Disaster Preparedness – “Example” from the City of Berkeley, California


5 Critical Steps

  1. Make a plan for yourself, your family, or your household on how to evacuate your home, and where to meet following an earthquake.
  2. Arrange for a long distance telephone contact that everyone in your family can use to tell where and how they are.
  3. Prepare an emergency supplies kit for you and your family, enough for five days for each person.
  4. Prepare your home to survive an earthquake.
  5. Get to know your neighbors and organize your neighborhood.


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Safe Living Tech

Safe Living Technologies, Inc. offers many shielding products: They all have certified testing data reports to prove effectiveness.

*Safe and Sound – RF Detector / RF Meter


he Price of the meter is $149.00 USD
Safe and Sound Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation Detector (200 MHz-12 GHz)
Simple and easy to use and understand
No technical experience required
Quickly determine RF present in your environment
True response detection range: 650 MHz to 10 GHz +/- 6dB (effective 200 MHz to 12 GHz)
Performance tested in 3rd party RF testing lab
Has a sound feature that assists with source identification
Exposure levels based on current Building Biology guidelines for sleeping areas
Uses state of the art measurement technology and is sensitive below 1 µW/m²
Engineered in Canada – Manufactured in Canada and the USA
2 Year Warranty
Some of the more common sources the meter can detect:
Smart meter emissions
Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels)
Cell towers
Cell phone emissions
Cordless home phones
Bluetooth devices
Baby monitors
Airport radar
Microwave oven leakage detection
Video game consoles and joysticks
Safe Living Technologies Inc.
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