Ocean Acidification – ACTION PLAN for California and the WORLD . . .


About this Document
This State of California Ocean Acidification Action Plan (Action Plan) was produced
by the California Ocean Protection Council in cooperation with the California Ocean
Science Trust. It articulates a 10-year vision for addressing ocean acidification and a
series of pragmatic actions to work towards that vision. It is designed for integration
into public agency operations and to inform decisions made by members of the
private sector and scientific community. It was developed within the framework
of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance), a global
partnership founded in 2016 to assist governments in taking meaningful action to
anticipate, mitigate, and adapt to the significant changes to the chemistry of the
world’s oceans that are now occurring as a result of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
and other contributors. This Action Plan fulfills one of California’s obligations to the
OA Alliance, is consistent with the OA Alliance’s goals and may serve as a model
for other jurisdictions seeking to undertake concrete actions to better understand,
mitigate, and adapt to ocean acidification.

International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

OA Action Plans

OA Action Plans

By joining the OA Alliance, members endorse a Call to Action which formally recognizes the urgent need to act on ocean acidification by investing in research and monitoring, exploring adaptation and mitigation strategies to changing ocean conditions, engaging in public outreach and education, and making deeper commitments to reduce carbon emissions to protect the economic and cultural resources at risk in coastal communities around the world.

Government members of the OA Alliance are encouraged to create an OA Action Plan that describes their own unique contribution to advancing some or all the 5 goals of the OA Alliance as written in the Call to Action. OA Action Plans will help governments create actionable responses to threats in their regions and will help affiliate members best leverage their expertise and resources on this issue.

Governments benefit from working together, and with other affiliate members, to mitigate carbon emissions and other contributors to ocean acidification, sharing knowledge about the impacts of ocean acidification, and learning how to adapt locally to the ongoing changes in ocean conditions.

GLOBAL International Alliance – Ocean Acidification – A Call to ACTION . . .


International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification
A Global Call to Action
I. The Threat of Ocean Acidification
We, the endorsing parties to this Call to Action hereby agree as follows:
A. Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere are increasing the amount of CO2 being absorbed by the world’s oceans. Increasing CO2 levels have altered the basic chemical composition of our oceans causing them to become more acidified.
B. Increasing acidification combined with other climate-change driven changes in ocean conditions, including warmer temperatures and reduced oxygen levels, are already causing unprecedented damage to ocean and marine ecosystems.

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