Scalar Used Against UFOs?

Scalar Used Against UFOs?
DR. STEVEN GREEN ON X “Transcribed” – Below
How should we look at contact as an invitation?  Do the ET’s receive it technically or spiritually?  (Part 2)

Transcribed:  Illegally run classified projects have very advanced technology from reverse engineering ET communication systems for 80 years and those have been used with human interface.
What they use sort of enslaved humans as almost like bio machine interfacing with the technology to contact ET craft, but then hijack their controls and bring them into an area to be struck by an electromagnetic pulse or scalar weapon.Now I have known of this program in it’s general outline for about 30 year’s Dr. Greer as known of the specifics of a very detailed new version of that program that started in the mid 1990’s and has been improved since then from a deep source inside the intelligence and aerospace community.  And so part of the news here is today I just returned from a trip out in a remote area of the United States over two black sites and which I cannot speak to where they are right now. But those sites are used for this purpose, where these  people and technologies are used to image these ET craft, but actively take over their guidance and control system.  Sort of like if you would if you hacked into – like when the Iranians hacked into our CIA drone and took control of its flight controls and landed it back some years ago.  But think of it with a thought consciousness interface to machinery, because it’s consciousness to machine.  And unfortunately there are covert human programs that are doing that, but not for peaceful CE5 contact, but to basically bring those craft in so they can be targeted.  The one site I was at last week or two weeks ago now actually was one where about two ET vehicles are downed every year.  And we know there are multiple sites like the around the United States and even more around the world.  
So this is something again that members of Congress do not quite understand.  They have not bee read in on this program.

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