Power Outages Electricity Failure Sweeps South America – Bloomberg


Grid Collapse

Massive Power Failure Sweeps Across Argentina and Uruguay
By Tony Czuczka

June 16, 2019, 5:35 AM PDT Updated on June 16, 2019, 5:53 AM PDT

The Constitucion railway station during a massive energy blackout in Argentina on Sunday. 

A huge power failure cut off electricity in Argentina and Uruguay on Sunday morning, according to media reports and a regional utility.

Parts of Brazil and Paraguay also were affected, the BBC reported. The outage hit on a day of provincial elections in parts of Argentina.

A “massive failure in the electrical interconnection system” left “all of Argentina and Uruguay without power,” Edesur Argentina, a power company serving more than 2.5 million customers, said on Twitter. Argentina’s government is assessing what caused the outage, which was triggered by a grid failure at 7:07 a.m. local time, the Energy Ministry said in a statement.

Power is gradually being restored, starting with an initial 34,000 customers, Edesur said in a subsequent tweet.

Electricity in Buenos Aires and the greater capital area is also coming back online. “The process of normalization, which will require several hours, is beginning,” according to Edesur.

Argentina, South America’s second-largest economy, shrank 2.5% last year, the worst since 2014 when the nation defaulted on its debt.

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GMO “IS” NOW Legal: GMO-ing the United States Food Supply AUTHORIZED by EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 13874

GMO “IS” NOW Legal:
GMO-ing the United States
Food Supply
NO. 13874


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Deadly Contaminated Water: Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis – Lead in the WATER . . .

Deadly Contaminated Water:  Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis – Lead in the WATER . . .

Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis    4/20/2019

Insider Comment:
One can only hope that the corrupt court system and the lawyers that work for the corrupt illegal corporate construct will actually really serve justice for the people.  Hope is all that we have!  And hope does NOT serve up justice in a world that is run by overlords set on population reductions.  This legal pursuit is a distraction while the folks in Flint are drinking contaminated water with lead added into the municipal water supply.  
Sue on and drink on – the system we ALL live in, whether you are white, black, red, yellow makes NO difference we are being exterminated. 
The secret agenda is to give hope, allow some big setbacks for both sides and then dump the whole cabal system for a whole new Cosmic Fascist/satanic system.
  1. Flint residents can sue the federal government over water crisis …

    3 days ago … Flint residents can sue the federal government over water crisis, judge rules …. government in connection with the city’s water crisis, a federal judge ruled. The lawsuits claim the Environmental Protection Agency was too slow …
  2. Flint residents allowed to sue EPA over lead water crisis, judge rules …

    3 days ago … Flint residents allowed to sue EPA over lead water crisis, judge rules … Residents of Flint, Michigan, can sue the Environmental Protection Agency … Eastern District of Michigan ruled April 18 that people in Flint are free to sue …
  3. Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crises

    11 hours ago … As Flint, Michigan, marks five years since the city’s deadly water crisis began, a federal judge ruled in favor of residents who want to sue the …
  4. Judge rules Flint residents can sue federal government over water …

    4 days ago … Judge rules Flint residents can sue federal government over water crisis … the federal government over its response to the city’s drinking water crisis. … Residents have long blamed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) …
  5. Flint R

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Hungary’s New Border Fence – Heat Sensors, Cameras, BORDER HUNTERS and. . .

Hungary’s New Border Fence

EARTH, Inc. 

Heat Sensors, Cameras and



by Jenn Carter
All these necessary police state measures are needed now because of the massive worldwide crimes of the Cabal. There will always be dual use. These walls will also keep folks in for depopulation at will.

Hungary’s 96-mile long,  14-foot-tall, double-line fence includes several layers of razor-wire capable of delivering electric shocks . The barrier features cameras, heat sensors and loudspeakers ready to tell migrants they’re about to break Hungarian law if they as much as touch the fence, the DC report said.  Nearly every police officer in Hungary is part of a rotation to monitor the border fenceat all times.  Temporary military bases house the police while they do their rotation.  Additionally,  Hungary will train and pay more than 1,000 volunteers to deploy as “border hunters”. 
No doubt the good and decent people in Hungary cannot afford to house any more refugees, illegals, migrants and the like.  
Just like  every other  country forced migration is HAPPENING.  
The media’s LIES, and continued danger has  ratcheted up,
HUNGARY is being sprayed on by the overhead aerosols!
AND WORSE YET – THE HUNGARIAN OVERLORDS HAVE ADOPTED CLIMATE ACTIONS PLANS – These Plans REQUIRE Energy Use Reductions on a massive scale.  These plans are intended to collapse industry and bring the people into a preindustrial existence (Year 1750) – times before machinery and equipment were used.  Hungary like all the rest of the World’s countries and nations MUST submit to rationing all resources, land, water, housing, food and everything else, in-order, to reduce GHG and Co2 emissions  to prevent climate change, REALLY!  
We have links for Hungary’s Climate Action Plans at the bottom . . .


Read the media’s LIES, below – THIS is what was written under the Photo of Hungary’s NEW KEEP’EM in FENCE – we call that a prison . . .
Illegals who are caught are arrested and dropped off on the Serbian side of the fence. They don’t get a chance to apply for asylum unless they do so at a “transit zone” where they are held in housing containers while their cases get processed, the report said. 

In September 2016, thousands of migrants streamed across the border every day as they made their way north to Austria, Germany and Scandinavia. “It was an invasion,” Laszlo Toroczkai, the mayor of Asotthalom, told the Daily Caller. “Illegal immigration is a crime in a normal country. It’s not a normal thing to break into a country.”  By mid-year it was well beyond 100,000 people who came across”, said Zoltan Kovacs, a spokesman for the Hungarian government. “You should at least have the ability to handle what’s going on.”Kovacs added, “You might not like it, it’s not a nice thing, but… the only way to stop illegal border crossings is [to] first build a fence, man it, equip it, and also, in parallel, build up your capabilities in terms of legal confines, legal circumstances to be able to handle what is coming.”

It’s no surprise the  mainstream U.S. media refuses to report this story  to the American public Can you imagine how support for a Southern border wall would spike?   
Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s pledge to stop illegals from flowing into the country appears to be a spectacular success. 

Skeptics who believe a border wall will not stop illegals from entering the United States may want to look at what’s happening in Hungary. 

