Coastal floods – Ireland –

IRELAND – Coastal floods – Ireland – 

Weather Weapons DISGUISED as Climate Change

The Fighting Irish are Under Attack  

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Coastal flood risk Ireland

Variation in the late Quaternary ice loading of Ireland has led to a north-to-south gradient in isostatic crustal movements, resulting in predominantly emergent coasts in northern areas and changing southwards to coastal environments that are submergent to ‘‘apparently stable’’. Relative sea level for Ireland is rising 1 mm/y on average, although there are significant regional variations (9). At present, there are no apparent effects of climate warming on SLR (10).

Belfast is rising as a consequence of glacial isostatic adjustment. This adjustment is occurring at a rate that, from the data, appears to be exceeding current sea level rise. This is observed as a local drop in sea level. Dublin and Malin Head are also emerging. However, the rate of emergence is outweighed by sea level rise. This results in a small change in sea level, relative to the global average. Sea level at Dublin is currently rising by 0.23 mm per year (1).

Central estimates of relative sea-level rise for Belfast are 7.8cm by 2020, 18.6cm by 2050 and 40.3cm by 2095 (11).

Global sea level rise


For the latest results: see Europe Coastal floods


For the latest results: see Europe Coastal floods

Extreme water levels – Global trends

More recent studies provide additional evidence that trends in extreme coastal high water across the globe reflect the increases in mean sea level (15), suggesting that mean sea level rise rather than changes in storminess are largely contributing to this increase (although data are sparse in many regions and this lowers the confidence in this assessment). It is therefore considered likely that sea level rise has led to a change in extreme coastal high water levels. It is likely that there has been an anthropogenic influence on increasing extreme coastal high water levels via mean sea level contributions. While changes in storminess may contribute to changes in sea level extremes, the limited geographical coverage of studies to date and the uncertainties associated with storminess changes overall mean that a general assessment of the effects of storminess changes on storm surge is not possible at this time.

On the basis of studies of observed trends in extreme coastal high water levels it is very likely that mean sea level rise will contribute to upward trends in the future.

Storm surge

In Ireland, flooding is associated mainly with heavy rainfall which can lead to enhanced river-flow and over-topping of river banks. However, coastal flooding events also cause devastating effect, particularly those associated with storm surge events that occur in combination with spring tides. The effects may be enhanced locally by the coastal topography (3).


Storminess along Irish coast will probably decrease

It is highly uncertain how winter storm tracks over the North Atlantic Ocean may change under climate change this century (28). Following the general consensus in the literature to date, the average wind changes over the North Atlantic by the end of the century are small and negative and less than the high natural interannual variability of the region (29). Natural variability is large and dominant and is projected to remain so for the century to come.

Vulnerabilities Ireland

Coastal flood probability

Between 1961 and 2006 40 periods have been identified where coastal flooding was generated in Ireland, a major coastal flooding event being defined as an inundation in excess of 0.5 m of an otherwise dry coastal area. The inundation levels varied from 0.5 m to a couple of metres (32). 

Under future scenarios of global warming, the current 100-year extreme water level is likely to reoccur every 1–2 years with the sea levels predicted for 2100 (medium value for sea level rise of 0.48 m) (1).

The effect of a sea level rise on estuaries will tend to enlarge their vertical and horizontal extent, resulting in the penetration of tides further upstream. The outflow from rivers would be impeded as a consequence, which, in a high intensity rainfall event where runoff is high, would increase the risk of flooding (1).

Potential coastal damage

Ireland is quite fortunate in that the effects of sea level rise on the coastline may not be felt as severely as in some other countries in Europe. Areas in the south of the country are likely to feel the effects first, particularly low-lying coastal locations with little or no natural protection and located on ‘soft’ or easily eroded material. In Ireland, the impacts of sea level rise will be most apparent in the major cities of Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Galway (1).

