Laura Austen Was Raped

Laura Austen Was Raped
by Trevor David Hitchin
edited by Jim Davidson

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Here are the details of a most horrific tragedy which occurred on the night of December 25, 2011 involving myself, my then girlfriend/fiancee Laura Jane Austen and a group of six Boise Police Department officers. Three of those officers were Adam Crist, Adam Nielsen, and Kevin Witmuss. Although I’ve previously been provided the dispatch logs, I have chosen not to identify the other three in this document.

Laura is originally from Moncton, New Brunswick N.S. Canada. When I met her in 2010 she was travelling between Toronto, ON and Las Vegas, NV. We have not spoken for years as a result of The Event described here, but suffice it to say, we were a match, a pair, and as difficult as the circumstances were when we met, she was the one for me, the only woman I had asked to marry me, ever, and she said yes….we were both fighters and well, when you know, you know. I had no idea it would turn out like it did. Here is a snapshot of what transpired.

Laura and I chose to travel from Boise, Idaho to Sun Valley, Idaho where my parents David & Jill and my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew live, and have for about 35 years. My family is well-established and respected in their community. Members of my family have advanced degrees, decades of world travel, and giving back to others under their long list of things for which I am proud of them. I was the black sheep, the one they always worried about for various reasons. Despite having my MBA and having been employed for seven years with Hewlett-Packard and having done some world travel of my own from the age of sixteen, many ‘things’ had happened to me along the way. Many of these things were kept as family secrets, things we just didn’t talk about.

It was a great delight to me that I had found someone I could share my family with. I wanted Laura to meet everyone – properly. Laura Jane Austen (Laura) is the last unmarried Austen in the Jane Austen lineage. Laura takes her middle name from Jane herself. Yes, they are related.

So on 12.25.2011, Laura and I were staying at the Sun Valley Lodge – a renowned hotel/resort with a long history. Hemingway wrote some of his best work there. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have at times frequented the exclusive area.

Laura and I were there to have a snowy Christmas with my family, but on that morning, as gorgeous as it was with Sun, fresh snow, room service. (We had arrived quite late the night before in a rental car from Boise.) Laura received news from Toronto that her grandmother had passed away. This passing was terribly upsetting for Laura as she was the one to visit her grandmother weekly while in Toronto. They were soulmates, Laura was closer to her grandmother than her own mother in Moncton.

Upon learning of the death of her loved one, Laura was shaken, traumatized. It was a huge hit to her heart. I think that once her grandmother knew we were together, in love, engaged, that she felt it was okay to transition, to pass on. Laura made the decision to forgo the Christmas celebration and that we would, that morning 12.25.2011 drive back to Boise to work on getting her back to Toronto on bereavement so that she could attend the funeral services. These choices were important to her and I supported her 100%, as part of my commitment to place women and children first.

So we drove the 3 1/2 hours from Sun Valley to Boise, arriving in the evening about 8:00 p.m. It was cold and snowing and I had done what I could to console her along the way. We had a very challenging roadtrip. At one point in her anguish, Laura kicked the front windshield of the car with such force that it cracked. It was a new (expensive) rental and at the time I was carrying (concealed) and so with my training and the situation I was faced with, I immediately wanted to get her into a warm safe setting at a hotel. I planned to unpack our vehicle and drop my .45 at my home. Laura by this time was a bottle or red wine down and someone had given her/me a joint to help ease the pain, something that would later snowball into a living hell.

It was now about 9:30 p.m. when I suggested Laura have some time alone and make some phone calls. I left her at the Hotel 43 (small boutique hotel in downtown Boise) and upon leaving I told the front desk clerk (a guy maybe 20 years old at most) that Laura was experiencing the trauma/shock of learning of the death of a loved one. I explained that it was better I leave for a while, but that if Laura needed my help for any reason, to call me. I provided him my cell phone number.

About an hour later I received a call from the front desk of Hotel 43 telling me that ‘my wife’ was being arrested, apparently hotel guests had called the Boise Police after hearing her crying. I said I would be right down to the property as I lived about a 3 minute drive from there and had secured my weapon safely. I then received a series of three phone calls from Boise Police on my cell phone and I could only hear screaming in the background. Then the phone went dead, each time. They never identified themselves. At the time I had no idea that she was being raped during these calls. This information would be shared with me by Laura the next morning.

When I arrived to the hotel I saw at least three Boise Police patrol vehicles with light flashing in the parking lot. I chose not to enter the Hotel as I thought they would have understood the situation to be a personal family crisis and that it would be resolved shortly. It wasn’t. They arrested Laura for disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and marijuana posession. The arresting officers were ADAM NIELSEN and his partner KEVIN WITMUSS.

Her arresting time was 10:45 p.m. I was able to obtain the dispatch and audio recording of at least one of those present. One officer claims his audio was turned off during her arrest. This arrest was before then-mayor Dave Bieter thought it ncessary to equip officers with body cameras. Boise Cops are seen as heroes in the community. I had never previously had a negative interaction with them in the 12 years I had lived there. I was a Boise property owner of six homes with no kids in Boise Schools and very decent salary for those years, so an asset to the community one would think.

I had no violations with the exception of a couple speeding tickets between Boise and Sun Valley in nearly 20 years. I was a good citizen who worked hard, loved my community and enjoyed the live music and downtown restaurant and night life that was so close to my neighborhood (North End / Historic District).

I was able to post bail for Laura at about 1:30 am on 12.26.2011 and when I was there to pick her up, she was acting strange. She was smoking a cirgarette and her face was swollen and her eyes bloodshot, I knew something had happened but I could not differentiate between the grieving / loss / crying and what later Laura would tell me was being gang raped in the hotel (sodomized and having semen ejaculated on her face and in her eyes by Boise Police while she was in handcuffs and again on the ride to Ada County Jail. The officers stopped the car and this time lapse showed on the dispatch log. We stayed that night at a second hotel Owyhee Hotel also in downtown Boise and I was told Hotel 43 did not want to allow Laura back as a guest.

I was slowly piecing it together what had happened. I got on the phone to the mayor’s office and the police chief’s office first thing the next morning 12.26.2011. Meanwhile Laura still had to get back to Toronto and deal with a funeral. I could feel a fist size (my fist) dent in the back of her skull, and when Laura finally agreed to meet with sergeant Quilter (now retired) to have him take the report of her rape and abuse, I knew the worst had happened.

Quilter showed up to the Owahyee Hotel along with a female contracted City of Boise employee who took photographs of Laura’s injuries (in private). I was there at the hotel. I was not there to witness the photos being taken. Unbeknownst to me, this was the first steps it the cover up machine that was being played like a well oiled machine on us. Quilter would later be promoted to lieutenant and then retire.

At sometime along the nine-year path in / out of hell, it was looked at as an internal affairs issue. That part of the cover up (what they called an investigation) was lead by then detective Joe Shotz (also now retired). I was treated like garabage by these people, all of them. I was even sent a letter of trespass from mayor Bieter himself. The mayor said I could not bring this up at my city hall. Boise Police sent me a letter saying I could have criminal charges brought against me if I continued to claim what Laura had shared with me, her being raped .

I believe it was 12.27.2011 may have been 12.26.2011 (trauma is a funny thing) that Laura and I went to the Boise Field Office of the FBI to report her rape/assault. It was there that we met with Senior Agent Joesph Hess and his partner, they both were very rude, quick tempered, Joe more so than the other, and I knew something wasn’t right there either when I had to watch Agent Hess adjust his crotch nearly the entire 20 minutes we were being interviewed, like he was masturbating. Hearing about her being raped was exciting him?!

I was sick to my stomach at that point. I heard Laura explain to Agent Hess (remember, Laura is still traumatized and dealing with TBI/Concussion and in a foreign country) I had to hear her declare to Hess that the arresting officers were trying to pull her pants down, and that she kept saying ‘NO…no, I am on my period,’ and that ‘they then proceeded to sodomize her, I later asked if they filmed it and if the burning eyes in her mug shot were from semen burns and she confided yes to both questions.

I need to stop here. I am fried. For 9 years literally I have asked for someone to hold these monsters accountable. I was run out of town. My health is in rapid decline and has been since 2016 when I moved away from Boise/Garden City. Not living the dream, living the nightmare.

Laura was so smart, so talented, an amazing artist and a kind soul. She looked like Laura Engels from Little House on the Prarie all grown up. Just a sweet person. Weighed 120 lbs, I don’t know whatever happened to her but it broke my heart that the police would do that to anyone, especially to us. I asked my senators and governor and attorney general Larry Wasden for help. Instead of help, I was given the Mormon / Jesuit / Zionist run around for nearly a decade. I promised Laura (and God) that I would fight as long it took to make sure her rapists were held accountable and arrested and prosecuted or I would die trying. I am nearly dead now. I need help bringing justice.

Thank you for hearing me out. I did Tweet about this from about 2012 on, nearly 40,000 attempts to get the attention of those in positions of power, to no avail. So I have decided that if it were up to me, just go ahead and shut it all down. The world can reflect on what hell we went through and the damage done.

During my time in Los Angeles in 1991, I was brutalized by LAPD and Nazi MK Ultra terrorists. My eyes and brain were damaged requiring three corrective surgeries. I now know that I was experimented on, like many others around the world. I was one of the very worst cases ever recorded and was told that even today, 29 years later, they still talk about the horrors they delivered on me at UCLA NPI and Torrance Memorial both in the Southern California area. Dr. Colin Ross, MD, spilled the beans on these project paperclip / MK Ultra details. The CIA’s dirty little secrets continued long after the Church Commission, and still go on today no doubt.

You may also want to look up the names Eric Simunich (Boise PD who was arrested for rape, booked on $250,000 Bond then had the case dismissed by Twin Falls County. Idaho is so corrupt. It is time to shut it all down, so that was my idea of asking 10,000 Truckers and 2,000,000 Americans to descend on Boise and force the city scumbags to arrest the Boise COP RAPISTS.

There was one more thing I wanted to mention about what happened. The last thing Laura did before heading to the Boise airport to fly back to Toronto was she handed me her jeans, Christmas sweater, and underwear that she was wearing during her attack. I kept them safeguarded for seven years and then threw them out when I realized there would be no justice.

I believed her the whole time. Her charges were dropped. The copmonsters were never arrested.

So with wing & prayer, I will ask that you share this missive with those you trust, and if/when the time feels right – take it far and wide too. People deserve to know why things are the way they are (for many it’s about to get surreal and not for the better) and what can be done to alter the timeline/outcome as I mentioned before.

I am dying, we know when we are dying and despite having had a full life, if I do soon ‘go’ many might say his was cut short or harder than most, that this story was important.

Trevor Hitchen lives and works in the world to make it a better place

SKYBORG-Planning for Mass Murder—Planning-for-Mass-Murder.html?soid=1111839869613&aid=0DcdK_hs0GU

Planning for Mass Murder 
Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) issues call for proposals on “Skyborg.” 
This is an autonomous drone system that will automatically track and kill people. 
AFRL is the same Lab that funded development of
the Vircator Microwave Weapon
(Patent 4345220).

                             22 May 2020  

Former NSA Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine Horton Speak on Being Wifi Tortured Mercilessly—Dr–Katherine-Horton-Speak-on-Being-Wifi-Tortured-Mercilessly.html?soid=1111839869613&aid=5EQoc9qiOEk—Dr.-Katherine-Horton-Speak-on-Being-Wifi-Tortured-Mercilessly:f?

Citizens “Targeted” by Harmful Technology What is the Nuclear Program? YOU NEED to KNOW . . .

Citizens “Targeted” by Harmful Technology  

What is the Nuclear Program? 

YOU NEED to KNOW . . .

Posted on 


Targeted Individuals

and Source Documents


What is the Nuclear Program?

By Neal Chevrier

Citizens Against Harmful Technology

What innocent citizens can do if their killing permits become legal under an international agreement to use humans as a renewable resource for the production of nuclear energy

·                 It is targeting individuals and converting them to semi-mechanical men through implanted psychotronic microchips, which open channels directly between the human brain and external electronic devices and target the electromagnetic energy of humans using high radiation like gamma radiation, ionic and electronic accelerators for radioisotopes enrichment production of uranium, thorium, radium, radon, plutonium, etc. Human waste containing radioactive isotopes is “mined” from sewage for nuclear energy production.

·                 This program has been applied to billions of people around the world since 1974, all of whom are RNM (remote neural monitoring) monitored and controlled by satellite, mobile, computer, Internet, TV, even to changing their behavior to violence through electronic chips to increase energy production. 

Nuclear Program methods for communicating with implanted

psychotronic microchips

1. Air condition magnetic fields spread the smart dust and radioactive contamination such as uranium, radon and polonium for human body infection and enrichment process

2. Radio frequency signals, electrical conduction & modulated sound signals created by the Internet, mobile, computer & TV

3. Water taps and food

4.Drugs that use electronic microchips 

5. Addiction to social media, especially Facebook, video games & TV to force people to use the Internet & TV as long as possible while human electronic energy is being mined, which covers 10% of the electricity consumption in the world 

6. Geoengineered nuclear energy changes natural phenomena to artificial rain, snow & storms to convert methane gas to carbon gas, then to graphite and DIAMOND

7. Psychotronic microchips for artificial telepathy, brain manipulation & RNM and DNA reprogramming since the DNA is responsible for building the human body, data storage & communications

8. Smart Dust: MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) such as sensors, robots or other devices that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals, etc. They are released in space as well as the vicinity of a target and are run on a computer network

9. Chemical and physical parameters of water that implanted in toilets for radioactive waste measurement

10. UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects

Damage and Symptoms of Nuclear Program-Targeted Individuals 


1.    Peripheral nerve inflammation, red, black or red spots, scabies, body aches, exhaustion or lack of desire, chest tightness, choking cry, irregular monthly period for women, lack of desire for life or feeling suicidal, spoil your relationship with your family, friends & work, leaving your religion, tiredness in the joints, forgetfulness, frequent headaches, hair loss, lack of compatibility with life.

2.     Addiction to social media, video games & TV to ensure that people interact with the program for the longest period

3.    Mind control via satellite, computer, mobile, Internet and TV

4.    Eyes may be used as a camera to photograph and monitor daily life without the target’s knowledge

5.    Autism, stuttering, artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear,” microwave hearing, ringing fence issued from the lamp, TV or other electronic devices in the presence of the target at home as a result of the target’s mind interaction with electronic devices, to ensure the target’s attention and interaction and produce electronic energy as well as symptoms of injury: sudden shock, electric shock, and memory impairment.

6.    Artificial telepathy


1.              The stress increase due to exposure to high radiation like gamma, ionic and electronic accelerators 24 hours a day, inability to sleep, isolation, etc. Most targets try to commit suicide, especially when they have no awareness of the technology virtual apps “hypnosis, sense of vibration, touching and forced waking visions” subjecting the target to mental illness and losing the right to defend themselves.

2.              Headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, leukemia and hair loss. Radiation has a significant effect on the bone marrow and so causes white blood cell deficiency. It also causes cataracts, which damage the eye and cause blindness, leading to shortness of life. Radiation has a significant effect on the sex glands of men and women, and the exposure of pregnant women may cause fetal death or deformed birth

3.              Forced manipulation of the respiratory tract, inhalation of strange odors, rapid heart rate, sensation of skin injection effect, constriction of ribs, dryness and decomposition of the skin due to exposure to microwave radiation

4.              General effects: sudden overheating, whole body pain, sleep prevention, irresistible “go here go there commands”, microwaves burns, electric shock sensations, as the goal of the program is to subject the target to isolation, frustration and body pain to ensure their interaction with the program so as to produce more electronic energy

5.              Chronic diseases: cancer, tinnitus, pneumonia, autism, joint and back pain, peripheral neuropathies, severe depression, suicide or criminal acts, harassment, chronic headache, impaired sexual ability, OCD, deviation of tendencies, Alzheimer’s. Note that the human will show these symptoms but not all, based on their immunity and psychological disposition.

The most effective tactics that heal & free targets 

1.            You must believe that you are stronger than any external forces that want to take control of your life and your health and violate your human rights in order to produce energy and obtain world hegemony and billions dollars from these illegal investments, Therefore, the following methods of resistance should be followed to prevent ourselves from becoming sources of energy production. Many people have been released when the electronic stalking failed to steal their energy. Keep in mind that when there is NO RETURN ON INVESTMENT—the lack of access to energy from the human—the nuclear energy establishment & telecommunications corporations are obligated to pay fines of $1 million for each one of the people that have been hurt by this program. They will then be forced to terminate their illegal investment.

2.            This program is automated and based on simulation apps that derive energy from your reactions, so IGNORE all the negative ideas fed by their computer to your mind. DON’T REACT. Maintain your life of normalcy as much as possible so as to stop feeding their computer with your energy. Their money investment is based on your energy. Reduce your use of electronic devices (computer, mobile, TV). Shut them off during your sleeping time. Add to your internet browsers the following apps: Adblock, Pop up adblock, Nocoin – Coin hiver blocker.

3.            Obligate the nuclear establishment to apply the integrated programs to eliminate radiation pollution of internal and external radiation (of individuals, residences, workplaces, etc.). 

4.            Doses of less than 200 rem (radiation equivalent Man) can be given a medicine like cortisone to prevent vomiting, but in the case of 200-1000 rem, hope for recovery is possible only with antibiotics and intensive care. If the number of white blood cells less than 1000 per cubic millimeter, it is desirable to transfer blood cells, treat diarrhea, and transplant bone marrow.