On the day its border fence was completed, the influx of illegals entering Hungary went down from 6,353  per day to 870 the next day .
For the remainder of that month, illegal border crossings were steadily below 40 per day,  officials said. 
They don’t even try,” a local border guard told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “We haven’t had a single Muslim migrant in six months.” 

By World Tribune on January 26, 2019

by WorldTribune Staff, May 2, 2017

  Did the World Tribune (above) tell you about Hungary’s Climate Action Plans? 
  1. The first Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan in Hungary …

    Aug 15, 2017 … The Municipality of Sárvár, as a pioneer in Hungary, decided to develop a local Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), and … 
  2. Climate Change Policy in Hungary

    Nov 28, 2011 … For the time being, the consequence of climate change in Hungary could be ….. compiled the Hungarian National Energy Efficiency Action Plan. 
  3. Hungary wants end to coal power by 2030 – Climate Home News

    Nov 20, 2018 … ‘Sky-rocketing’ EU carbon prices could mean Hungary is the first … The Three Seas Inititaive, of which Hungary is a member, plans to host a … 
  4. Climate and Energy Policy in Hungary – MDPI

    Feb 22, 2012 … needs is always a current issue in Hungary, irrespective of climate change …. Adaptation Strategy is being planned, based on regional climate … 
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SEXUAL “Stimulus” 
Viagra Plant Fumes Have Men, Women and Dogs Walking Around Sexually Aroused 
 Insider Comment:

Not ONLY will you read about Ireland with Viagra in the air, but continue

reading you will find out that a Chinese

liquor company in China was adding Viagra in some liquor brands, and

there’s more – continue reading you will

learn that South Korea purchased a massive supply of Viagra.

During a recent journey to Ireland, some of the StopTheCrime.net team

reporters heard about Viagra in the air in the Irish Town of Cork.

This is only one article of many that discloses how the Irish people in this

town were sexually modified into lustful

sexual predators.

We must ask ourselves is Viagra being used in the overhead aerosol

spraying programs and in the water supply in “selected neighborhoods” to

create immorality,

multiple sex partners, sexual disease spreading, increased child trafficking,

sexual abuse, divorces, pedophilia, more rapes,

provocative designer fashions as sex clothes, and a society so preoccupied

with sexual stimulations they are

unable to recognize Viagra and other sexual stimulus as a weapons


This is a quote from one of the articles:

According to the report from 1998, some locals were annoyed by journalists who wrote that the chemical plant made area dogs horny. Others felt less welcoming toward the presence of big manufacturers.

Martin O’Driscoll told the paper at the time, “Next they’ll be making artificial penises in this village,” which was a jab at the artificial limbs made at the Johnson and Johnson plant.

But O’Driscoll also had some concerns about safety too, as he told the publication.

“Pfizer told us what they were pouring into the water was 100 percent safe, but it’s farcical (absurd) to suggest that any chemical company is completely clean.”

RESIDENTS of a tiny Irish village where Viagra is manufactured have complained that fumes from a nearby factory have been giving them a hard time.

Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer have produced the erectile dysfunction drug in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork for the last two decades.

Villagers claim that Ringaskiddy’s proximity to the plant and its “love fumes” has been giving local men – and even their canine friends – enormous sexual powers.

Barmaid Debbie O’Grady told the Sunday Times: “One whiff and you’re stiff. We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free.”

Ms O’Grady’s mother, Sadie, said that living in Ringaskiddy is a blessing for men who suffer “problems in that department”, adding that there is “something in the air”.

The widow added: “I’m a flirtatious woman, a lot of us are. You just have to have a spark, that’s all. There’s a lovely man waiting down the road for me”.

Pfizer said in a statement that the stiff whiff was nothing more than an “amusing” myth, but there were no hard feelings.

“Our manufacturing processes have always been highly sophisticated as well as highly regulated,” they said.

Nevertheless, residents remain scared stiff that something more sinister is going on.

Psychiatric nurse Fiona Toomey, who recently returned to the village after five years in America, said that local dogs “walk around in a state of sexual excitement”.

“I think that Viagra must have got into the water supply,” she said.

“I’m convinced that’s what happened at the very beginning before they were so closely regulated.”



Chinese police are investigating if two distillers in the southwestern region of Guangxi added impotence treatment drug Viagra to their liquor in the latest food-safety scare in China.

The Liuzhou Food and Drug Administration said that it found the Guikun Alcohol Plant and the Deshun Alcohol Plant in Guangxi’s Liuzhou city were putting Sildenafil, more commonly known as Viagra, into three of their baijiu products.

Baijiu is a fiery grain liquor that commands high prices in China.

Law enforcement officers have confiscated 5,357 bottles of the suspected products, 1,124 kg of raw alcohol and a batch of white powder labeled Sildenafil, in a case worth more than 700,000 yuan ($112,726), according to a statement posted by the Liuzhou Food and Drug Administration on its website on Saturday.

The case has been transferred to the police, the statement said.

The products were all marketed as having health-preserving qualities, it said.

Food safety is a chronic problem in China and public anxiety over cases of fake or toxic food often spreads quickly.

In June, state media said Chinese customs have seized around 3 billion yuan ($483 million) worth of smuggled meat, some more than 40 years old and rotting, the latest in a grim series of food safety scares.

In 2013, Chinese police said they broken a crime ring that passed off more than $1 million in rat and small mammal meat as mutton.

($1 = 6.2097 Chinese yuan)



The office of embattled South Korean President Park Geun-hye has confirmed a mass-purchase of Viagra pills, but said the medication was intended to treat altitude sickness for the president and her staff.

An opposition MP originally claimed that Park’s office had bought large quantities of the drug-which is usually associated with treating erectile dysfunction-after which ‘Viagra’ became the most-searched term online in South Korea, Reuters reported Wednesday.

According to opposition MP Kim Sang-hee, the presidency purchased 364 pills in December 2015, including 60 blue Viagra pills and a generic version of the drug.

Park’s spokesman Jung Youn-kuk confirmed the purchase but said that the pills had been purchased to treat altitude sickness for presidential staff during a trip in May to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda-the capital cities of which are all at high altitude.

“We bought them, but they were left unused,” Jung told reporters.

