EXTRAORDINARY: Big Brain concepts

EXTRAORDINARY: Big Brain concepts

Friday, December 18, 2020


Dr. Edward Spencer, (Edward) is one of the world’s leading experts regarding historical, anatomical, physiological, and sociological implications of Home Capensis, or Big Brain (25% larger than human brain/skull) hominids. In short, Edward believes HC controls global leadership from unseen realms, and among other negative attributes, have no empathy towards humans nor desires to sustain their futures as dominant species on earth. He sees BB’s as an embodiment of extremely high IQ entities incarnated on earth, not outside earth, as a parallel species from humans. Edward believes HC stays out of human interaction, or rarely engages surface interaction, mostly by living within undersea DUMBS, maintaining a direct influence upon the Secret Space Program (especially the Israeli Mossad SSP, the Illuminati killing machine). Further explanations and details will be forthcoming in videos and comparative arguments of reptilians, HC, and recent Antarctic finds but for now our focus is on Brien Foerster’s DNA testing of Paracas (Peru) skull samples. (Paracas has the most extensive collection of skull finds and the largest heads extracted from close by excavations). The first links display elongated skulls which have proven a natural by product of BB genealogical growth rather than “boarding”, an ancient ritual in which two boards were affixed to infant skulls forcing cranial cavity deformation to occur during early growth. Photos and linkage to Paracas skulls immediately follow;


Brien Foerster/DNA test results


Edward’s Big Brain concepts

BBconcept 1

Catherine Austin Fitts asks : who

Is in charge?

L Fletcher P Buckminster Fuller

Mac Tonnies The Cryptoterrestrials

Mac death age 34

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Charles Hapgood  Ohlmeyer letter

Peri Reis

Execution of Peri Reis

Maps are not charts

Sea level was 400 ft lower at the

Time of the last glacial max

How was longitude established?

Interior landmarks lack detail

What was the mysterious civilization

That made the Maps

What did it take to make the Maps 

Which were accurate to within 3%

And indicated the knowledge

Of spherical trigonometry?

It required huge economic support

And meticulous record keeping

What happened to the Ice Age


The northern hemisphere of Earth was

Struck by comets 12800 years ago

Resulting in the 1200 year Younger Dryas Freeze

The Ice Age Civilization did not leave

A direct message to the future

They are mysterious

Lynch and Granger in Big Brain describe

Boskop Man named Homo Capensis

By R Broom. Man of the Cape

He had a brain 30% larger than normal human

And conservatively estimated average

IQ at 149. 10-15%at 180+

In the Coda of Big Brain they 

Describe a communal living

Area where Big Brain was dominant

Over humans

Are Big Brains still covertly dominant

Over humanity?

The book Ponerology

The study of Evil as a Political tool

There are clearly evil humans

But are BB. Large brains hominids

Evil or they simply managing their food


Political Ponerology

A study on the nature of evil adjusted

For political purposes

More coming soon.

Dr. Edward Spencer – Wildfire definition

Definition of Wildfire:

A fire occurring Under an ionized sky produced by geo-engineering and HAARP induced drought.  The so called Wildfire are ignited by arson and in some cases by advanced technology scalar weapons.  These “Wildfires” are ultimately the responsibility of Wild Psychopaths, who torch huge areas.  These huge areas are not protected by advanced water bombers such as are available in Russia.  When you hear the term “Wildfire” think “Wild Anti Human Psychopath.”

Neurologist Dr. Ed Spencer reveals all regarding neurotech experimentation, covert implantation, and microwaving of populace. William Thomas reveals EMF weapons: “

Dr. Ed Spencer reveals all regarding neurotech experimentation, covert implantation, and microwaving of populace. William Thomas reveals EMF weapons: ” “They are saturating the area with ULF, VLF and UHF freqs.”



http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/beammed.html Jim Stone is a Freelance Investigative Reporter

Microwaving Iraq & Microwaving Innocent Targeted Americans

The full original post starting with the letter from Neurologist Doctor Edward Spencer that started it all.

Read more “Neurologist Dr. Ed Spencer reveals all regarding neurotech experimentation, covert implantation, and microwaving of populace. William Thomas reveals EMF weapons: “”