SMART METERS for SMART FIRES: SUMMARY – Evidence on Smart Meter Fires . . .


In California and around world, smart meters have been linked to fires,
explosions, and damaged appliances. For every fire started at the meter, in
an appliance, or on wiring, smart meter causality should be suspected.
In 2012 a Pacific Gas and Electric
(PG&E) whistleblower Pat Wrigley,
who worked as a meter reader for 9
1/2 years testified at California Public
Utilities Commission judicial hearing:
• Smart meters cause fires
• PG&E is covering up the risk

Matt Beckett, a California fire
department captain stated, “Two
years ago PG&E replaced that meter
[analog] with a “Smart Meter”. Immediately following we noticed power surges in the
form of our refrigerator motor intermittently speeding up simultaneously with our lights
becoming brighter. As a seventeen year veteran and current Fire Captain this caused
me to become very concerned.” The Smart meter on his house was replaced with an
analog, and there were no problems, until a new Smart Meter was reinstalled. This time
he had two surge protectors burn out.
Another California fire captain, Ross writes, “I was at home doing yard work in the late
afternoon when my wife came outside and told me that “half the power was off again”.
This had been happening on and off for about two weeks … I then went outside to…