5.            When the body is exposed to certain radioactive elements such as cesium and thallium, the treatment is the Prussian blue medicine, which is associated with these radioactive elements and eliminated through the stool. This treatment quickly eliminates radioactive particles and reduces the amount of radioactive cells that may absorb them.

6.            For treatment of radiation syndrome when the body is exposed to radioactive elements like plutonium, amerium and chlorium, the treatment is diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA), again linked to these radioactive elements and passing through the body in urine, which reduces the amount of absorbed radiation.

7.            In order to determine the type of radiation exposure to make decisions for the treatment of patients, you have to do blood tests and know the changes in blood cells, especially white blood cells, measuring the dose of radiation absorbed through the dosimeter, with the radiation scan determining the location of the radioactive particles in the body.

8.            Laboratory blood tests for periodic verification of the rate of decrease in the number of white blood cells to detect the extent of bone marrow damage and for treatment of bone marrow damage is accomplished by injecting the patient with proteins that stimulate the production of white blood cells—for example, the promoter filgrastim (Neupogen), sargramostim (Leukine) and pegfilgrastim (Neulasta).

9.            Irradiation of iodine can inhibit thyroid absorption of radioactive iodine. When potassium iodide tablets are taken before or shortly after radiation exposure, the thyroid gland is saturated with iodine to reduce the amount of radioactive iodine absorbed and the risk of thyroid cancer. However, potassium iodide tablets do not protect against external exposure to radiation or any radioactive element other than radioactive iodine.

10.         Clean your energy and physical body using Senna (a laxative prepared from the dried pods of the cassia tree, Wakame sea vegetables, camphor & cedar as they have the power to pull radiation out of your body. Include fasting 10 to 16 hours to increase immunity. Add exposure to the Sun daily for at least half an hour. Reduce sugar as it is the main energy source for infected cells.

11.          Remove contaminated clothes and shoes. Wash gently with soap and water to remove additional radiation particles from the skin to prevent further dispersal of radioactive materials and reduce the risk from inhalation, ingestion or open wounds.

12.         Clean the body with Dettol antiseptic to oxygenate and disable the implanted microchip. You can use white camphor oil (follow medical guidelines).

13.         Cross your legs “X” and hands to close the body energy cores.

14.         Radioactive contamination does not interact with alkaline. Eat alkaline foods containing iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin B12, especially miso soup with wakame sea vegetable three times a day. Eat other alkaline foods like lentil soup, watercress, pickles, bananas, pomegranates, lemons, salmon or sardines. Take supplements containing these minerals, such as KELP tablets or kombu sea vegetable powder, Chlorella tablets (500 mg), potassium iodide pills, boron tablets, or magnesium-plus tablets. 

15.         Clean your clothes and bed sheets with Dettol or vinegar or sodium salt, plus the seating area. Vacuum to remove the smart dust and radioactive contamination (uranium, radon, polonium). Cover your food and drinks. Add sea salt or compost to human waste at the bathroom to reduce radon emissions from sewage and interaction of radioactive materials to prevent the attackers from taking advantage of the radioactive materials in the sewage. The main reason for deliberately polluting the air, water and food is to obtain nuclear fuel enriched by humans.

16.         Check the ear canal for a silver radio chip (Psychotronics Microchips) with a microphone embedded in the bottom of the ear canal, one in each ear operating on the VHF frequency. It can play video so that the target can see forced waking visions and hear artificial sounds. Cover the ear with a plug until you can extract this chip. Add English salt (Epsom salt) or lemon in your ear to eliminate the artificial tinnitus “ringing in the ear.”

17.         Use radio frequency jammers, frequency range: 200 – 840 MHz, GPS, UHF, VHF, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5.8G, LOJACK, CDMA to protect yourself from satellite and GPS tracking. A frequency counter should be used to measure the radio frequency at your home. You can use electronic bug detector apps like EMF Sensor Free and Electronic Bug Detector to detect the electronic energy weapons at your home or work.

18.         Use the N52 Neodymium magnet on the implanted biochips to isolate the electromagnetic waves from the body as well as cover the head and infected body with aluminum foil, or wear Iron Hat. You can also disable biochips by using the electromagnetic pulse device “EMP.”

19.         The most effective method is to try to detect biochip locations. Unfortunately, these micro-simulators are difficult to detect by CT or MRI. They may show their location by an increase of small white or black dots on your skin. Laser can remove these infected skin dots so you can analyze them at Material Characterization Lab through “EDS – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy”—proof that skin samples contain silicon, tin, titanium and platinum while biochips are made of the same materials. You will find a high percentage of radioactive contamination like Thorium, Radon, Uranium, Polonium, Plutonium and Radium, and in regards to the electronic chips, radiation injection Radiotherapy is one of the interventional radiological processes, or use intensive ultrasound HIFU (high-energy sound waves aimed directly at an area of abnormal cells or tissue to create heat that kills cells).

20.          Submit a lawsuit against this program, telecommunication companies & nuclear establishment obligating them to pay a fine of at least $1 million for each person hurt by this program, giving all medical reports like the EDS report or other evidence from samples of the electronic bug audiovisual that looks like black carbon Smart Dust as they spread it over the bed or sitting area, as well as the chemical and physical parameters of water in toilets for the purpose of radioactive waste measurement

21.         Raise awareness of the general public and legal system around the world about the serious human rights abuse utilizing remote influencing technologies of the Nuclear Energy Program and share the healing tactics for freedom through social media, press and television so that civilian populations do not fall victim. Stop the production of biochips and boycott their use in medical purposes.

Visit the following websites: health-effects-and-protective-measures

Remote Brain Control: The National Academies of Science conclude that microwave weapons are real, and the likely culprit for the Cuban Diplomat attacks.

Remote Brain Control and Brain Damage  

The National Academies of Science conclude that microwave weapons are real, and the likely culprit for the Cuban Diplomat attacks. 

5 Dec 2020:   The National Academies of Science conclude that microwave weapons are real, and the likely culprit for the Cuban Diplomat attacks.
Russia, Russia, Russia!    Since the CIA wants to convince everyone, that these microwave weapons “belong to Russia,” they can easily use their KH-11 spy telescopes in orbit, and give us a picture of these so-called “Russian satellite weapons.”    Let’s see the pictures?  

Spoiler alert:     Schriever AFB controls the microwave weapons and the KH-11 spy telescopes, funded by the CIA.   Schriever AFB tracks every satellite in orbit and they know exactly, who launched it.       #DeFundCIA

4 Dec 2020:  Not science fiction – Remote Neural Monitoring is real.

Ken Kurson is charged with cyberstalking in connection with his divorce | Daily Mail Online

Close friend of Jared Kushner is charged with cyberstalking in connection with his divorce after FBI investigated him when Trump offered him an administration post

A Trump ally and close associate of Jared Kushner and Rudy Giuliani has been federally charged with harassment and cyberstalking following a routine FBI background check for a potential administration post.

Kenneth Kurson, 52, surrendered for arrest on Friday in Brooklyn, after prosecutors said he harassed three individuals online in 2015, when he was editor in chief of the New York Observer and going through a messy divorce.

In the twisted case, Kurson is accused of using the online aliases ‘Jayden Wagner’ and ‘Eddie Train’ to harass three individuals whom he appeared to blame for his divorce, according to a federal complaint unsealed on Friday.

Miles Taylor warns Trump will pursue 'Nazi policies' if re-elected

Kurson’s attorney, Marc L. Mukasey, told in a statement: ‘Ken Kurson is an honorable man, a loving dad, and a brilliant writer. This case is hardly the stuff of a federal criminal prosecution. He will get past it.’

Kenneth Kurson, 52, (right) surrendered for arrest on Friday in Brooklyn, after prosecutors said he harassed three individuals online in 2015. He is seen with Jared Kushner (center) in 2013

Kenneth Kurson, 52, (right) surrendered for arrest on Friday in Brooklyn, after prosecutors said he harassed three individuals online in 2015. He is seen with Jared Kushner (center) in 2013

Prosecutors say that between November 2015 and December 2015, Kurson engaged in a pattern of stalking and harassment against the three victims. 

Kurson is a longtime friend of Kushner, who owned the Observer when Kurson topped the masthead, and longtime associate of Giuliani, with whom he co-authored a book. 

The complaint identifies one victim as an employee of a news media outlet, and the other two are believed to work at Manhattan’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, based on previously reported details.

According to the complaint, Kurson used multiple aliases to file false complaints about two of the victims with their employer, post false negative reviews about one victim’s professional conduct on crowd-sourced review websites and made unsolicited contact with two of the victims. 

One victim initially tried to smooth things over, insisting in an email that he had nothing to do with Kurson and his wife’s breakup, the complaint says.