Researchers have previously claimed that Viagra can have a mild impact on treating severe altitude sickness. The drug relaxes blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely, which can counter the effects of high altitude, where the lack of oxygen can cause vessels to constrict, particularly in the lungs.

The issue comes on the back of widespread protests in South Korea calling for Park to step down after allegations that she allowed a close friend, Choi Soon-sil, to influence government affairs.

Park has since publicly apologized for seeking Choi’s counsel, and offered to work with the parliamentary opposition to form a new cabinet, but opposition parties and some members of the government are reportedly preparing to try and impeach her.

Nov 28, 2015 … Viagra maker Pfizer is merging with Botox manufacturer Allergan. They’re just two of the top drugs in the world produced in Ireland. … But pharma companies also have significant production facilities here. … known for the …
Dec 4, 2017 … Irish village where Viagra is made ‘and even dogs walk around with huge hard- ons’ … Cork village of Ringaskiddy, locals claim, thanks to a Viagra plant … Pfizer said, ‘Our manufacturing processes have always been …
Dec 6, 2017 … An Irish town claims that Viagra wafts through the air due to the factory, however … This view from Ringaskiddy looks across Cork Harbour towards Fort Carlisle with Spike … “Our manufacturing processes have always bee …
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WINDOWS that CAUSE ‘FIRES’- Promoted by Green Energy Standards
The window industry has known that the Low-E Energy Efficient Windows have caused fires. 
The industry AND the corporate government agencies have known!
The Department of Energy promotes these windows.
Who would imagine that a green energy code window specification can cause FIRES?
Here’s What Happens:
Sunlight reflected from the metallic oxide coating on the glazed surface of these energy efficient Low-E Windows reflects 
heat that CAN cause ignition – FIRE.  This combustibility is dependent upon which side of the structure the windows are 
located during “direct” sunlight.
The metallic oxide coating is designed to keep the suns heat from entering the home, commercial buildings, etc.  
There are MANY reports from consumers, for YEARS, that have told of their experiences of these windows causing fires. 
Here are some instances, where windows have reflected heat and melted neighbors vinyl house siding, ignited dry brush 
and mulch, set wooden fences on FIRE and burned up parked cars where the reflected window BEAMS hit.
The reflected heat is magnified from the outside glass pane when the pane becomes concaved.
When the Argon Gas leaks out past the seal this creates low pressure within the window.  The absence of the gas between the double pane window allows the outside air pressure to bow the window inward creating a concave shape.
The concaved condition creates an intense focused heat effect from the sunlight which can cause ignition.
The reflected sunlight heat is beamed much like a magnifying glass and at the right distant point the beamed heat can cause ignition and FIRE.  
Focused heat creates the energy to ignite the exterior fuel.
Remember, these Low E windows are supported by the Department of Energy just like the LED Toxic Light Bulbs . . .
TO DATE – Approximately 80% of current window replacement and rebuilding of structure/homes have installed these Low E Energy Efficient Windows.
What we know is these fires caused by these windows is not widely known, and we have no way of estimating how many fires these windows have ALREADY caused.  
Now that you have an understanding of these window “defects” we must spread this far and wide – Because NOW You KNOW . . .
Knowing this will make you a better neighbor!
In order to comply with our “required” reduced energy consumption WE do NOT need to use these fire causing windows.  
Why would anyone, knowingly install these fire causing windows to reduce heat and energy costs?  WHY?
Engineering firms might be able to calculate and achieve the lower energy requirements by offsetting the Low E Windows 
with safe windows and other energy savings such as roof materials, wall thickness, etc. 
The window specification is dependent upon the amount of window area.
Ask about tempered glass on the exterior pane/outside pane which is rigid and less likely to bow.  
Again, windows are specified and dependent upon window size.  In California tempered windows are specified 
in Wildland areas, so we are told! 
Please consult with the window representative in your area.
Note – One solution we noted was to place screens on the outside windows to prevent the heat and magnifying effect.  
A possible problem would be that the screens will impede the view.  Should you sell your home a new owner might 
remove the screens NOT realizing the possible fire effects discussed above.  
We would suggest you DISCLOSE in your sellers disclosure statement what the screens over the windows are fore –
Again we must ask – Why would anyone, knowingly install these fire causing windows to reduce heat and energy costs?
WHY have PLANS, in all our communities, been adopted claiming that lowering consumption of energy will reduce climate change?  
These energy reducing plans have NOTHING to do with us altering the climate.  
Our government agencies actually have adopted plans, they say, will prevent our New Normal of Monster Weather Events. 
These Climate Action and Resilient Plans are worldwide plans to CONtrol all Land, Energy Use, WATER, Increase our costs 
to survive, control and decimate local economies  – 
Low E Energy Efficient Windows HAVE Caused Heat Reflections Creating Ignition and FIRE.
Many cities are and have been HIT with weather weapons (Climate Control) and the rebuilding what was destroyed is now in process across the country, and throughout the world.  
Cities will use code enforcement requiring all existing buildings be retrofitted to meet your cities agreement to “reduce” green house gas emissions (GHG).  
ALL existing buildings that do not comply will ultimately be subject to code violations, fines, penalties  
and potentially red-tagged to ELIMINATE occupancy – unless the green energy code requirements are met.   
Our cities have approved PACE and HERO loan programs that Rockefeller has schemed as a LOAN financing tool for 
energy CODE upgrade retrofitting for OUR properties.  
So far, there have been a number of homes that have been foreclosed upon by the inability to pay these Rockefeller loans.  
These loans are collateralized against the property and supersede the first mortgage, if you have one. 
There is more to understand about the PACE and HERO loans, however, we have given you enough to be aware of 
and YOU need to read and understand the fine print.
A family that lost their home in the TUBBS Fire in Santa Rosa, California, 10/8/2017,  purchased a new home under construction and moved into their replacement home months after they lost their original home, and ALL their belongings, in the TUBBS Fire.  
Sometime after moving into their new home there was a Red Flag Fire Warning in Sonoma County in November of 2018 
Important to note what constitutes a Red Flag Fire Warning – low humidity, high heat and wind.
They had an uncomfortable feeling during the FIRE WARNING and did not leave their house that day.
A neighboring unoccupied house had caught fire!
Upon investigation, behind the unoccupied neighboring house, the mulch and rear yard wooden fence and supports of the 
wooden deck were on fire.  Immediately, they called the fire department and with the help of a nearby neighbor they 
were able to contain the fire with garden hoses until the fire department arrived.  The fire had advanced into the crawl space 
under the deck and fire was under the house.  The fire department pulled off the wood siding and put the fire out.  
It was days later that the Low-E Windows started to create black burn spots on the newly replaced material in that same back yard.
This family almost LOST a second home to FIRE!
This WARNING Serves as a Caution to ALL!
Of interest below is a 2014 article out of London – 
WINDOWS that CAUSE – Car-melting London skyscraper to be permanently cooled down – National |Globalnews.ca


Car-melting London skyscraper to be permanently cooled down   5/14/2014

LONDON – A London skyscraper that drew ire for having a glare so strong it melted nearby cars and shops will get a permanent fix.

