Uruguayans Left with 10 Days of WATER 

Remember Several years back we were TOLD Cape Town in South Africa had only 10 daysof Water Left

We are NOT Running OUT OF WATER






Uruguayans pray for rain as capital reservoir left with 10 days of water

Lucinda Elliott

MONTEVIDEO, May23 (Reuters)- Uruguayans in the capital Montevideo are praying for rain amid a historic drought that has left the main reservoir for the city with only ten days of water left.

Low rainfall and hightemperatures across the southern region of South America have triggered a severe drought over the last year, affecting crops in neighboring grains producer Argentina and triggeringsteep farm losses.

In Uruguay, the water deficit is the worst in 74 years, according to officials. It is affecting supply to thousands of households and leading to poor water quality

“I’m worried that we’re relying on rain as the only answer,” Vanessa Fleitas said outside her child’s school in Montevideo that had closed early because of a lack of drinking water for the students. “It is unusually warm for the time of year.”

Water levels in the Paso Severino reservoir, which serves more than half of Uruguay’s 3.5 million people, are at “historical lows”, according to state water company Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE), at around 10% ofcapacity.

The latest data shows it has around 6.2 million cubic meters of water, a far cry from the 60 million monthly average. Around 650,000 cubic meters is needed every day tosupply the capital.

Light rainfallin recent days “did not change the outlook,” OSE said, although some showers are forecast for later this week. Meteorologists say 50 millimeters (2inches) of rain is needed daily through to June for reservoir levels to startto recover.

Dwindling reserves of fresh water in the country’s main reservoir forced the public water company in late April to mix supplies with water from the River Plate estuary,resulting in unusually high levels of sodium and chlorides.

“My customers don’t trust what comes out of the tap,” said shop keepe rRamon Arteaga in downtown Montevideo, where daily sales of bottled water at his store have increased ten-fold since the start of the water deficit.

Public angerover water shortages is building with street demonstrations planned in thecapitalon Wednesday.

Federico Kreimerman, president of the workers union at OSE said low rainfall,mismanagement of supplies and a lack of state investment was to blame. Waterfor human consumption also competed with soy farming, ranching and forestry,he added.

The office of the president declined to comment to Reuters. It has said it is assessingadditional measures, including a new reservoir to reduce the salinity of local drinking water.

Reportingby Lucinda Elliott Editing by Bill Berkrot

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Is This a Coverup to AVOID theReal Source of WATER?


Egypt Is Building A 100Km RIVER In the DESERT 
This project, likely, is a coverup for accessing primarywater – you can not convince me that Egypt or Saudi Arabia did not know abou tLibya’s Great Man Made River Project that was blown-up in 2011 by NATO and USA,Inc.. 
Libya’s water project accessed Primary Water – which is arenewable water source made continuously under the mantel of theearth and found everywhere.  
This renewable primary water source is hidden from the people so they will accept desalination, toilet to tap, toxic rain water reuse, and reuse and capturing of toxic ground water runoff. 

This vid states the water will go through a treatment process.  Again, we do not know if this is a deceptive cover for actually accessing pure clean drinking water (PrimaryWater.org)to continue to hide primary water from the populations. The Egyptian River Project also states they are in alignment with sustainable development goals – we know these goals are depopulation schemes for societies worldwide, wherein, reducing water access is a goal.  This is why I think this project is a coverup for an in plain sight construction of distribution of water to address the water needs in the desert for Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  
Your comments are appreciated if you have gone to
and understand what Primary Water is . . . 
Below are a few notes taken out of the video:
This river project is longer than the NileRiver. 
Note: the difference in the beginning of the video where you are shown an open aqueduct as proposed by Saudi Arabia and then large pipes to transport the water by Egypt.    
Artificial river in the middle of the desert – already 35% of the water transmission pipes have already been completed.
The world’s longest river in the desert 
5 billion dollars 
Goal to expand agricultural production in the desertand reduce out of country reliance on imported food. Promote jobs.
To ensure the availability of sustainable water resources for the generations to come, Egypt is has started building the world’s longest man-made river. Known as the New Delta Project, the construction of this ambitious megaproject is estimated at more than $5 billion. The river will span an immense 114,000 kilometres, easily surpassing the length of the Nile. 
This is a comment someone made under the video:
There were disappointing gaps in this video. The first question which came to my mind when I started watching the video was the route of the new man-made river. It was never shown. A related question I had, and the most material issue for this project: what is the source of the water that is being transported? There were passing references to recycled water,but this issue was not really addressed.
The importance of the water source question was highlighted by the mention of the Nile being diverted upstream by Ethiopia, with less water to flow to Egypt. It does not sound like the Nile would have sufficient water capacity to supply a “”man made river”” project, but this question was not addressed or answered in the video. The failure to address these fundamental questions leaves the video somewhat incoherent.
This video is a Coverup – to Hide the Water Source – which is Primary Water
Unbelievable! Egypt Is Building A 100Km RIVER In theDESERT