‘Unfortunately, you have no one to blame but yourself,’ the message read. ‘It is a bitter pill to swallow, but true.’

Kurson (right) is a longtime friend of Kushner (left), who owned the Observer when Kurson topped the masthead

Kurson (right) is a longtime friend of Kushner (left), who owned the Observer when Kurson topped the masthead 

In response, Kurson allegedly called the friend a ‘completely full of s**t phony who lies through [their] teeth and is also stupid.’

Kurson traveled on multiple occasions to the workplace of two of the victims, taking photographs and inquiring about one victim’s work schedule, prosecutors say.

The allegations came to light during an FBI background check after the Trump administration offered Kurson a seat in 2018 on the board of the National Endowment for the Humanities, a federal body that distributes grants to museums, libraries and other cultural institutions. 

Kurson withdrew himself from consideration for the post after the allegations became public.

‘Kurson is alleged to have engaged in a disturbing pattern of retaliatory harassment that intimidated and alarmed several victims and their employer,’ said Acting United States Attorney DuCharme in a statement. 

‘This Office is committed to protecting victims from malicious cyberstalking activity and apprehending criminals who try to rely on Internet anonymity to facilitate their crimes.’ 

Joseph Meyer, Ken Kurson and Jared Kushner attend New York Observer Hosts the Launch of Core's 61st and Madison Office at Rogue Tomate on April 3, 2013 in New York City

Joseph Meyer, Ken Kurson and Jared Kushner attend New York Observer Hosts the Launch of Core’s 61st and Madison Office at Rogue Tomate on April 3, 2013 in New York City

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Sweeney said that Kurson allegedly ‘bullied his victims by attacking their character online and attempted to intimidate them by showing up at their place of employment without a valid reason.’

‘The shadows of cyberspace may have provided him with some cover, but once his identity was revealed, he no longer had the benefit of a virtual retreat,’ Sweeney added. 

According to the complaint, one of the victims underwent therapy following the ordeal, which the victims variously described as ‘traumatic,’ ‘diabolical,’ ‘insane,’ and ‘super scary.’ 

The hospital where two of the employees worked hired a security guard as a result of the alleged harassment, the complaint says.  

US officials ‘were targeted on American soil by sonic attacks on at least three occasions’ | Daily Mail Online

US officials ‘were targeted on American soil by sonic attacks on at least three occasions’  

October 21, 2020

US officials on American soil have been targeted by sonic attacks on at least three different occasions, according to a new report.

An unnamed American diplomat and his family are said to have heard the mysterious sounds and fallen ill while stationed in Philadelphia in June 2018. Both the diplomat and his wife are said to have reported pressure in their head before finding their children moving bizarrely and ‘in unison’ in their sleep.

In November 2019 a White House staffer, who has also not been identified, is said to have been targeted by a man while walking her dog in Arlington, Virginia. She told officials she also got an intense headache and a tingling on her face following the incident and that her dog began seizing up. 

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The third incident has not been reported in detail. These incidents followed dozens of other similar complaints in Cuba and China, where diplomats reported headaches and memory loss.  

Now one Russia-based CIA officer has spoken to GQ about his debilitating migraines amid growing suspicion the country is behind the mystery illness. 

Marc Polymeropoulos fell ill with severe migraines after experiencing vertigo in his hotel room in Moscow in December 2017. He told the magazine he was forced to retire because of the resulting pain, adding: ‘I had a lot more to offer. I was 50, but I had to retire because these goddamn headaches don’t go away.’   

Marc Polymeropoulos fell ill with severe migraines after experiencing vertigo in his hotel room in Moscow in December 2017. He told GQ he was forced to retire because of the resulting pain
The Russia-based CIA officer has spoken to GQ about his debilitating migraines amid growing suspicion the country is behind the mystery illness. Polymeropoulos is pictured
Polymeropoulos is pictured

The Russia-based CIA officer has spoken to GQ about his debilitating migraines amid growing suspicion the country is behind the mystery illness. Polymeropoulos is pictured 

Polymeropoulos says one of his colleagues on the trip became so ill he lost hearing in one of his ears. He added: ‘There’s a gentlemen’s agreement not to do these things. There’s never any physical stuff. 

‘They (Russia) know that our president is at war with our intelligence community, so kick them when they’re down, get back at them for everything they’ve done before.’

‘If there was an al-Qaeda threat against our officers, we would do everything possible to shut it down, but also to catch the people involved. 