The offending tower – known as the Walkie-Talkie for its curved, bulging shape – is to have a sunshade attached to its south-facing facade to stop the concave surface from reflecting sunlight and beaming concentrated rays to a nearby street, developers said Thursday.

The 37-story building made headlines in September when a Jaguar owner who parked his car at its foot complained that the solar glare melted part of the vehicle. Local shopkeepers also said the beams – dubbed “death rays” by the British press – blistered paintwork and burnt a hole in a floor mat during the hottest parts of the day.

Watch below: London skyscraper heats up streets below enough to fry an egg

Developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf had put up a dark netted screen as a temporary measure. They now say they have received permission to erect a permanent sunshade of horizontal aluminum fins, which they say will solve the problem by absorbing and diffusing sunlight.

The sunshade will cover much of the Walkie-Talkie’s southern face, and will inevitably block the Thames views for the tower’s occupants “to a limited extent,” the developers said. But they added:

“The extra texture, detail and reduction in reflectivity will make the building a better neighbour.”

It wasn’t the first time that the skyscraper, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly and officially known as 20 Fenchurch Street, attracted controversy. Even before it was built, UNESCO, the United Nations heritage body, complained that tall buildings like it would negatively impact the historic Tower of London nearby.


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DYING YOUNG: Alarming increase in Millennials 18-34 Getting Strokes

The statistics are rolling in on increasing rates of strokes in younger people.
No one will tell the millennials their fast food diets “equate” to the fast uploads they demand from computers which are impacting their health – both a slow kill.
The USA, Inc. corporate food containing flour, sugar and chemical additives IS intended to cause obesity, sluggishness, foggy thinking, and create disease, shorter life spans, and death.
No one will admit that the millennials were orphaned by parents too busy working to take care of them.  Overly worked parents relied on quick fast food to feed their children and school cafeterias to serve up lunch – a variety of deficient processed foods.
No one will tell millennials that the vaccinations given to them slowly stroked them out with each vaccine they were jabbed with.  Many dead doctors have been sounding the alarm and have paid the price for attempting to expose the medical fraudsters falsifying the vaccine records that the CDC and WHO were promoting.
No one will tell millennials the wireless technologies they use are activating dormant vaccine viruses that cause immune deficiencies and strokes intended to be another slow method of health decline.
We also need to ask how many millennials are targeted individuals?  How many millennials are being shot with directed energy weapons, gang stalked and assassinated?  Stroked out with DEW’s!
How many millennials have wireless phones, lap tops, and sit for hours gaming where cell connections are facilitated with WiFi?  Scientific studies document the damage to human DNA from the wireless world we now live in that has greatly impacted the millennials.
No one will discuss the health effects of the continual aerosol spraying programs (chemtrails) and how we are all dying younger.  Many of the millennials are compromised with weakened immune systems and have been deceived and setup for these health consequences.
The bigger question is WHY are the doctors surprised?  Why are the doctors saying the reasons for these trends are not entirely clear?  REALLY?
The questions are how long are we going to continue to be KILLED by all the assaults of the illegitimate corporate depoplulation agendas of a government that exists in NAME ONLY?
Our government is a network of corporations that has long advanced policies designed to determine the minimum and optimum levels of destruction of Life, Property and Natural Resources.
All of these goals have been incrementally advanced as to not create a crisis in public confidence.
So, why should the increase strokes in millennials ages 18-34 years of age come as an ALARM?
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Harvard’s $39B Endowment Is Secretly Acquiring California’s Water Supply

INSIDER COMMENT and The Rest of The Story:

Harvard is part of the Establishment run directly by the Cabal. This is land theft and creating the illusion that water is being bought up by these schemes.

Of course, we have Primary Water and Harvard is NOT buying up the water in all of California, only on the land they own or are purchasing. Harvard is buying land, and water comes with land.

Again, the idea that Harvard is acquiring California’s water supply would pertain directly to the land they own or are purchasing, and NOT California’s water supply.

This story is to further create the illusion we are running out of water, and to advance the urgency to build MORE sewer/urine waste water treatment plants to poison us through the municipal water delivery systems.

Read more “Harvard’s $39B Endowment Is Secretly Acquiring California’s Water Supply”

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The MANY Methods of Mind Manipulation . . . a Worldwide Operation


A “profane” or materialistic view of telepathy became commonplace after World War II. Just as new mathematical models and theories of physics had been brought to bear on development of the atomic bomb, so too new tools were brought to bear on the human mind.

Just as Cold War scientists raced to design rocket engines and missile technologies that would give their country superiority on the nuclear battlefield, so too did scientists rush to develop ever more complex and thorough models of the human brain. They literally began to see the brain as a mental battlefield.

Implicit within this Cold War race to acquire brain “technology” was the crude assumption that the human mind could be mechanically “modeled” or understood as an artificial construct. The brain began to be viewed as a complex “thinking machine” or computer that could be analyzed, broken into component parts, and back-engineered.

Within this context, telepathy began to be seen as an exotic form of mental radio transmission, only one of many communication functions performed by the mental machine.

Communication per se was nothing new. But technicians became fascinated by the potential to communicate silently and covertly, at a distance. Likewise, telepathy seemed to offer a powerful means to distract and confuse the enemy, to program assassins, or to forcibly extract secret information from an enemy’s mind.

Put bluntly, the Pentagon began to see telepathy as a powerful multi-task weapon. The rush to develop “artificial telepathy” became a top-priority weapons program within the overall race for total mind control. Artificial telepathy cannot be fully understood outside this military context or the historical context of the Cold War. The research and development really did begin as a Cold War weapons program.