Economic impacts of sea level rise for Europe

The direct and indirect costs of sea level rise for Europe have been modelled for a range of sea level rise scenarios for the 2020s and 2080s (16). The results show:

  1. First, sea-level rise has negative economic effects but these effects are not particularly dramatic. In absolute terms, optimal coastal defence can be extremely costly. However, on an annual basis, and compared to national GDP, these costs are quite small. On a relative basis, the highest value is represented by the 0.2% of GDP in Estonia in 2085.
  2. Second, the impact of sea-level rise is not confined to the coastal zone and sea-level rise indeed affects landlocked countries as well. Because of international trade, countries that have relatively small direct impacts of sea-level rise, and even landlocked countries such as Austria, gain in competitiveness.
  3. Third, adaptation is crucial to keep the negative impacts of sea-level rise at an acceptable level. This may well imply that some European countries will need to adopt a coastal zone management policy that is more integrated and more forward looking than is currently the case.

Adaptation strategies – Ireland

Spatial planning

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (1) a sensible approach to coastal management for sea level change is

  • no new building or new development within 100 m of  ‘soft’ shoreline,
  • no further reclamation of estuary land,
  • no removal of sand dunes, beach sand or gravel,
  • all coastal defence measures to be assessed for environmental impact. Where possible, the landward migration of coastal features, such as dunes and marshes should be facilitated. These features form an integral part of the coastal system, physically and ecologically, and provide protection against wave energy through dissipation.

The Agency states that a policy of planned retreat in some areas, combined with prohibitions on new developments in vulnerable coastal zones offers the best economic solution for most areas in Ireland.

Adaptation strategies – The costs of adaptation

Both the risk of sea-level rise and the costs of adaptation to sea-level rise in the European Union have been estimated for 2100 compared with 2000 (17). Model calculations have been made based on the IPCC SRES A2 and B1 scenarios. In these projections both flooding due to sea-level rise near the coast and the backwater effect of sea level rise on the rivers have been included. Salinity intrusion into coastal aquifers has not been included, only salt water intrusion into the rivers. Changes in storm frequency and intensity have not been considered; the present storm surge characteristics are simply displaced upwards with the rising sea level following 20th century observations. The assessment is based on national estimates of GDP.


The references below are cited in full in a separate map ‘References’. Please click here if you are looking for the full references for Ireland.

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EMF Updates from Ireland

Ladies and Gentleman,


The Public-Private Partnership (read Fascist) relationship between private enterprise and the unelected European Commission is yet another instance of government supporting industry at the expense of the public. The effect of electromagnetic pollution on the public is ignored.

This latest initiative stems from the 5G Action Plan for Europe (5GAP), which  “calls for actions to achieve uninterrupted 5G coverage in all urban areas and along all main transport paths across Europe by 2025.”

Not only will there be no escape for most Europeans, plans involve the provision of digital services to vehicles. Naturally, this technology is a system for tracking vehicles including cars, trucks and even boats on inland waterways.

For an unelected governmental body to support this technology is authoritarian and certainly not democratic. There was no plebiscite, public vote or referendum. It is a control system that is being imposed without regard to the health impacts on human beings or animals.

This technology, when married to the iPhone, becomes a tool to match car and driver wirelessly with pinpoint accuracy. (See article below.)

Much to their credit, two Euro MP’s are questioning the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. In the link posted below from Giorgio Cinciripini of Retenoelettrosmogitalia in Italy, he notes that debate in Europe has been “hijacked” by corporate interests. This indicates that 703 MPs are unwilling to confront industry and the European Commission itself on the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation.

It is yet another example of the cowardice and / or lack of concern of officials elected to represent the voting public.

The irony is that EU representatives work from offices shielded from 5G by a moratorium on its deployment in Brussels.

Please circulate widely.