Water is a “Renewable”
We Are NOT Running Out of Water

It’s ALL a Game It’s a Thought Experiment – WE ARE ALL IN THE MATRIX


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It’s ALL a Game –
It’s a Thought Experiment –

It’s ALL a Game 
It’s a Thought Experiment 
We are all under Maritime Law – Admiralty Law –
Marshall Law search what the gold fringe around the

LAW = Land, Air, Water 
Do Not Judge the video below by the title
Posted by
Deborah Tavares
RITUAL SOLDIER https://www.bitchute.com/video/2NTWqiTG7CU9/ 
John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961, New York City Press Club:
For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for
expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion,
on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free
choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a
system which has conscripted vast human and material resources
into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that
combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and
political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published;
its mistakes are buried, not headlined; its dissenters are silenced,
not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed.

Ron DeSantis bio:
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Blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed


Blood Scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed!

🦠🥩🎯☠️ This is in reply to the pure blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed.  

PLEASE don’t believe for one minute that ANY blood 🩸 is untainted.  

Blood banks have been for profit and toxic blood products – another method of poisoning the compromised that seek transfusions FOR many illnesses created to cause illness in the first place. Keep in mind the cov shed spread.  PRIONS and planet microwaving to kill faster.  Even prior to the kill shot other jabs were aimed at slow depopulation goals by our overlords.  Now we face self replicating nano bots in our bodies – human and animal cyborgs.  Whatever Pure  blood there could be is reserved as a blood elixir for the priveledged to slow aging and a power stimulant taken from trauma and tortured victims oxygenated blood.  Those that register for the illusion of safe unjabbed blood are providing data collection on themselves.  The data is being used for the advancement of A.I.  –  the takeover of all legacy systems. All systems – ALL LIFE – all LAND – all AIR – all WATER 💧 — all our BRAINS all abilities to think and MEMORY ERASING.  We are witnessing a bio weaponized Alzheimer’s attack of our minds.  We will soon see history blurred out – our current thinking impacted with more targeted forgetfulness – and OUR tomorrow’s erased.  The ultimate power grab -OUR MINDS.  As we are advanced into control systems we can not stop we WILL experience levels of austerity never felt previously.  We have been told we must reduce our carbon foot print leading to life in the mid 1750s but far worse.  Nature is being destroyed and we will have NOTHING to fall back on – a well thought out extinction of our planet 🌎 Our cities and infrastructure is being degraded and destroyed by targeted use of frequencies that are pulsed to cause collapses of built systems (bridges-buildings – land erosion via targeted land and bluff collapses AND weather weapons – we will see massive relocations of the populations forced to evacuate their communities as the illusion of dwindling water supplies and food is ELIMINATED.  We are watching all this happening now. WE ARE being forced onto unreliable renewables -solar – wind – geothermal – wave electricity sources that will not provide enough available energy.  WHY – Aren’t renewables reliable you may ask? The weather required for a renewable infrastructure IS CONTROLLED☠️.  Most folks will perish!!
All travel is being reduced so populations can be confined in open air prisons and those areas targeted by deadly wireless weapons and weather attacks. 

Invisible frequency fencing will disable and kill anyone seeking to go out of their designated  human settlement zones.  The KILL GRID!  