The paragraphs below give a brief summary of the history of mind control research during the past 50 years.

Some of the amazing technologies developed during this time may be found at ‘Synthetic Telepathy And The Early Mind Wars‘.

We will examine some of the specific telepathy programs, and the scientists behind them, in future posts.

— M

The following article combines material from several sources, listed under Footnotes.

The majority of information appeared in David Guyatt‘s synopsis of the history and development of mind control weapons, first presented at an ICRC symposium on “The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons”

First Electromagnetic Beam Weapons
The background to the development of anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons can be traced to the early-middle 1940’s and possibly earlier.

Japanese “Death Ray
The earliest extant reference, to my knowledge, was contained in the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific Survey, Military Analysis Division, Volume 63) which reviewed Japanese research and development efforts on a “Death Ray.” Whilst not reaching the stage of practical application, research was considered sufficiently promising to warrant the expenditure of Yen 2 million during the years 1940-1945.

Summarizing the Japanese efforts, allied scientists concluded that a ray apparatus might be developed that could kill unshielded human beings at a distance of 5 to 10 miles. Studies demonstrated that, for example, automobile engines could be stopped by tuned waves as early as 1943. (1)

It is therefore reasonable to suppose that this technique has been available for a great many years

Nazi Experiments in Mind Manipulation
[E]xperiments in behavior modification and mind manipulation have a much more grisly past. Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp conducted involuntary experiments with hypnosis and narco-hypnosis, using the drug mescaline on inmates. Additional research was conducted at Auschwitz, using a range of chemicals including various barbiturates and morphine derivatives. Many of these experiments proved fatal.

Following the conclusion of the war, the U.S. Naval Technical Mission was tasked with obtaining pertinent industrial and scientific material that had been produced by the Third Reich and which may be of benefit to U.S. interests. Following a lengthy report, the Navy instigated Project CHATTER in 1947.

Many of the Nazi scientists and medical doctors who conducted hideous experiments were later recruited by the U.S. Army and worked out of Heidelberg prior to being secretly relocated to the United States under the Project PAPERCLIP program.

Under the leadership of Dr. Hubertus Strughold, 34 ex-Nazi scientists accepted “Paperclip” contracts, authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and were put to work at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:
Electronic implants in brain and teeth
Targeting: Long range Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction
Frequency range: HF – ELF transceiver implants
Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations
Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

First Narco-Hypnosis Programs
By 1953 the CIA, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps were conducting their own narco-hypnosis programs on unwilling victims that included prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethic minorities and those classified as sexual deviants. (2)

[For a fuller account of the Nazi experiments refer to Resonance No 29 November 1995, published by the Bioelectromagnetic Special Interest Group of American Mensa Ltd., and drawn from a series of articles published by the Napa Sentinel, 1991 by Harry Martin and David Caul.]

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:
Drugs, electronics and electroshock
Targeting: Short range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Local production
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of “cyborg” mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Subprojects: Many.
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:
Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB
Targeting: Short range, in person
Frequencies: ELF Modulation
Transmission, and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies
Purpose: Top security personnel debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty
Pseudonym: “Dreamland”

MK-DELTA, 1960, CIA:
Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming
Targeting: Long Range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring.
Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population
Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality, mood swings
Pseudonym: “Deep Sleep”, R.H.I.C.

It was not until the middle or late 1970’s that the American public became aware of a series of hitherto secret programs that had been conducted over the preceding two decades by the military and intelligence community. (3)

Primarily focusing on narco-hypnosis, these extensive covert programs bore the project titles MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH (MK being understood to stand for Mind Kontrol), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and CHATTER.

The principal aim of these and associated programs was the development of a reliable “programmable” assassin. Secondary aims were the development of a method of citizen control. (4)

Dr. Jose Delgado
Particularly relevant was Dr. Jose Delgado’s secret work directed towards the creation of a “psycho-civilized” society by use of a “stimoceiver.” (5)

Delgado’s work was seminal, and his experiments on humans and animals demonstrated that electronic stimulation can excite extreme emotions including rage, lust and fatigue.

In his paper “Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and recording in Completely Free Patients,” Delgado observed that:

“Radio Stimulation on different points in the amygdala and hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep thoughtful concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation (an essential precursor for deep hypnosis), colored visions, and other responses.”

With regard to the “colored visions” citation, it is reasonable to conclude he was referring to hallucinations — an effect that a number of so-called “victims” allude to. (7)

Dr. John C. Lilly
Also of interest is Dr. John C. Lilly (10), who was asked by the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health to brief the CIA, FBI, NSA and military intelligence services on his work using electrodes to stimulate, directly, the pleasure and pain centers of the brain.

Lilly said that he refused the request. However, as stated in his book, he continued to do “useful” work for the national security apparatus.

In terms of timing this is interesting, for these events took place in 1953.

First use of computers to communicate with the brain
As far back as 1969, Delgado predicted the day would soon arrive when a computer would be able to establish two-way radio communication with the brain – an event that first occurred in 1974.

Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a leading military contractor),

“developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind. It correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. Twenty years ago the computer responded with a dot on a TV screen. Nowadays it could be the input to a stimulator (ESB) in advanced stages using radio frequencies.” (8)

Drs. Sharp and Frey develop “Microwave Hearing
Drs. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey experimented with microwaves seeking to transmit spoken words directly into the audio cortex via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibration. Indeed, Frey’s work in this field, dating back to 1960, gave rise to the so called “Frey effect” which is now more commonly referred to as “microwave hearing.” (19)

Within the Pentagon this ability is now known as “Artificial Telepathy.” (20)

[Footnote 20 – Refer to Dr. Robert Becker who has stated “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with “voices” or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin.”

Dr. Ross Adey experiments with EM control of emotional states
In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field.

By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects.

Adey and others have compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates which can affect the mind and nervous system. (21)

Adey induces calcium efflux in brain tissue with low power level fields (a basis for the CIA and military’s “confusion weaponry”) and has done behavioral experiments with radar modulated at electroencephalogram (EEG) rhythms.

He is understandably concerned about environmental exposures within 1 to 30 Hz (cycles per second), either as a low frequency or an amplitude modulation on a microwave or radio frequency, as these can physiologically interact with the brain even at very low power densities.