Kind regards,

John Weigel




Updates from Ireland 63 pages

5G – news from Ireland

5G – news from Ireland
Today’s Sunday Times in Ireland main headline is:
Greenlight for €3bn rural web
The lead paragraph is:

The government is expected award the tender for delivering high speed broadband in rural Ireland to the National Broadband Ireland (NBI) consortium led by David McCourt, the last remaining bidder in the procurement process being overseen by Communications Minister Richard Bruton. The project could cost €3bn.

 I think it important to note the the Times calls it a “procurement process” which means the government is buying it for the nation…
A colleague wrote: “It’s the largest investment in anything, in Irelands’ history. They want EVERYONE to have access to high speed broadband. I looked at the map and there’s nowhere broadband won’t be. Having said that here, in Kerry the cables will go directly into the house not wi-fi from the line.”

IRELAND and beyond – EMF Updates and MORE . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Money talks – usually in whispers. This is how the world has fallen into the hands of vested interests and corporations. Now it shouts in arrogance and marks the fall of democrary.
The full weight of technological dominance of life on planet earth is at the door.
The convergence of private enterprise and government is happening now – largely with the help of Rockefeller funding. It was Rockefeller funding which saved the Max Planck Institute in the 1920’s, benefitting Rockefeller from the knowledge of the physicists who studied there and later fled to the United States after WWII, again with the help of Rockefeller beneficence.
In his book Operation Gladio, Paul Williams states,
Gladio was a covert operation and had not been initiated by an act of Congresor or a mandate from the Pentagon. Few federal officials knew of its existence. The $200 nillion in original funding came from the Rockefeller and Mellon foundations. But a new and steady stream of revenue had to be created almost over night, or the world would not be safe for democracy. The future of Gladio would come to reside within America’s ghettoes.
Rockefeller funded a covert durgs empire to provide funds for secret CIA operations around the world.



Read more “IRELAND and beyond – EMF Updates and MORE . . .”

Ireland is a corporation registered in Washington, D.C.

Today’s Sunday Times main headline is:
Greenlight for €3bn rural web
The lead paragraph is:

The government is expected award the tender for delivering high speed broadband in rural Ireland to the National Broadband Ireland (NBI) consortium led by David McCourt, the last remaining bidder in the procurement process being overseen by Communications Minister Richard Bruton. The project could cost €3bn.


 I think it important to note the the Times calls it a “procurement process” which means the government is buying it for the nation…
How’s that for a start to the week?
A colleague wrote: “It’s the largest investment in anything, in Irelands’ history. They want EVERYONE to have access to high speed broadband. I looked at the map and there’s nowhere broadband won’t be. Having said that here, in Kerry the cables will go directly into the house not wi-fi from the line.”

Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now

Plans for a pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels have been halted due to fears for the health of citizens, according to reports.

In July, the government concluded an agreement with three telecom operators to relax the strict radiation standards in Brussels. But according to the Region, it is now impossible to estimate the radiation from the antennas required for the service. 

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not,” Environment minister Céline Fremault (CDH) told Bruzz. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt,” she added.

Minister Fremault,

On behalf of electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS) sufferers in Ireland and around the world I would sincerely like to thank you for your pro-active stance in protecting the people of Brussels. You are an example to politicians around the world. 
People from around the world would agree that you are an answer to thousands upon thousands of prayers.
Your are protecting the people of Brussels from 5G. Can you help the rest of us in Europe to protect us from the EU’s pro-5G policies as well?

