DEATHS – Officials raise alarm over what they say caused over a million deaths-“climate change”[UNIQID]



DEATHS- Officials Raise Alarm Over What They Say Caused 


The WHO reports

see the video in the link

Officials raise alarm over what they saycaused over a million deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that over 1.4 million deaths per year in Europe can be attributed to environmental factors like climate change. Hans Kluge, WHO regional director,joins CNN to discuss.


Recycled TOXIC water from sewers (Feces, Urine and Pharma Drugs) coming to your neighborhood taps for drinking, bathing, watering plants, for your pets and everything else you use water for.
Sewer water will and has been blended into reservoirs from up stream locations and goes directly into our homes, businesses, schools, restaurants, swimming pools, drinking fountains and more.

This is NOTonly a California Agenda
These PlansARE Worldwide
Recycledwater from sewers coming to California taps
Water that once coursed through the sewer may soon make its way out of your home faucet.
New regulations approved March 6 by the State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California cities’ municipal drinking water supply.

The regulations specify the percentage of recycled water that can be added and how long it must reside there before being treated again at a surface water treatment facility and provided as drinking water,according to the Water Board.
“This is a type of indirect potable use — it’s not treated recycle water that goes directly to someone’s house,” said MiryamBarajas at the Water Board. “It’s highly treated.”
How California plans to crack down on water waste
Barajas said San Diego is leading the state in infrastructure to begin carrying out a sewer-to-reservoir operation but the rest of the state will likely follow.
California has 36 main reservoirs and Barajas said the decision could potentially affect all of them but it is unclear how long that could take.
“The regulations are now there but the infrastructure is not,” she said.
The decision was the culmination of a two-year public review process, which included an independent scientific review and guidance by an expert panel that determined the regulations adequately protect public health. It was also the latest effort to develop uniform rules allowing for more use of recycled water to supplement existing drinking water supplies.
The State Water Board is also working onregulations for “direct potable reuse,” in which treated recycled water is added directly into a drinking water system or into a raw water supply immediately upstream of a water treatment plant. These rules are expected by2023.
Water recycling is part of the California Water Action Plan and Senate bills 918 and 322 direct the Water Board to investigate to create regulations for direct and indirect potable reuse.
The Water Boardsays it funded more than $748 million worth of water recycling projects lastyear in 2018.  

Investigations on the health issues of drinking sewer water are OVER.  
This poison water will cause illness and degrade life.  
Thisis the SDG’s – Water Action Plans adopted in your cities.  
Lookup the Sustainable Development Goals in your city.


New York Times Archives original April 17, 1976
From Credit…The New York Times Archives

See the article in its original context from
April 17, 1976,

SANTA MONICA, Calif.— “From space one could control the earth’s weather, cause drought and floods, change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, make temperate climates frigid,” then‐Senator Lyndon B. Johnson told a joint session of Congress in 1957. Like many other legislators, he accepted Defense Department fantasies that the United States was in race with the Soviet Union to develop environmental weapons.

Mr. Johnson as President made the fantasies real by ordering rainmaking in Southeast Asia, Between 1967 and 1972 he and President Richard M. Nixon authorized at least $3.6 million annually on secret cloud‐seeding over North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in an attempt to muddy trails and slow enemy movements.

Although in one instance this enhanced rainfall by 30 percent, Pentagon officials call the operations failure. But the Pentagon defends them as humane, saying, “Raindrops don’t kill people; bombs do.” (The Department of Defense denies it was seeding over North Vietnam in 1971 when that nation suffered the heaviest rains since 1945. In 1945. a million Vietnamese died of flood and famine.)Can a nation that tampers with natural balances deny responsibility for what follows?

This question, together with recognition that United States policy condemns warfare aimed at civilians, prompted Senator Claiborne Pell in 1973 to introduce a resolution calling for an international treaty to prohibit environmental warfare “or the carrying out of any research or experimentation directed thereto.” The Senate voted 82 to 10 to approve the resolution, which lacks force of law.

Last August, at the 31‐nation United Nations conference of the Committee on Disarmament, in Geneva, the United States and Soviet Union jointly proposed a draft convention to ban “military or any other hostile use of environmental techniques.” Unfortunately it is far weaker than the Senate resolution. For example, it fails to prohibit military research or development of environmental‐modification techniques, and allows all “peaceful” work on such things.

The Pentagon says its Climate Dynamics program, formerly Project Nile Blue, is peaceful and needed to detect Soviet attempts to disrupt North American weather.

(Because the treaty appoints no inspection agency to enforce its ban, leaving nations to bring evidence of violations to the United Nations Security Council, treaty ratification would justify increased funding for Climate Dynamics monitoring.)

But Climate Dynamics researchers using computer models of oceans and atmosphere, have studied ways to melt the polar ice caps, generate destructive storms, and otherwise use “key environmental instabilities” to release huge amounts of energy. They have found how the United States, acting secretly from space, could inflict bad weather on the Soviet Union, thereby ruining harvests and keeping that country dependent on United States grain imports.
In the Soviet Union, engineers are reversing the Arctic‐flowing Pechora River and creating inland seas, actions that experts say will alter global climate. This is “peaceful.”

In 1975 the National Academy of Sciences reported that cooling in the Northern Hemisphere since the 1940’s makes the start of a new ice age within 100 years a small but real possibility. Scientists cannot determine whether the cooling is caused by humans or if one nation’s had weather is caused by another’s weather‐modification programs, so the potential for hostility arising from such programs is obvious. Global climatic changes will prompt many nations to use such modification techniques, but the world’s unstable political climate demands that such techniques be internationally regulated, with adequate safeguards and with reparations for those who suffer drought or storm damage.

The draft treaty could be a step toward such regulation. But the treaty allows some weather warfare by prohibiting only techniques having “widespread, long‐lasting or severe effects harmful to human welfare.” What does this mean? The tiniest tampering with natural balances can set off chain reactions with unforeseen consequences.Senator Pell and Representatives Gilbert Gude and Donald M. Fraser have proposed that all United States environmental‐modification research—by civilians, the military and the Central Intelligence Agency—he put under Congressional control. Until this is done and the United States amends the draft treaty to eliminate loopholes and cloudy language, few nations will believe we want environmental warfare banned.

Lowell Ponte is author of the forthcoming book “The Cooling,” about climatic change and modification.

Disguised as Climate Change

BUT We Know This, Right?


“Dead trees all over the city”

“Dead trees all over the city”

Where tree-planting efforts go wrong

Funding for tree planting is a necessary waste of tax payers hard earned money – WHY? 

Firstly, no one discusses the years of Aerosol spraying and how toxic the soils are along with heavy metals, EVERYWHERE. 



PLANT MATERIAL HELPS TO BLOCK 5G’s Deadly frequencies and the frequencies of neighborhood acoustic weapons when we are targeted in our communities and homes.

From coast to coast, cities are working toward tree-planting goals, and the White House is all in, announcing in April $1 billion in grants for communities to increase “equitable” access to trees and green spaces.  

Government GRANT funding for tree planting is only disbursed within a specific time  table and cities are desperately trying to get trees in the ground because the grant cycle which typicially ends in a year.

Your city wants to prove they are interested in taking your money and proving they want trees they are not able to maintain.

NOW cities, counties, states tell us we MUST REDUCE OUR OUTSIDE WATERING and some areas folks are fined and penalized if they water any outside landscaping.


GRANTS FOR TREE PLANTING is a necessary waste to keep an illusion of planting trees while killing plant life at the same time.

Geoengineering aka Chemtrail fallout, contaminated soil, Toxins added in many commercial foods and fertilizers, and high intensity EMF from ground transmitters similar in function to the old HAARP, and the use of cell phone systems. 

Some trees resonate with the EMF frequencies and die quickly, others like some evergreens are more resistant to EMF damage. Low voltage is often generated in the ground as eddy currents (when emf hits the ground and creates a second current that goes up the tree from the ground) form the EMF and this can retard growth or kill trees too.

We learned that the heavy metals from the aerosol spraying aka Geoengineering/Chemical Trails are taken up into the trees through the root system.  The tree roots clog similar to how plaque clogs human arteries and the trees are unable to absorb water which is blocked by the heavy metals.  ALL trees have been compromised.  Millions are standing dead in forest waiting to be sparked by fire causing weapons.

We are told all the dead and dying trees are due 

to Climate Change while Weather Weapons remain Unacknowledged. 




TREE planting sounds Nobel and environmentalists 

believe tree planting efforts will benefit communities and restore the sheer cutting of forests and in the Amazon, along with being a carbon sink to reduce CARBON which is OUR OXYGEN.  

Sadly, most folks are unaware of the real intentions behind all these wasted efforts.  


“Dead trees all over the city”: Where tree-planting efforts go wrong

As federal funds flow toward urban forestry, collaboration with residents and appropriate technical expertise can lead to more tree-planting success, one researcher says.

Ysabelle Kempe

Nature has emerged as a key partner for cities looking to advance environmental justice and prepare for and mitigate worsening climate change. From coast to coast, cities are working toward tree-planting goals, and the White House is all in, announcing in April $1 billion in grants for communities to increase equitable access to trees and green spaces.

While the funding presents a “tremendous opportunity,” achieving this goal is not as simple as planting as many trees as possible in underserved communities, said Lincoln Larson, an associate professor at North Carolina State University.

How communities can successfully develop and execute equitable tree-planting plans is the focus of Larson’s research, which is supported by the U.S. Forest Service. 

Permission granted by NCSU College of Natural Resources

Smart Cities Dive caught up with Larson to discuss the potential worst outcome of tree-planting efforts, whether trees are inherently valuable to society and why communities in most need of trees may not welcome more.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

SMART CITIES DIVE: What opportunities and risks do communities face, with all the recent attention allocated to trees?

LINCOLN LARSON: While we’re pretty good at identifying where trees need to be planted, actually working with communities to get that done in a way that resonates with community members and aligns with their goals, preferences, concerns, all of the above becomes a lot more challenging, especially when you realize that you can’t just put a tree in the ground. You have to nurture it, you have to care for it and maintain it. 

The worst outcome — which is what we see in a lot of cities with tree-planting programs that don’t have resources and community buy-in to sustain themselves — [is] you end up with dead trees all over the city. That’s a worse outcome than no trees for a lot of people.

And those dead trees are due to a lack of maintenance?

Yeah. Sometimes, when you’re planting trees, especially in narrow right-of-ways or on private property, it’s hard to maintain them, with watering and tree pests. We see that nationally, with a lot of invasive [insect] species coming in and threatening urban tree species. If you don’t have a support team, with the technical expertise and the resources to support tree growth over the long term, you can run into challenges.

How can tree-planting programs avoid those unwanted outcomes?

A lot of tree-planting professionals and NGOs that focus on tree equity operate with the assumption that everybody views trees as this inherent good for society. But the reality is that many members of the public don’t. 

In a lot of communities, for a variety of reasons, trees are seen as a problem. They’re a maintenance issue. They create opportunities for perceived crime in densely forested settings. Sometimes trees fuel property [value] rises and [higher] property taxes, which is a good thing, but it also can catalyze green gentrification, which drives residents out of neighborhoods where they might have been for generations. 

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Are there common pitfalls of tree-planting programs when it comes to developing an equitable urban forest?

The obvious one is don’t plant trees without public input and community involvement. Yet we do it so often. I think that happens a lot, too, when we’re desperately trying to get trees in the ground because the grant cycle ends in a year, or whatever the motivation may be. It’s often easier to just plant on public property. In a lot of cases, that may work. In others, it may be that if you want to increase canopy coverage in underserved neighborhoods, you have to find a way to do it on private property because there may not be a lot of public green spaces that exist in these areas where it’s ripe for the planting, if you will.

That dichotomy presents challenges, especially in a lot of these areas where you have predominantly renters with absentee landlords who may or may not allow this. Suddenly you have a strange dynamic again about who has access to trees. Do you have to be a homeowner to get trees? 

What do you recommend?

The solution to a lot of these problems is understanding that there are local community organizations and nonprofits embedded in those spaces already who are really engaged in social justice, environmental justice issues, and know what the community needs and is looking for. 

Work with these organizations [and] don’t think that your same practice that worked elsewhere is going to work in this place. Take a little bit of time to get to know the place, the key players, and work within their system and the organizations that are based there to make things happen. Yes, it takes time, but that is time well spent, if your goal is a healthy urban forest.

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Kentand Sussex hosepipe ban announced amid

water shortage – BBC News – UK[UNIQID]

Kentand Sussex hosepipe ban announced amidwater shortage – BBC News – UK
Please understand what you will read below is an effort to quickly let you know what we ALL face.  
We have covered the TRUTH about water for many years and have countless videos and articles on our sites  and
We are observing systemic water shortages/OUTAGES that are easily avoidable if we were allowed to access Primary Water – but sadly, most folks will NEVER be allowed to access the new pure unadulterated water from down below the mantel. 
Our CONtrollers are seizing at a rapid pace, NOW, all water resources and creating water markets.  
We will be forced into geographical locations were water will be REUSE.
REUSE is Waste Water from Sewage Treatment Plants.
Toilet to Tap – but worse
Sewage water contains FOREVER chemicals that will cause disease illnesses and death – FOREVER.
We Can NOT survive without water – and we will NOT survive on REUSE.   
This is another form of GENOCIDE,  Property Theft and Forcing Folks OFF the LANDS into designated KILL ZONES of intense unsurvivable frequencies and microwaving.  
Also, by not allowing folks to water outside landscaping we will suffer from reduce doxygen availability. 
Plants provide OXYGEN.
People are being programmed into the understanding that water is a finite resource, influenced by rain, snow and weather events including heat along with lengthy droughts.  WATER is NOT INFLUENCED BY WHAT WE ARE TOLD.
Learn the truth about OUR WATERKeep in mind we were told in May of 2023 Paraguay would run OUT of WATER. and Sussex hosepipe ban announced amid water shortage
Getty ImagesSouth East Water said demand for drinking water in Kent and Sussex has reached record levels in June
By Christian Fuller & Rosie Blunt
BBC News
A hosepipe and sprinkler ban has been imposed on people in Kent and Sussex.South East Water said it had no choice after demand for drinking water had reached “record levels” in June, similar to last year’s drought.
Up to 4,000 customers are without water or have been experiencing low pressure since Monday due to supply issues.
The water company had urged people to only use water for essential purposes, but has now issued an immediate ban on hosepipes and sprinklers.The measures mean that using the equipment to water gardens, clean cars and fill swimming pools will not be allowed.
It is understood that the Temporary Usage Ban can only be enforced after ten days of consultation, meaning after 26 June rule-breakers could be hit with a £1,000 fine.Areas including Wadhurst, Mayfield, Biddenden and Staplehurst have been affected by water outages.
Bottle stations have been set up across the two counties, and the supply issues are expected to continue until Sunday.
Douglas Whitfield, South East Water’s director of operations, told BBC Radio Kent the hot weather had caused demand to outstrip supply.
“We are pumping as much water as we can into the system, but water is being used before it gets to those customers who are currently on the end of our system,” he said.

Bottled water stations had been opened in Mayfield, Rotherfield, Wadhurst and AshfordSouth East Water said its facilities are working at full output, with every water treatment work and water source available producing treated water to keep up with demand.Despite this, the company said it was unable to return drinking water storage tanks to “satisfactory levels”.If your water is supplied by South East Water and you live in Kent or Sussex, you cannot use a hosepipe to:Water your gardenWater plantsWash your car, patio or boatFill up your swimming or paddling poolFill or maintain a domestic pond
There are exemptions, which can be found on South East Water’s website.
The firm said the demand for water had broken all previous records, including during the Covid lockdown heatwave periods.
It said it had produced an additional 120 million litres of water a day – equivalent to supplying four towns the size of Maidstone or Eastbourne.
The company serves 2.3 million people across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.Customers took to Twitter to express their anger over the hosepipe ban, with some blaming the high usage on leaks.
One said: “That will be the MANY water MAIN pipes that have burst recently!! My local area said demand was at its highest when NONE of us even HAD tap water!! Cause it was just falling out of the huge leaks!! Hardly CUSTOMER use is it?”Mr Whitefield told BBC Radio Kent that while leakage was an issue that South East Water was trying to address, the supply issues were not driven by leakage.South East Water
A burst pipe in Tunbridge Wells was repaired on ThursdayWealden District Council councillor Michael Lunn said he had spoken to 20 farmers affected by the drop in supply, including one with 40 cattle and heifers about to give birth, who were “hysterical”.
“It’s really serious,” he said, adding: “As far as I’m concerned, they [South East Water] are just so, so slow in responding to this crisis.”We were aware this was going to happen. We are not shocked or surprised, we are disappointed and we are really angry.”
The supply issues had forced several schools to close, and Rotherfield Primary School in Crowborough remains shut.Bottled water stations have been opened at Mayfield Memorial Hall, Rotherfield Village Hall, Sparrows Green Recreation Ground in Wadhurst and Headcorn Aerodrome in Ashford.
The shortages have provoked criticism from customers and local MPs directed towards the water company.The situation was described as “completely unacceptable” by Greg Clark, the Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells.South East WaterThe water level of Arlington reservoir, near Hailsham in East Sussex, was low in summer 2022Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said the remainder of this week will be hotter than average for the time of year across the UK.In East Sussex, temperatures were tipped to reach 29C on Friday, while parts of Kent could reach a maximum of 27C on Saturday.In the next two weeks, however, heavy rain may affect parts of the South East, according to the Met Office.
South East Water experienced supply issues in December 2022 after pipes burst due to snow and ice thawing rapidly overnight, leaving thousands of households across Kent and Sussex without water before Christmas.
A government minister told the provider earlier this year that it “must act urgently” to significantly improve its performance.

Learn the truth about OUR WATER


A Science Alert
TheseCompanies Kept Silent About ‘Forever Chemicals’ For Decades – ScienceAlert

Secretly held documents from the two most prominent manufacturers of ‘forever chemicals’ show that industry leaders knew of the harmful health effects of some per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) long before they told the public.
For at least 21 years, company leaders at DuPont –the maker of Teflon – and 3M – themaker of Scotchgard – sat on some seriously concerning results.
In internal research, two of their most popular chemicals, called PFOS and PFOA, were proving to have all sorts of adverse health effects that government officials weren’t made aware of.
Only in 1998, when DuPont was sued for dumping more than 7,000 tons of PFAS-laced sludge into the Ohio River, did the company’s secrets first come to light.
Now, a small sampling of company documents from DuPont and 3M, spanning 1961 to 2006, has allowed researchers to assemble a timeline of the deception.
These documents were initially obtained by the attorney Robert Bilott, who successfully sued DuPont for PFAS contamination in the early 2000s.
More recently, they were donated to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), by the producers of a 2018 investigative documentary on DuPont called The Devil We Know.
“Having access to these documents allows us to see what the manufacturers knew and when, but also how polluting industries keep critical public health information private,” says Nadia Gaber,a public health researcher at UCSF at the time, who led the research.
“This research is important to inform policy and move us towards a precautionary rather than reactionary principle of chemical regulation.”

Timeline of industry secrets revealed by documents. (Gaber et al., Annalsof Global Health, 2023)

Today,chemical regulations in the US are usually made in hindsight, putting public health at risk. All too often, novel materials are manufactured first and tested for toxicity only after they appear on the market.
The harms of this approach are more than evident when looking at the history of ‘forever chemicals’.
PFAS arenicknamed ‘forever chemicals’ because they take ages to break down in the environment. Since the 1940s, this class of chemicals has been used in non-stick cookware, fabric treatment, cosmetics, and food packaging.
Of the more than 12,000 known PFAS variants available today, two clearly show adverse health outcomes, including increased risks of cancer and birth defects.
In the early 2000s, PFOA and PFOS were finally phased out of production in the US, but by then, they had already spread far and wide.
At first, both DuPont and 3M claimed these chemicals were biologically inert. But investigative reporting and legal disclosures show that industry leaders knew this wasn’t true for many years.
In the 1970s, internal documents reveal that DuPont knew PFOA was “highly toxic” when inhaled and “moderately toxic” when ingested.
As far back as 1961, documents show that Teflon’s Chief of Toxicology knew PFOA had “the ability to increase the size of the liver of rats at low doses” and should “be handled ‘with extreme care’ and that ‘contact with the skin should be strictly avoided.'”
Later on, in the early 1980s, DuPont and 3M learned of pregnant workers who were exposed to PFAS suffering miscarriages or having children with birth defects.
In 1991, Dupont denied any adverse health effects.
It took 30 years after industry knowledge for thefirst peer-reviewed papers to connect birth defects to PFAS in the scientificliterature.
To this day, over 90 percent of pregnant people in the US continue to be exposed to these potentially harmful chemicals.
Even at minor traces, there’s a chance that they cause adverse health effects.
The US Environmental Protection Agency recently dropped the safety guidelines for PFOA and PFOS in drinking water from 70 parts pertrillion to below 0.02 parts per trillion – an adjustment that could mean more than half the US is exposed to harmful chemicals when they drink from the tap.
To this day, researchers at UCSF point out that “no federal enforceable limits on any PFAS chemicals have been established in the  US.”
While not all PFAS chemicals are bound to be as dangerous as PFOA or PFOS, it’s fair that the public is concerned about the potential health effects.
The strategies DuPont and 3M used to suppress research and influence government regulations are reminiscent of those employed by tobacco companies, researchers say.
History could easily keep repeating itself if something doesn’t change.
The report was published in the Annalsof Global Health.



Uruguayans Left with 10 Days of WATER 

Remember Several years back we were TOLD Cape Town in South Africa had only 10 daysof Water Left

We are NOT Running OUT OF WATER




Uruguayans pray for rain as capital reservoir left with 10 days of water

Lucinda Elliott

MONTEVIDEO, May23 (Reuters)- Uruguayans in the capital Montevideo are praying for rain amid a historic drought that has left the main reservoir for the city with only ten days of water left.

Low rainfall and hightemperatures across the southern region of South America have triggered a severe drought over the last year, affecting crops in neighboring grains producer Argentina and triggeringsteep farm losses.

In Uruguay, the water deficit is the worst in 74 years, according to officials. It is affecting supply to thousands of households and leading to poor water quality

“I’m worried that we’re relying on rain as the only answer,” Vanessa Fleitas said outside her child’s school in Montevideo that had closed early because of a lack of drinking water for the students. “It is unusually warm for the time of year.”

Water levels in the Paso Severino reservoir, which serves more than half of Uruguay’s 3.5 million people, are at “historical lows”, according to state water company Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE), at around 10% ofcapacity.

The latest data shows it has around 6.2 million cubic meters of water, a far cry from the 60 million monthly average. Around 650,000 cubic meters is needed every day tosupply the capital.

Light rainfallin recent days “did not change the outlook,” OSE said, although some showers are forecast for later this week. Meteorologists say 50 millimeters (2inches) of rain is needed daily through to June for reservoir levels to startto recover.

Dwindling reserves of fresh water in the country’s main reservoir forced the public water company in late April to mix supplies with water from the River Plate estuary,resulting in unusually high levels of sodium and chlorides.

“My customers don’t trust what comes out of the tap,” said shop keepe rRamon Arteaga in downtown Montevideo, where daily sales of bottled water at his store have increased ten-fold since the start of the water deficit.

Public angerover water shortages is building with street demonstrations planned in thecapitalon Wednesday.

Federico Kreimerman, president of the workers union at OSE said low rainfall,mismanagement of supplies and a lack of state investment was to blame. Waterfor human consumption also competed with soy farming, ranching and forestry,he added.

The office of the president declined to comment to Reuters. It has said it is assessingadditional measures, including a new reservoir to reduce the salinity of local drinking water.

Reportingby Lucinda Elliott Editing by Bill Berkrot

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Is This a Coverup to AVOID theReal Source of WATER?

Egypt Is Building A 100Km RIVER In the DESERT 
This project, likely, is a coverup for accessing primarywater – you can not convince me that Egypt or Saudi Arabia did not know abou tLibya’s Great Man Made River Project that was blown-up in 2011 by NATO and USA,Inc.. 
Libya’s water project accessed Primary Water – which is arenewable water source made continuously under the mantel of theearth and found everywhere.  
This renewable primary water source is hidden from the people so they will accept desalination, toilet to tap, toxic rain water reuse, and reuse and capturing of toxic ground water runoff. 

This vid states the water will go through a treatment process.  Again, we do not know if this is a deceptive cover for actually accessing pure clean drinking water ( continue to hide primary water from the populations. The Egyptian River Project also states they are in alignment with sustainable development goals – we know these goals are depopulation schemes for societies worldwide, wherein, reducing water access is a goal.  This is why I think this project is a coverup for an in plain sight construction of distribution of water to address the water needs in the desert for Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  
Your comments are appreciated if you have gone to
and understand what Primary Water is . . . 
Below are a few notes taken out of the video:
This river project is longer than the NileRiver. 
Note: the difference in the beginning of the video where you are shown an open aqueduct as proposed by Saudi Arabia and then large pipes to transport the water by Egypt.    
Artificial river in the middle of the desert – already 35% of the water transmission pipes have already been completed.
The world’s longest river in the desert 
5 billion dollars 
Goal to expand agricultural production in the desertand reduce out of country reliance on imported food. Promote jobs.
To ensure the availability of sustainable water resources for the generations to come, Egypt is has started building the world’s longest man-made river. Known as the New Delta Project, the construction of this ambitious megaproject is estimated at more than $5 billion. The river will span an immense 114,000 kilometres, easily surpassing the length of the Nile. 
This is a comment someone made under the video:
There were disappointing gaps in this video. The first question which came to my mind when I started watching the video was the route of the new man-made river. It was never shown. A related question I had, and the most material issue for this project: what is the source of the water that is being transported? There were passing references to recycled water,but this issue was not really addressed.
The importance of the water source question was highlighted by the mention of the Nile being diverted upstream by Ethiopia, with less water to flow to Egypt. It does not sound like the Nile would have sufficient water capacity to supply a “”man made river”” project, but this question was not addressed or answered in the video. The failure to address these fundamental questions leaves the video somewhat incoherent.
This video is a Coverup – to Hide the Water Source – which is Primary Water
Unbelievable! Egypt Is Building A 100Km RIVER In theDESERT
Water is a “Renewable”
We Are NOT Running Out of Water

It’s ALL a Game It’s a Thought Experiment – WE ARE ALL IN THE MATRIX

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It’s ALL a Game –
It’s a Thought Experiment –

It’s ALL a Game 
It’s a Thought Experiment 
We are all under Maritime Law – Admiralty Law –
Marshall Law search what the gold fringe around the

LAW = Land, Air, Water 
Do Not Judge the video below by the title
Posted by
Deborah Tavares
John F. Kennedy, April 27, 1961, New York City Press Club:
For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for
expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion,
on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free
choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a
system which has conscripted vast human and material resources
into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that
combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and
political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published;
its mistakes are buried, not headlined; its dissenters are silenced,
not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed.
Ron DeSantis bio:
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Blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed[UNIQID]

Blood Scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed!

🦠🥩🎯☠️ This is in reply to the pure blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed.  

PLEASE don’t believe for one minute that ANY blood 🩸 is untainted.  

Blood banks have been for profit and toxic blood products – another method of poisoning the compromised that seek transfusions FOR many illnesses created to cause illness in the first place. Keep in mind the cov shed spread.  PRIONS and planet microwaving to kill faster.  Even prior to the kill shot other jabs were aimed at slow depopulation goals by our overlords.  Now we face self replicating nano bots in our bodies – human and animal cyborgs.  Whatever Pure  blood there could be is reserved as a blood elixir for the priveledged to slow aging and a power stimulant taken from trauma and tortured victims oxygenated blood.  Those that register for the illusion of safe unjabbed blood are providing data collection on themselves.  The data is being used for the advancement of A.I.  –  the takeover of all legacy systems. All systems – ALL LIFE – all LAND – all AIR – all WATER 💧 — all our BRAINS all abilities to think and MEMORY ERASING.  We are witnessing a bio weaponized Alzheimer’s attack of our minds.  We will soon see history blurred out – our current thinking impacted with more targeted forgetfulness – and OUR tomorrow’s erased.  The ultimate power grab -OUR MINDS.  As we are advanced into control systems we can not stop we WILL experience levels of austerity never felt previously.  We have been told we must reduce our carbon foot print leading to life in the mid 1750s but far worse.  Nature is being destroyed and we will have NOTHING to fall back on – a well thought out extinction of our planet 🌎 Our cities and infrastructure is being degraded and destroyed by targeted use of frequencies that are pulsed to cause collapses of built systems (bridges-buildings – land erosion via targeted land and bluff collapses AND weather weapons – we will see massive relocations of the populations forced to evacuate their communities as the illusion of dwindling water supplies and food is ELIMINATED.  We are watching all this happening now. WE ARE being forced onto unreliable renewables -solar – wind – geothermal – wave electricity sources that will not provide enough available energy.  WHY – Aren’t renewables reliable you may ask? The weather required for a renewable infrastructure IS CONTROLLED☠️.  Most folks will perish!!
All travel is being reduced so populations can be confined in open air prisons and those areas targeted by deadly wireless weapons and weather attacks. 

Invisible frequency fencing will disable and kill anyone seeking to go out of their designated  human settlement zones.  The KILL GRID!  

Cameras – and facial recognition WILL and is being used against us.  Just like China we exist within a network of corporations disguised as governments. managed by a few inbred appearing like humans without concern for ethics, without morals or concern for life  – they are MURDERS. 
We are gullible slaves trapped in a monetary debt 💸 control NET.  

There is So much more I could say – but PURE BLOOD 🩸 dreamers DO NOT understand their/our circumstances.   Do not sign up for data gathering trickery.  🙏

Please go to read the many documents gathered over the years that clearly state what you have read above.