Dr. Ewen Cameron’s experiments in mental programming
Additional studies, conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron and funded by the CIA, were directed towards erasing memory and imposing new personalities on unwilling patients.

Cameron discovered that electroshock treatment caused amnesia. He set about a program that he called “de-patterning” which had the effect of erasing the memory of selected patients. Further work revealed that subjects could be transformed into a virtual blank machine (Tabula Rasa) and then be re-programmed with a technique which he termed “psychic driving.”

Such was the bitter public outrage, once his work was revealed (as a result of FOIA searches), that Cameron was forced to retire in disgrace.

Operation PANDORA
From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called “Moscow signal” registered at the American Embassy in Moscow.

Initially, there was confusion over whether the signal was an attempt to activate bugging devices or for some other purpose. There was suspicion that the microwave irradiation was being used as a mind control system.

CIA agents asked scientists involved in microwave research whether microwaves beamed at humans from a distance could affect the brain and alter behavior.

Dr. Milton Zarat who undertook to analyze Soviet literature on microwaves for the CIA, wrote:

“For non-thermal irradiations, they believe that the electromagnetic field induced by the microwave environment affects the cell membrane, and this results in an increase of excitability or an increase in the level of excitation of nerve cells.

With repeated or continued exposure, the increased excitability leads to a state of exhaustion of the cells of the cerebral cortex.”

This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of auditory hallucinations.

Despite attempts to render the Pandora program invisible to scrutiny, FOIA filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which confirmed that the program’s initial goal was to “discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could control the mind.”

Cesaro urged that these studies be made “for potential weapons applications.” (12)

EM Mind Control Research Goes Black
Following immense public outcry, Congress forbade further research and demanded that these projects be terminated across the board.

But as former CIA agent Victor Marchetti later revealed, the programs merely became more covert with a high element of “deniability” built in to them, and that CIA claims to the contrary are a cover story. (13)

Despite the fact that many of the aforementioned projects revolved around the use of narcotics and hallucinogens, projects ARTICHOKE, PANDORA and CHATTER clearly demonstrate that “psychoelectronics” were a high priority.

Indeed, author John Marks’ anonymous informant (known humorously as “Deep Trance”) stated that beginning in 1963 mind control research strongly emphasized electronics.

1974: Dr. J.F. Scapitz experiments with remote hypnosis
In 1974, Dr. J. F. Scapitz filed a plan to explore the interaction of radio signals and hypnosis.

He stated that,

“In this investigation it will be shown that the spoken word of the hypnotists may be conveyed by modulate electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain — i.e. without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.”

Schapitz’ work was funded by the DoD. Despite FOIA filings, his work has never been made available. Also it is interesting to note the date of 1974, which almost exactly mirror’s the period when the USSR commenced its own program that resulted in “Acoustic Psycho-correction technology.”]

1976: Soviets use ELF transmissions as mind-control weapon
On July 4, 1976 seven giant transmitters in the Ukraine, powered by the Chernobyl nuclear facility, pumped a 100 megawatt radio frequency at the West, which contained a 10 Hz ELF mind control frequency.

According to a US scientist, Dr Andrija Puharich, MD, the soviet pulses covered the human brain frequencies.

With a Dr Bob Beck, he proved that the Soviet transmissions were a weapon. He found that a 6.65 Hz frequency would cause depression and an 11Hz frequency would cause manic and riotous behavior. Transmissions could indeed entrain the human brain, and thereby induce behavioral modification such that populations can be mind controlled en masse by ELF transmissions.

More importantly, he found that an ELF signal could cause cancer at the flick of a switch. It did this by modifying the function of RNA transference’s so that amino acid sequences are scrambled and produce unnatural proteins.

As further reading, I recommend “Mind Control World Control! By Jim Keith.

1981: Eldon Byrd develops EM devices for riot control
Scientist Eldon Byrd, who worked for the Naval Surface Weapons Office, was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including riot control, clandestine operations and hostage removal. (11)

In the context of a controversy over reproductive hazards to Video Display Terminal (VDT) operators, he wrote of alterations in brain function of animals exposed to low intensity fields.

Offspring of exposed animals,

“exhibited a drastic degradation of intelligence later in life… couldn’t learn easy tasks… indicating a very definite and irreversible damage to the central nervous system of the fetus.”

With VDT operators exposed to weak fields, there have been clusters of miscarriages and birth defects (with evidence of central nervous system damage to the fetus). Byrd also wrote of experiments where behavior of animals was controlled by exposure to weak electromagnetic fields.

“At a certain frequency and power intensity, they could make the animal purr, lay down and roll over.”

Low-frequency sleep induction
From 1980 to 1983 […] Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons project. He conducted most of his research at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md.

“We were looking at electrical activity in the brain and how to influence it,” he says.

Byrd, a specialist in medical engineering and bioeffects, funded small research projects, including a paper on vortex weapons by Obolensky.

He conducted experiments on animals – and even on himself – to see if brain waves would move into sync with waves impinging on them from the outside. (He found that they would, but the effect was short lived.)

By using very low frequency electromagnetic radiation–the waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum–he found he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals.

“We could put animals into a stupor,” he says, by hitting them with these frequencies. “We got chick brains – in vitro – to dump 80 percent of the natural opioids in their brains,” Byrd says.

He even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine.

In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea. “These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable,” says Byrd.

“The effects were nonlethal and reversible. You could disable a person temporarily,” Byrd hypothesizes. “It [would have been] like a stun gun.”

Byrd never tested any of his hardware in the field, and his program, scheduled for four years, apparently was closed down after two, he says.

“The work was really outstanding,” he grumbles. “We would have had a weapon in one year.”

Byrd says he was told his work would be unclassified, “unless it works.” Because it worked, he suspects that the program “went black.”

Other scientists tell similar tales of research on electromagnetic radiation turning top secret once successful results were achieved. There are clues that such work is continuing.

In 1995, the annual meeting of four-star U.S. Air Force generals–called CORONA–reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects. One was called “Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy From Sleeping.” It called for exploring “acoustics,” “microwaves,” and “brain-wave manipulation” to alter sleep patterns.

It was one of only three projects approved for initial investigation.