Killer forest fires rip through Greece: FIFTY dead including 26 from one villa whose charred bodies were found just 90ft from the sea – as tourists flee to beaches, officials send in the army and US drones hunt ‘criminal’ firestarters

Ten tourists drown when boat capsizes trying to rescue them from Greek fires as death toll rises to 74 – including 26 who hugged each other as they were overcome by flames near a cliff-edge

  • 74 dead including six-month-old baby as worst Greek forest fires in a decade rip through the Athens region
  • Rescuers say they found bodies of 26 people, apparently families, found huddled tightly together at one villa
  • In the same village of Mati, people were burned alive after being caught in traffic jam while fleeing to beaches
  • Ten tourists, including a mother and son, drowned when a boat capsized trying to rescue them from village
  • Fires fuelled by 65mph winds and temperatures of 104F tore through communities in a matter of minutes 
  • Greece has asked for US drone to ‘detect suspicious activity’ as it emerged 15 fires had started at same time
  • Interior minister has described the fires as a ‘national tragedy’ and a ‘biblical disaster with human losses’
  • Are you in Greece near the wildfires? Email 

Ten tourists drowned when a boat capsized trying to rescue them from gale-driven forest fires which have killed at least 74 in Greece and which may have been started deliberately.

A mother and son from Poland were among the dead when the vessel flipped in the water amid rough seas after picking up guests from a hotel in Mati as forest fires tore through the resort, 25 miles from Athens.

In the same village, a number of holidaymakers and locals were burned alive, some of them trapped in their cars in traffic jams, as hundreds tried to flee the raging inferno, which also devoured more than a thousand homes.

Flames continued to rage as firefighters battled to quell the wildfire at the village of Kineta, near Athens. The blazing fire has so far claimed the lives of 74 people, including a mother and son from Poland

ALERT – Just in 7/9/18: Open letter to Elon Musk Planet Earth: Full-coverage 5G mobile radio radiation from orbit?

ALERT – Just in 7/9/18

Open letter to Elon Musk

Planet Earth: Full-coverage 5G mobile radio radiation from orbit?

Dear Mr. Musk,

In Europe, too, we have received the news that you want to shoot thousands of satellites into space, so that 5G mobile radio can be present everywhere in the world ( -will-11-943-satellite-for-the-internet-1703-126545.html;

From a purely technological point of view, this is a very good project. But have you also thought about what that means ecologically? Do you know that mobile radio can possibly cause cancer? And that many people suffer from electrosensitivity? Yes that there is evidence that mobile radio even catches animals and plants (

Please take the time to read up to date: National Toxicology Program. NTP technical report on the toxicology and carcinogenesis studies in B6C3F1 / N mice exposed to whole-body radio frequency radiation at a frequency (1,900 MHz) and modulations (GSM and CDMA) used by cell phones (scheduled peer review, March 26, 2018) :

As early as 2014, American mobile communications expert Martin Blank stated in his book “Overpowered”: The conventional classification into ionizing, possibly carcinogenic radiation and non-ionizing (mobile communications) is arbitrary. Also worth reading is Riadh W. Y. Habash: Bioeffects and Therapeutic Applications of Electromagnetic Energy, London / New York 2007 (149ff: Bioeffects and Health Implications of Radiofrequency Radiation). Based on the overall study situation, it was noted in a scientific article in 2014 that even weak radiation is harmful to health (M. Naziroglu / H. Akman: Effects of Cellular Phone and WiFi-Induced Electromagnetic Radiation on Oxidative Stress and Molecular Pathways in Brain, in: I Laher [Hg.]: Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants, Berlin / Heidelberg 2014, 2431-2449). Also, the international BioInitiative Working Group has reported increasing evidence of a health risk associated with wireless technology. And read on

Your satellite project is already advanced. But even if a lot of money has been invested, it should be remembered: It should only be a matter of time until the fact of the health damage potential of mobile communications and especially of 5G mobile will not pass. We recommend all the more to let go of the satellite project. And in Europe, we ask you very much to inform other companies that have plans to do so.

It is enormously important to take a serious look at the possible health consequences – and then to reverse them if possible. Mr Musk, you have recently proven in other projects that you are flexible enough to rethink. That’s why we have the courage to write to you. Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards

Dr. med. dent. Claus Scheingraber Roland Wolff

         (Chairman) (Medical Physicist Board)


Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht (Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Helmuth Kern (Esslingen)

Prof. Dr. Heinz Albert Friehe (Salzgitter)

Prof. Dr. Hans Schwarz (Regensburg)

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Gerhard (Heidelberg)

Dr. med. Joachim Mutter (Freiburg)

Dr. med. Christine Aschermann (Leutkirchen)

Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam (Fuldatal)

Dr. med. Markus Kern (Kempten)

Musk fails to reply

Dear friends, colleagues, members and colleagues!