Cameras – and facial recognition WILL and is being used against us.  Just like China we exist within a network of corporations disguised as governments. managed by a few inbred appearing like humans without concern for ethics, without morals or concern for life  – they are MURDERS. 
We are gullible slaves trapped in a monetary debt 💸 control NET.  

There is So much more I could say – but PURE BLOOD 🩸 dreamers DO NOT understand their/our circumstances.   Do not sign up for data gathering trickery.  🙏

Please go to-StopTheCrime.net to read the many documents gathered over the years that clearly state what you have read above.  

🔴Victims of China’s Electromagnetic Mind Control Technology Provide Testimonies, Seek Help


Victims of electromagnetic mind control technology in China filed a group appeal to Beijing Supreme People's Procuratorate on May 8, 2018. (Courtesy of the  Bloody Mind Control organization)

Victims of electromagnetic mind control technology in China filed a group appeal to Beijing Supreme People’s Procuratorate on May 8, 2018. (Courtesy of the Bloody Mind Control organization)SOCIAL ISSUES

Victims of China’s Electromagnetic Mind Control Technology Provide Testimonies, Seek Help

By Olivia Li October 30, 2019 Updated: October 30, 2019biggersmallerPrint

Thousands of Chinese citizens claim that they are victims of electromagnetic (EM) mind control technology, a high-tech attack which uses EM waves to penetrate the brain in order to alter and influence a person’s mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

There are over 400,000 alleged victims across China, and they have filed numerous complaints individually or in groups to the different levels of government agencies. The victims are ordinary citizens and political dissidents, and they all seek for answers.

The large scale and the type of advanced technologies involved prompted many to believe that the perpetrator behind the attacks could be the Chinese regime itself.

China joined the Human Brain Project in 2001, and the leading Chinese scientists in this project openly claimed that they needed to make the best use of a special advantage in China, that is, its large population has an abundance of human brains.

A group of victims have formed an organization called “Bloody Mind Control” and have reached out to the international society for help. Many provided detailed testimonies on the group’s website, hoping that scientists in this field will step out to corroborate their claims and join them in their fight against the misuse of science and technology in China on its own citizens.

A Nationwide Crime

Mr. Zhong, a representative of “Bloody Mind Control,” told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that “mind control” has a history of nearly 60 years in China, and victims can be found all over the country, spanning all age groups and walks of life.

Some relatively more educated victims have gone through great efforts to research their situation and have posted their experiences online. They found that there are many people throughout China who have similar experiences, and learned about the scientific development of brain control technology in the country.

“A report compiled in 2002 revealed that at least 400,000 victims have filed complaints, and the number is still growing,” Zhong said.

According to Zhong, starting from 2016, victims filed group lawsuits in 24 provinces to provincial level agencies. Then the group reported their situation to the national level judicial system six times since 2017.

Epoch Times Photo
Sixteen victims of mind control technology in Shanghai filed a group lawsuit to Shanghai’s judicial system on Sept. 26, 2016. (Courtesy of Bloody Mind Control organization)

“The Chinese authorities paid no attention to our cases. Many victims, including myself, were sent to mental hospitals and treated as psychiatric patients,” he said.


  1. Victim Conducts Experiments to Prove He’s Not Hallucinating

Mr. Wang, a former journalist in China, recently disclosed his experiences with the Chinese-language Epoch Times.

Wang said starting from 2016, he heard a voice talking to him inside his head. “Whatever I had on my mind, that voice was able to verbalize it. Moreover, only I could hear it, others couldn’t.”

This situation worsened over time. It felt like an endless sonic attack and is very disturbing and painful, Wang said.

“I would call it verbal violence. It goes with you all the time, like your shadow. The person who controls this voice can read your thoughts, including your memories, and know about your weaknesses, shortcomings, and past wrongdoings. Then the person would use this knowledge to humiliate, scorn, and berate you. Every verbal abuse is like a heavy blow hitting my weak spots.”

Although the “symptoms” are very similar to an auditory hallucination, Wang did a couple of experiments to prove that he was a victim of a “mind control” attack.

“In one experiment, I was able to block out electromagnetic waves by covering the walls, ceiling and floor with metal plates [used in printing newspapers]. I stopped hearing that voice in my head.”

In another test, Wang thought of a high musical note from a song, but the voice could not produce the sound.