Location: Montauk, Long Island Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups
Targeting: Medium range
Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated
Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt
Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals
Pseudonym: “Rainbow”, ZAP

Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations
Targeting: Large population groups assembled
Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three
Power: 100,000 watts
Frequency: UHF
Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control
Allied Agencies: FEMA
Pseudonym: “Black Triad” A.E.M.C

Mankind Research Unlimited
An obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Systems Consultants Inc. (SCI), operated a number of classified intelligence, government and Pentagon contracts, specializing in, amongst other things:

“problem solving in the areas of intelligence electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications.” (14)

MRU’s “capability and experience” is divided into four fields. These include “biophysics — Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields,” “Research in Magneto-fluid Dynamics,” “Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics” and “Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms.” The latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography.

Also under research were “Biocybernetics, Psychodynamic Experiments in Telepathy,” “Errors in Human Perception,” “Biologically Generated Fields,” “Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind” (believed to refer to experiments in telepathic mind control), “Behavioral Neuropsychiatry,” “Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States” and “Human Unconscious Behavioral Patterns.”

Employing some old OSS, CIA and military intelligence officers, the company also engages the services of prominent physicians and psychologists including E. Stanton Maxey, Stanley R. Dean Berthold, Eric Schwarz plus many more.

MRU lists in its Company Capabilities “brain and mind control.” (15)

1989 CNN Program on EM Weapons
During 1989 CNN aired a program on electromagnetic weapons and showed a U.S. government document that outlined a contingency plan to use EM weapons against “terrorists.”

Prior to the show a DoD medical engineer sourced a story claiming that in the context of conditioning, microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians.

RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:
Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming
Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node)
Targeting: national population of the United States
Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation
Power: Gigawatts
Implementation: Television and radio communications, the “videodrome” signals
Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control
Pseudonym: “Buzz Saw” E.E.M.C.

TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA:
Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion

Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative

Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF

Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation

Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information

Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression

Pseudonym: “Wedding Bells”

1992: Maj. Edward Dames and Project GRILL-FLAME
Major Edward Dames, formerly with the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency until 1992, was a long-serving member of the highly classified operation GRILL-FLAME, a program that focused on some of the more bizarre possibilities of intelligence gathering and remote interrogation.

Known as “remote viewers,” GRILL-FLAME personnel possessed a marked psychic ability that was put to use “penetrating” designated targets and gathering important intelligence on significant figures.

The program operated with two teams: one working out of the top secret NSA facility at Fort George Meade in Maryland, and the other at SRI. Results are said to have been exemplary.

Following the Oliver North debacle, the Secretary of Defense officially terminated GRILL-FLAME, fearing bad publicity if the program were to become known to the public.

The leading members of the project — including Dames — immediately relocated to the privately owned and newly formed Psi-Tech, and continue their work to this day, operating under government contract.

In the course of his work, Dames was (and remains) close to many the leading figures and proponents anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons, especially those that operate in the neurological field.

During NBC’s “The Other Side” program, Dames stated that “The U.S. Government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people.” He refused to comment further.

The program was broadcast during April 1995.

1993 Report of “Acoustic Psycho-correction
In 1993, Defense News announced that the Russian government was discussing with American counterparts the transfer of technical information and equipment known as “Acoustic Psycho-correction.”

The Russians claimed that this device involves,

“the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions.”

Experts said that demonstrations of this equipment have shown “encouraging” results “after exposure of less than one minute,” and has produced “the ability to alter behavior on willing and unwilling subjects.”

The article goes on to explain that combined “software and hardware associated with the (sic) psycho-correction program could be procured for as little as U.S. $80,000.”

The Russians went on to observe that,

“World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind.”

Acoustic psycho-correction dates back to the mid 1970’s and can be used to “suppress riots, control dissidents, demoralize or disable opposing forces and enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams.” (18)

One U.S. concern in relation to this device was aired by Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington-based think tank established by former CIA deputy director Ray Cline. Morris noted that “Ground troops risk exposure to bone-conducting sound that cannot be offset by earplugs or other protective gear.”

In recent months I met with and discussed Russian research efforts, with a contact who had visited Russia earlier this year. He, in turn, met with a number of Russian scientists who are knowledgeable in this field.

I have few doubts that the Defense News article cited earlier is fundamentally accurate.

1994 Report on “Less Than Lethal” Weapons
The April 1994 issue of Scientific American carried an article entitled “Bang! You’re Alive” which briefly described some of the known arsenal of “Less Than Lethal” weapons presently available.

These include laser rifles and low-frequency infrasound generators powerful enough to trigger nausea or diarrhea.

Steve Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) noted that non-lethal weapons have been linked to “mind control” devices and that three of the most prominent advocates of non-lethality share an interest in psychic phenomena. (23)

It is now the opinion of many that these and related programs have been brought under the banner of non-lethal weapons, otherwise known as “less than lethal,” which are now promulgated in connection with the doctrine of low intensity conflict, a concept for warfare in the 21st century.

It is clear that many of these Pentagon and related LTL programs operate under high classification. Others consider many similar or related “black” programs are funded from the vast resources presently available under the U.S. counter-drug law enforcement policy which has a FY 1995 budget of $13.2 billion. (25)

On 21 July 1994, Defense Secretary William J. Perry issued a memorandum on non-lethal weapons which outlined a tasking priority list for use of these technologies. Second on the list was “crowd control”. Coming in at a poor fifth was “Disable or destroy weapons or weapon development/production processes, including suspected weapons of mass destruction.”

It is therefore clear that non-lethality is fundamentally seen as anti-personnel rather than anti-material.

In July 1996, the Spotlight, a widely circulated right-wing U.S. newspaper, reported that well-placed DoD sources have confirmed a classified Pentagon contract for the development of “high-power electromagnetic generators that interfere with human brain waves.” The article cited the memorandum of understanding dated 1994 between Attorney General Janet Reno, and Defense Secretary William Perry for transfer of LTL weapons to the law enforcement sector.

A budget of under $50 million has been made available for funding associated “black” programs.

Dr. Emery Horvath, a professor of physics at Harvard University, has stated in connection to the generator that interferes with human brain waves that,

“These electronic ‘skull-zappers’ are designed to invade the mind and short circuit its synapses… in the hands of government technicians, it may be used to disorient entire crowds, or to manipulate individuals into self destructive acts. It’s a terrifying weapon.” (26)

In a 1993 U.S. Air Command and Staff College paper entitled Non Lethal Technology and Air Power, authors Maj. Jonathan W. Klaaren (USAF) and Maj.

