Intel Drop #37 – The Coming Timeline Of Events – Part 1

Intel Drop #37 – The Coming Timeline Of Events – Part 1

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Update: If you have recently found our information, we recommend reading all of our posts going back to July of 2022, which have covered a multitude of issues in detail. You can find an introductory article here, our new Intel Drops here, and our older (censored) Intel Drops and website backed-up here via PDF (Telegram link for download), Google Drive PDF (Intel Drop #1 starts at page 105) or here via the Wayback Machine.

Note: We also recommend reading our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops for the full context of what is transpiring from a spiritual perspective (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3).

The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):

The Coming Timeline Of Events – Part 1

Bill: A lot has been going on behind the scenes for us the past month. I think people should know what you learned from this group you met with first. Can we begin there?

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