“When the ‘voice’ tried to sing the note I was thinking about, the pitch was a lot lower. This indicates the voice is controlled by humans, not machines. Sometimes I tested the voice by thinking in local dialects, and I found that the voice could not mimic the different dialects either.”

The long-term interference from the mind reading, sonic attacks and remote manipulation has seriously disrupted Wang’s daily life and career. Wang finds it difficult to focus and think analytically. When the interference was most severe in 2018, it set his nerves on edge and became easily agitated.

Wang was involved in four car accidents in less than a year. “During that time, I would inevitably fall asleep when driving for more than 10 minutes. I was not in a deep sleep, but a in state of quasi-sleep, and I had absolutely no control over it,” Wang explained.

In three of the four accidents, he hit a car in front of him. In another, he drove right into a house, and his car ended up in an upright position.

Wang said the suffering was beyond description, to the point that he contemplated suicide.

  1. The Earliest Allegation: A Case From the 1970s

77-year-old Xin Zhongqing is one of four victims who claims he experienced the effects of “mind control” technology during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). In January 1971, Xin said he was framed and accused of being a counter-revolutionary. He was subjected to political persecution, and refused to “confess” despite the endless harassment. The Chinese Communist Party has used forced confessions as a tool of political control.

Since then, he felt that his mind was under surveillance. He also felt pain from beatings, even though no one was beating him physically.

“I was smart enough to figure out that they were using some secret high-tech torture on me. I openly protested against it,” Xin wrote in his testimony.

Xin said the torture method changed over time.

“Since the mid-1990s, these criminals must have been hiding in a secret mind-control institution. They remotely target some of my body parts, including my head, brain, nose, neck, throat, shoulder, waist, chest, legs and even private parts. The attack causes great discomfort, including pain, itching, and feeling hot and cold. The most shameless of all is the sexual torture they remotely imposed on me!”

“I suffer this kind of torture every day, every moment! Even when I leave my home to travel for a business trip or to go out sightseeing, I continue to suffer.”

  1. Victim Receives Threatening Messages

Yao Duojie, a former five-star hotel manager in Shenzhen, told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that he has been disturbed by strange voices and receives terrifying messages since 2007. The incidents occur spontaneously.

“Whatever I think about, whatever I do, whatever I see, the voice will speak it out. Some time later, I began to hear threatening messages, saying that someone will kill me or arrest me. Again at a later stage, as soon as I closed my eyes, unpleasant images would appear [in my mind]. I lived in terror day in and day out,” Yao said.

Epoch Times Photo
Yao Duojie, a former five-star hotel manager in Shenzhen, describes his suffering as a victim of electromagnetic mind control technology, and protests the inhumane practice of conducting human experiments on unsuspecting Chinese citizens. (Courtesy of Yao Duojie)

“How did I find out it is mind control? On one occasion in 2007, I heard a group of voices saying, ‘He is not yet aware that he is under mind control.’ I never heard the term ‘mind control’ before and I became curious. I searched online, and found that there are many others who suffer the same situation as I do. I also learned from Central China Television’s military program about the existence of mind control weapons and how they work.”

  1. Similar, But Diverse, Experiences

Almost all the victims who shared their experiences online said that someone out there can read their thoughts.

28-year-old Yi Shenglin worked for a government agency in Guilin, Guangxi Province, in 2003. One day he had dinner with a colleague at Kirin Palace, a local restaurant. When he came home, he thought to himself, “The cured meat at Kirin Palace is very tasty.” Immediately, he heard a voice echoing the same thought in his mind, “The cured meat at Kirin Palace is very tasty.” Then several child-like voices said with great excitement, “Heard it, heard it! He said, ‘The cured meat at Kirin Palace is very tasty!’”

On that same night, Yi took a bath and went into his bedroom to get dressed. Unexpectedly, he heard the same voice which echoed him on the “cured meat” saying, “Fancy that this guy is not wearing underwear in his bedroom!” He was shocked and realized that someone out there could see the same thing he was looking at even when all the windows were covered by curtains.

A victim named Peng Yishan said the voices he heard in his mind were obviously from several different people because he heard both men and women speaking.

