Effect of Climate Change on Water Supplies

Effect of Climate Change on Water Supplies

Climate Change is projected to reduce water supplies mostly in the southwestern, central and southeastern regions of the United States. Today 10 percent of counties are at high or extreme risk of water shortages, and in 2050 that proportion of at-risk counties will grow to 32 percent. Projections assume an increase in greenhouse gas emissions through 2050 and a slow decline after.


WATER CONFLICTS in FAMILIES – Why are we still conserving water? – The San Diego Union-Tribune



The National Conflict Resolution Center handles many disputes involving minor family tensions that escalate into major sources of friction. We explore this category today with an example of a couple locked in disagreement over water conservation practices. Partner A, who grudgingly agreed to curtail water usage during the drought, believes the current onslaught of rain is a license to take long showers and run the tap while brushing teeth. Partner B, who is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, sees no reason to backslide into wasteful habits.

Like most domestic standoffs, this was prompted by a “presenting issue” (an argument over water conservation), but it involves more complex challenges of handling 24/7 diverging views and clashing priorities.

PG&E (Rothschild) abandoning water-power project – Impacting 600,000 water customers . . .



n a letter to Mendocino County stakeholders, the embattled utility said: “We recognize the gravity of this action, but believe it is appropriate given PG&E’s current circumstances.”

The expected bankruptcy filing “underscores the decision,” but was not the primary cause, PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno said. “We have been looking to divest this and other (hydro) projects that are noneconomical for years,” he said.

Power from Potter Valley exceeds the cost of alternative sources of renewable power on the open market and is therefore a burden on PG&E ratepayers, Moreno said.

But the water is virtually invaluable, especially to towns and ranches along the upper Russian River from Potter Valley to Healdsburg. The 7,000-acre valley alone produces $34 million worth of wine grapes, cattle and other products a year.

Grant Davis, general manager of Sonoma Water, said the water diverted from the Eel River and stored in Lake Mendocino near Ukiah, is “critically important” to his agency’s 600,000 customers.

Asked if Sonoma County could afford to lose that water, Davis said: “I think everyone would like that answered.”

United States-Israel energy cooperation



Congress finds that—
it is in the highest national security interests of the United States to develop covered energy sources;
the State of Israel is a steadfast ally of the United States;
the special relationship between the United States and Israel is manifested in a variety of cooperative scientific research and development programs, such as—
the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation; and
the United States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation;
those programs have made possible—
many scientific, technological, and commercial breakthroughs in the fields of life sciences, medicine, bioengineering, agriculture, biotechnology, communications, and others; and
significant contributions to the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency through the established programs of the United States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation and the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation;

WATER TAX HEIST: California’s, Gavin Newsom’s budget calls for new tax on drinking water – Tax on water NOT fit to drink . . .

The water is polluted!  All OUR secondary water supply is polluted . . .
We are and have been served up water from the secondary water supply, rain and snow melt. 
Rain and snow melt is captured in reservoirs after running over land that is contaminated with poisonous toxins from the OVERHEAD aerosol spraying and then flows over land saturated with fertilizers, and more. Then water treatment chemicals are added before being pumped into your municipal drinking water.  

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SMART WATER METERS: Baltimore Uses Smart Meters to Transform Water Billing


(TNS) — The head of Baltimore’s water department told City Council members Wednesday that he expects the problem of disputed water bills to be greatly improved next year thanks to the rollout of smart-meter technology.

Rudy Chow, the city’s director of public works, told the council’s Budget and Appropriations Committee that the department has progressed significantly in his six years running it.

“We are making a tremendous amount of progress in terms of getting ourselves into a steady state where water billing isn’t a problem on the technology end or customer service,” he said.

The city introduced new meters in October that can measure how much water a customer uses hour by hour and beam back information to the water department wirelessly. It also began sending customers monthly bills at that time. Previously, the department’s crews were deployed to read meters every three months.

Harvard’s $39B Endowment Is Secretly Acquiring California’s Water Supply

INSIDER COMMENT and The Rest of The Story:

Harvard is part of the Establishment run directly by the Cabal. This is land theft and creating the illusion that water is being bought up by these schemes.

Of course, we have Primary Water and Harvard is NOT buying up the water in all of California, only on the land they own or are purchasing. Harvard is buying land, and water comes with land.

Again, the idea that Harvard is acquiring California’s water supply would pertain directly to the land they own or are purchasing, and NOT California’s water supply.

This story is to further create the illusion we are running out of water, and to advance the urgency to build MORE sewer/urine waste water treatment plants to poison us through the municipal water delivery systems.

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SKYWATER – Advanced Air-to-Water Technology a TOXIC Water Scheme . . .



Skywater Advanced Air-to-Water Technology®

Don’t be TRICKED with this scheme.  SKYWATER is polluted atmospheric water which contains poisons from Geoengineering, bomb testing, industrial pollution and more.  Highly Poisonous!
Remember, water does not originate from the AIR/SKY.  The water facts are being hidden by governments and agencies that are PROFITING from hiding reality.  Water is a renewable, abundant, clean and easy to access.  The source of ALL water is called Primary Water.  We are NOT running out of water.  
Learn the water FACTS listen to the YouTube video “Primary Water Explained” and go toPrimaryWater.org and PrimaryWaterInstitute.org . . .   

SKYWATER – Advanced Air-to-Water Technology a solution to water shortages worldwide