The Intra Body Nano Network Compilation

The Intra Body Nano Network Compilation
This is by far the best video about the intra body Thz network that has been deployed into the injected population.
The Thz networks are based in nano devices constructed using graphene oxide as main building block.
The bluethoot signals emitted by some people and some death people also, are originated by this network of nano devices.
There is a lot of public research on this kind of networks in different universities and institutions around the world. This is not secret, Thz network technology has been around for some years. For now, it is disguised as a health monitoring solution, but most probably it is a driver for the 5G neuromodulation agenda. (Remember S. Piñeira, Chile former president, announcing that 5G will be able of reading our thoughts and our feelings).
It seems the final move to massively deploy this tech was the plandemic hoax, a decent motive to scare population enough, so they’d be willing to get an injection against a “deathly virus”. We have still, no traces of the Sars-cov2 or any sample of any other virus in biologic form. We only have computerized genome allegedly belonging to those undetermined agents called viruses.
More videos about Thz networks:—from-nano-materials-to-macro-systems—nano-networking-in-terahertz-and-beyond:a.—graphene-based-plasmonic-nano-antenna-for-terahertz-band-communication:e
The intra corporeal network (some clips from this video are present in the compilation):
The video of former Chile president S. Piñeira: