Nutrimedical Report Dr. Bill Deagle MD

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Safe Living Tech

Safe Living Technologies, Inc. offers many shielding products: They all have certified testing data reports to prove effectiveness.
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*Safe and Sound – RF Detector

he Price of the meter is $149.00 USD
Safe and Sound Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation Detector (200 MHz-12 GHz)
Simple and easy to use and understand
No technical experience required
Quickly determine RF present in your environment
True response detection range: 650 MHz to 10 GHz +/- 6dB (effective 200 MHz to 12 GHz)
Performance tested in 3rd party RF testing lab
Has a sound feature that assists with source identification
Exposure levels based on current Building Biology guidelines for sleeping areas
Uses state of the art measurement technology and is sensitive below 1 µW/m²
Engineered in Canada – Manufactured in Canada and the USA
2 Year Warranty
Some of the more common sources the meter can detect:
Smart meter emissions
Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels)
Cell towers
Cell phone emissions
Cordless home phones
Bluetooth devices
Baby monitors
Airport radar
Microwave oven leakage detection
Video game consoles and joysticks
Safe Living Technologies Inc.
Tel: (519) 240-8735

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Help for V2K

** Special Note ~ Help for V2K **
Extremely Targeted
I SUGGEST you get a 10ghz skullcap from 
It has almost completely stopped my voices. I think there were
7-8 radios on me with my freq. set in for #v2k but now only 1 on a #military frequency over 12ghz.
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5G Blocker/Jammers for $460.00

10 Watt Handheld Combination Jammer – 10 channel output to blocks GSM PHS PCS CDMA 4G LTE Wimax WiFi 5G all in one

Model No.: GM-PJAM10/PRO

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POSSIBILITIES: Stop Being a Slave to Technology: Here’s How to Unplug | Ready Nutrition Official Website – Healthy Living, Food Storage, Preparedness, Recipes And More

Stop Being a Slave to Technology: Here’s How to Unplug

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Doctors Letters on Cell Towers and Cell Phones IMPORTANT

Treatment Research And NeuroSCience Evaluation of NeuroDevelopmental Disorders 9 September 2016 District Office 200 Douglas Street Petaluma, California 94952

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