Ronald S. Mitchell (USAF) outlined selected NLT weapons. These included “Acoustic” (pulsed/attenuated high-intensity sound, infrasound (very low frequency) and Polysound (high volume, distracting) as well as high-power microwaves (HPM) that possessed the ability to deter or incapacitate human beings.

These and other classified weapons are being passed to domestic law enforcement agencies, as shown by the 1995 ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) International Technology Symposium, “Counter-Drug Law Enforcement: Applied Technology for Improved Operational Effectiveness,” which outlined the “Transition of advanced military technologies to the civil law enforcement environment.”

There are some observers who fear that the burgeoning narcotics industry is an ideal “cover” in which to “transit” Non Lethal Technologies to domestic political tasks.

Whether this is merely a misplaced “Orwellian” fear remains to be seen. (27)

Have weapons of this nature been developed and field tested?
Judging from the number of individuals and groups coming forward with complaints of harassment, the answer appears to be “yes.”

Kim Besley, of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, has compiled a fairly extensive catalogue of effects that have resulted from low frequency signals emanating from the U.S. Greenham Common base, apparently targeted at the women protesters.

These include: vertigo, retinal bleeding, burnt face (even at night), nausea, sleep disturbances, palpitations, loss of concentration, loss of memory, disorientation, severe headaches, temporary paralysis, faulty speech co-ordination, irritability and a sense of panic in non-panic situations. Identical and similar effects have been reported elsewhere and appear to be fairly common-place amongst so-called “victims.”

Many of these symptoms have been associated in medical literature with exposure to microwaves and especially through low intensity or non-thermal exposures. (22) These have been reviewed by Dr. Robert Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, and a specialist in EM effects.

His report confirms that the symptoms mirror those he would expect to see had Microwave weapons been deployed.

Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Gakona, Alaska
Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF
Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification
Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range
Step-Down reflective frequencies: Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock

Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Nationwide
Frequencies: Emotional wavelengths, data gathering through helocopter probes following media events – rebroadcast in order to re-stimulate population emotional levels for recreation of event scenarios.
Ref: LE#108, March 1998
Potential: Mass behavior modification
Power: Unknown. Possibly rebroadcast through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, coordinated from NBS in Colorado.

Jack Verona and Project SLEEPING BEAUTY
Current Projects include SLEEPING BEAUTY, directed towards the battlefield use of mind-altering electromagnetic weapons. This project is headed by Jack Verona, a highly placed Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer. Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University is also employed on the project.

Other sources have revealed a project entitled MONARCH which, supposedly, is directed towards the deliberate creation of severe multiple personality disorder. (24)


  • Guyatt, David G. Synopsis prepared for the ICRC Symposium The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons in “Government Mind Control

  • Keeler, Anna “Remote Mind Control Technology” Reprinted from Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History (Portland, OR: Feral House, 1993)

  • Leading Edge International Research Group “Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects”

  • Pasternak, Douglas “Wonder Weapons: The Pentagon’s quest for nonlethal arms is amazing, but is it smart?”

  • U.S. News and World Report, 7 July 1997 in “Government Mind Control

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FIRES RAGE – in The Land Down Under . . . is Queensland Targeted with DEW’s?



FIRES RAGE – in The Land Down Under . . .
is Queensland Targeted with DEW’s?

Climate Change “IS” Weather Control . . . and their plans forewarned of the different weaponized weather attacks that will be used.

The City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan is provided in the link below:

Excerpts from the PLAN:
Risks and impacts addressed
CoM was forewarned that by 2030, the City is likely to be significantly affected by warmer temperatures and heatwaves, lower rainfall, intense storm events and flash flooding1. In addition, four potential extreme event scenarios for the broader Melbourne region required a more comprehensive assessment of these climate change risks: * Less rainfall and more chance of drought
* Extreme heatwaves and bushfires
* Intense rainfall and wind storms
* Sea level rise
Each risk was assessed on a 1 to 5 scale for its likelihood of occurring and the consequences. Critical risks requiring
the most serious management and
monitoring attained a combined rating of 7 or more. All critical risks have been detailed to identify their risk attributes, stakeholders, recommended adaptation measures and next steps.
Immediate impacts of intense rainfall and wind events, heatwaves and droughts

Climate Action Plan – Melborne

Queensland bushfire emergency continues for Deepwater and areas around Mackay, Rockhampton
Residents in parts of central Queensland are again being told to leave immediately as bushfires flare up in Winfield and Captain Creek as well as Broken River west of Mackay.

Key points:

· 120 fires continue to burn across Queensland
· A leave now alert is in place for Stanwell, Kabra, The Caves, Winfield, Captain Creek, Broken Hill, Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek
· Residents need to stay informed regarding fires in Gracemere, Undullah, and Round Hill
· The Campwin Beach and Wamuran fires have been downgraded to advice level
· More than 60 schools are closed around the state
· Follow our main story for full coverage

Here’s the ABC’s Lexy Hamilton-Smith with the latest from emergency management HQ:

They are saying that conditions are extreme, not catastrophic. And the winds are picking up this afternoon which is why we have lot more spot fires at this point. We have spoken with the Fire Brigade, they say the fires yesterday near Gladstone, there were flames up to 20m high, and some residents who look like they have lost a bit of property have said it was like tornado winds, so extremely frightening in that area. So while there is some relief today and round here at headquarters, there are few smiles on people’s faces at this point. They say it is still dangerous and people have to be on extreme alert.

And James Hancock in Gracemere:

People I’ve spoken to describe the terrifying scene as the fire storm approached yesterday. They are counting their blessings today that no properties were damaged. Following on from what Lexy has said, I am outside Gracemere, next to Kabra and the latest advice for the Kabra fire, formerly the Gracemere fire, is for residents to prepare to leave. The latest information is firefighters are battling the fire on several fronts, in the process of putting in firebreaks to protect homes. Some homes are threatened by the fire at Kabra and in surrounding areas. I am outside the Kabra pub where a staging post has been set up by firefighters as they monitor the fire ground and send resources. Water bombers are in the air this afternoon helping firefighters on the ground to try to get on top of the blaze. Certainly it is a changing situation minute by minute and the latest information for the Kabra fire is for residents to prepare to leave with the fire threatening homes.

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