‘I don’t see any of that happening here. What I would have expected would be this full court press that, you know, if we have senior people traveling and you think the Russians are going to hit him, have teams ready to try to capture.’

The American diplomat and his family said to have been targeted in Philadelphia also fell ill in China, according to reports. 

The dozens of illnesses led the U.S. and Canada to sharply reduce the staffing at their embassies in Cuba. The phenomenon also led to increased tension between Cuba and the Trump administration, which accused Cuba of bearing at least some responsibility for the illnesses. TThe dozens of illnesses led the U.S. and Canada to sharply reduce the staffing at their embassies in Cuba. The phenomenon also led to increased tension between Cuba and the Trump administration, which accused Cuba of bearing at least some responsibility for the illnesses. T

Scientists, as well as experts at the CIA and State Department, told The New York Times Monday the most likely culprit behind the unexplained symptoms is Russia.  

The CIA director and State Department say they have not established a cause. 

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that suggestion is ‘absolutely absurd and bizarre’. A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Washington said it was likely a case of ‘mass hysteria’.

But officials from the CIA and Capitol Hill have told GQ US agents have also been targeted in Australia, Taiwan, Georgia and Poland. Cell phone data is said to have placed Russian agents close to CIA officers at the time of these alleged attacks.  

Polymeropoulos says one of his colleagues became so ill he lost hearing in one of his ears

Pompeo discusses the investigation into ‘Havana syndrome’

The CIA has said: ‘If there was credible intelligence that showed an adversary purposefully harmed a CIA officer, you can bet Director Haspel would act swiftly and decisively.’ 

Diplomat Mark Lenzi, 45, was stationed in Guangzhou, China, in 2017, when he developed unexplained symptoms, including headaches, memory loss and trouble sleeping. 

His neighbor Catherine Werner also fell ill and fellow US official Robyn Garfield was evacuated from Shanghai with his family in June 2018.

Lenzi, who says the US ‘know exactly which country’ was responsible said: ‘This is a deliberate, high-level cover-up. They have hung us out to dry.’ 

His symptoms were reported after the U.S. State Department started investigating similar health concerns reported by diplomatic staff in Cuba in late 2016.  

The cluster of symptoms there has since been dubbed ‘Havana Syndrome’. Experts still disagree on whether there was such a sonic attack which caused the symptoms. 

But staff affected reported hearing loud sounds which varied from humming to squealing. It was suspected that the sounds were deliberate. 

In March of this year some scientists said they suspected pesticides as a possible culprit, although results remained inconclusive.    

The dozens of illnesses led the U.S. and Canada to sharply reduce the staffing at their embassies in Cuba. The phenomenon also led to increased tension between Cuba and the Trump administration, which accused Cuba of bearing at least some responsibility for the illnesses. 

Diplomat Mark Lenzi, 45, pictured, was stationed in Guangzhou in 2017, when he developed unexplained symptoms, including headaches, memory loss and trouble sleeping
His neighbor Catherine Werner, pictured, also fell ill

Diplomat Mark Lenzi, 45, left, was stationed in Guangzhou in 2017, when he developed unexplained symptoms, including headaches, memory loss and trouble sleeping. His neighbor Catherine Werner, right, also fell ill

The State Department has officially drawn no link between the Chinese diplomats and 26 workers at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba who were withdrawn in 2017 after reporting symptoms, including those consistent with minor traumatic brain injury, or concussion.

They said in a statement: ‘The safety and security of U.S. personnel, their families and U.S. citizens is our top priority. The U.S. government has not yet determined a cause or an actor.’   

And spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said: ‘I will not try to confirm whether they are the victims of ‘an acoustic attack,’ paranoia, or Russophobia. That’s a question for the doctors.’

The State Department has officially drawn no link between the Chinese diplomats and 26 workers at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba who were withdrawn in 2017 after reporting symptoms, including those consistent with minor traumatic brain injury, or concussion. The entrance of the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China is pictured

2017: US ordered staff to leave Cuba embassy over sonic ‘attacks’

But former national security official said of Russia: ‘These guys have been told they can take the gloves off and do whatever they want to hurt Americans. 

‘They’re trying to weaken us generally, and they’ve obviously taken the gloves off quite some time ago.’ 

And John Sipher, who was a clandestine CIA officer in Russia and was deputy director of Russia House during George W. Bush’s presidency, said: ‘In general, the Russians have no compunction about doing this kind of thing.’