As you’ve probably heard, many people and institutions are warning against building the future 5G Mobiulfunk network. Elon Musk plans to deploy over 10 000 near-Earth satellites to build a globally operating 5G mobile network. More at: The transmission frequencies will operate in the biologically highly active region between 37.5 and 52.4 GHz.

The AEB therefore sent an “open letter” to Elon Musk on 18 June 2018 to warn of the health consequences. Unfortunately, no answer has been received until today. Below you will find here and as attachment the “Open Letter” to Elon Musk. Other co-signers are welcome!

 Mr. Elon Musk

Corporate Secretary

Tesla, Inc.

3500 Deer Creek Road

Palo Alto, CA 94304

United States

Further on…

Love for a healthy life Interested!

Thousands of satellites are to be shot into space for the global network, from where they are to irradiate the earth day and night with pulsed microwave radiation. In addition to the fact that the radiation exposure for all of us, for man and nature will increase sharply and lead us into a health policy and possibly even wanted disaster, I would like to draw attention to the impact on the living things in the seas. Has anyone ever thought of it, such as will the whales and dolphins go when the technically generated signals from the “All” electromagnetically pollute the waters of the oceans, and probably to an enormous extent? Water is an amplifier system for EMF, so to speak. Will they “go crazy” because they can not stand it like the bees? But who cares in our society? After all, it’s only interested in being online all the time and having a good reception … The Blue Planet and everything that lives on it is sacrificed on the altar of the Microwave Mania if the human species does not stop, itself and its own By the way, this characterizes humans as the stupidest species on this planet! Exceptions prove the rule…

The journalist and filmmaker (“Thank you for calling”) Klaus Scheidsteger has summarized in a recent article again what it is about 5G: -archiv / raum-zeit-hefte-archiv / allen-jahrgaenge / 2018 / edition-211 / the-new-mobile-standard-5g.html (was published in February 2018, the article can be purchased under the link).

An online article in the very latest Swiss Timesletter is also dedicated to 5G madness:

as well as the Internet of Things, without which we shall not be allowed to live in the future, because ia. the EU requires it:

The appeal of the more than 180 scientists and physicians from 36 countries to the EU is still largely unknown: because the Tagesschau has actually forgotten about it to report … I guess the Allgäuer Zeitung did not do it as well as the other daily newspapers … Presumably, the “mirror” has not reported and the other system media probably also not … Of course, they are all so busy on the evil Russians and write the poison gas attacks, because something “unimportant” falls down through …

There is an open letter to a mobile operator, who wants to launch about 10,000 mobile satellites into space. This can be read below. Too bad that he has so few signers … There are still some sought. Please contact the AEB.


best regards


Anke Kern


Here is the forwarded e-mail message from the working group for electrobiology Munich:

UTISM Report in Ireland: (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children in Northern Ireland 2017

AUTISM Report in Ireland: (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children in Northern Ireland 2017 . .
Insider Comment:
AUTISM –  is an Environmentally Created Spectrum Disorder – intentionally induced
My prior research here in the USA, Inc.  showed the DOD’s monitoring of those on the spectrum through special programs that most parents sign their children up for.   The DOD tracks and monitors for the success of the creation of autism – I have a high functioning granddaughter . . .I know what this means . . .
These and many now grown up autistic people are lacking the gene of empathy a perfect slave to dish out  the inhumane policies of the controllers whose plan it is to kill all humans and all life on earth. . .

Read more “UTISM Report in Ireland: (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children in Northern Ireland 2017”