Ocean Acidification – ACTION PLAN for California and the WORLD . . .


About this Document
This State of California Ocean Acidification Action Plan (Action Plan) was produced
by the California Ocean Protection Council in cooperation with the California Ocean
Science Trust. It articulates a 10-year vision for addressing ocean acidification and a
series of pragmatic actions to work towards that vision. It is designed for integration
into public agency operations and to inform decisions made by members of the
private sector and scientific community. It was developed within the framework
of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance), a global
partnership founded in 2016 to assist governments in taking meaningful action to
anticipate, mitigate, and adapt to the significant changes to the chemistry of the
world’s oceans that are now occurring as a result of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
and other contributors. This Action Plan fulfills one of California’s obligations to the
OA Alliance, is consistent with the OA Alliance’s goals and may serve as a model
for other jurisdictions seeking to undertake concrete actions to better understand,
mitigate, and adapt to ocean acidification.