ZOMBIES – Military Situation.

Zombies are horribly

dangerous to all human life 




Military Situation

Zombies are horribly dangerous 

to all human life 

EMZ, SZ, VZ, WZ’s are all likely immune to any extreme meteorlogical phenomena except fires, floods, tornados or tsunamis.  

Our Question – Sounds like the use of directed energy weapons and weather weapons will keep us safe from ZOMBIES.  Will that mean we will BEG for fires, floods, tornadoes or tsunamis caused by DEW’s to kill these various ZOMBIE types?

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(U) Politico-Military Situation.

 Zombies are horribly dangerous to all human life and zombie infections have the potential to seriously undermine national security and economic activities that sustain our way of life.

Therefore having a population that is not composed of zombies or at risk from their malign influence is vital to U.S. and Allied national interests.

While the U.S. currently enjoys several asymmetric advantages in against zombie infections originating in the Eurasian landmass, these advantages can easily be negated by air and sea traffic that could transport the source of a zombie infection to North and South America. Further, asteroids and nuclear space radiation that can convert people into zombies can affect any landmass or population on earth. Given the rapidity at which zombie outbreaks spread, decisive, overwhelming, and possibly unilateral military force may be required to negate the zombie threat.