RemainsBurial Site #9 is now clearly visible on Satellite Imagery – Can anyone conceal it (better)? The Fence Alone Won’t Be Sufficient.

VIDEOADRENOCHROME The Elite’s Super Drug (Jay Myers Documentaries) –https://odysee.com/@StopTheCrime:d/RE-ADRENOCHROME–The-Elite%E2%80%99s-Super-Drug-(Jay-Myers-Documentaries)-:1
Read the book “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism” by Kerth Barker _______________________________________
·        In the 1954 book The Doors of PerceptionAldous Huxley mentioned the discovery and the alleged effects of adrenochrome which he likened to the symptoms of mescaline intoxication, although he had never consumed it.
Adrenochrome is unscheduled by the Controlled Substances Act in the United States. It is not an approved drug product by the Food and Drug Administration, and if produced as a dietary supplement it must comply with good manufacturing practice.
Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is a hormone which is involved in regulating visceral functions (e.g., respiration). Adrenaline is normally produced both by the adrenal glands and by a small number of neurons in the medulla oblongata. It plays an important role in the fight-or-flight response by increasing blood flow to muscles, output of the heart by acting on SA Node.
Emotional responseFindings support that adrenaline “does” have a role in facilitating the encoding of emotionally arousing events, contributing to higher levels of arousal.