Many victims said the voice disturbance occurs around the clock, making it impossible for them to get a good night’s sleep. Besides being verbally and emotionally abused, such as being scorned or humiliated, others have felt pain and irritation in certain body parts. Some also felt like they were being sexually harassed and tortured.

Some individuals also reported more uncommon forms of harassment and control.

Gao Xiaowei, a female victim in her twenties from Liaoning Province, said that in addition to the common forms of harassment from “mind control,” she often has dreams involving pornography, homosexuality and incest. Gao said she never had any such thoughts during the daytime, but such images often appear in her dreams.

Another unnamed victim said pornographic images “forcibly appear” in her mind when she is awake, although she doesn’t have an interest in such things.

Qi Changling said she would sometimes feel ashamed when there was nothing to be ashamed of—she felt it was very strange. One day, when she encountered this feeling again, a voice in her mind told her, “The electrowave to make one feel ashamed was sent over to cause this effect.” All of a sudden she realized that this unnatural feeling was a result of someone controlling her mind.

Some victims said the voices in their head often try to manipulate them to commit suicide. Others say the voices try to make them kill their family members.

Chinese Dissidents Are Also Victims

Political dissident Jia Jia, 68, was granted political refugee status by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and accepted by New Zealand as a permanent resident after he fled China in 2006.

In October 2009, Jia returned to China. When he arrived at the main international airport in Beijing, he announced that he was on a mission to bring democracy to the Chinese people. He was arrested at the airport, and was later sentenced to 8 years in prison for “subversion of state power.”

Epoch Times Photo
Chinese dissident Jia Jia openly defected from the Chinese Communist regime during a trip to Taiwan in 2006. In this photo taken on Nov. 4, 2006, Jia Jia’s son Jia Kuo called on the international society to help his father, who was seeking political asylum in Thailand after Taiwan rejected his asylum application. Both Jia Jia and Jia Kuo later became targets of electromagnetic mind control. (The Epoch Times)

Jia Jia’s son, Jia Kuo, later revealed that his whole family, while in New Zealand, suffered from “mind control” and sonic attacks. It was a very painful experience, and to make things worse, it was extremely difficult to provide solid evidence to convince others of what they were going through.

Jia Kuo said that his father decided to go back to China because he wanted to ask the Chinese regime to target him only and to stop persecuting his family members.

Rights activist Shen Aibing, from eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that he may have been a victim of EM mind control technology.

The Chinese authorities tightened control of all dissidents on their list ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. Along with other dissidents, Shen was under 24 hour surveillance starting from Sept. 3, and his whole family started to experience abnormal health condition since then.

“Sometimes when I watched TV, I would suddenly feel dizzy and feel heavy pressure in my head, and I couldn’t move. I could not fall asleep either, as I heard drumming in my ears that caused a splitting headache. My memory deteriorated as well. When I tried to write an essay, my brain would just stop working. I was healthy before all this happened,” Shen said, adding that his daughter suffered in the same manner.

Another dissident victim is Lu Qianrong, a freelance writer who spent much time defending the rights of Chinese peasants, and is therefore targeted by the Chinese regime as an “enemy.”

Lu told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that he believes other people can read his thoughts. Oftentimes, he had a thought on his mind, and within 5 minutes, he heard a group of people inside his head telling others what he had just thought of. Because these people could read his mind, they were able to anticipate his plans, and the authorities tried to persecute him accordingly.

Lu said he believes the Chinese regime is experimenting on its own people to further master brain technology, and at the same time, using that technology to persecute political dissidents. Lu knew about a disabled veteran, named Wang Yan, who believes he became a victim of “mind control” after he petitioned the central government to provide aid to impoverished veterans.

Hong Kong-based Apple Daily reported in March 2014 that during the “Two Sessions” (a major political meeting where top lawmakers and political advisers discuss future policies and personnel changes) that year, the issue of mind control technology was brought up during a press conference. Liu Yuan, China’s political commissar of the General Logistics Department of the People’s Liberation Army, encountered a reporter who asked him, “Are the Chinese authorities conducting a scientific research called ‘mind control’?” Liu responded, “Mind control is one of our secret projects. I cannot reveal any more details.”