WEATHER ALERT: Message from Santa Barbara County OEM: PREPARE to experience a ‘fast-moving weather event’ . . . and MORE

Message from Santa Barbara County, California (OEM)
Office of Emergency Management 
PREPARE to experience a ‘fast-moving weather event’
Of course we know – 
This is Climate Change Exacerbated by Weather WARFARE
We are Under ATTACK 
Bomb cyclone hits Oregon and California
Note: the False reality of the MEDIA and Local Reporting
Have a Blessed and Grateful – Thanksgiving, to all!
Our thoughts go out to ALL our Brothers and Sisters – throughout the WORLD
From: Santa Barbara County Aware & Prepare Alerts <>
Subject: Message from Santa Barbara County OEM:
Date: November 24, 2019 at 7:51:57 PM PST
Reply-To: Santa Barbara County Aware & Prepare Alerts <>

This is an important message from Santa Barbara County Aware & Prepare Alerts:
Please click here to acknowledge receipt of this message

Southern California Edison (SCE) has notified the public that they are considering turning off power to some areas of southern Santa Barbara County this week due to a fast-moving weather event. Power has not yet been turned off for these areas. The outage may impact an unincorporated area west of Goleta between Gaviota State Park and Jalama Beach County Park as well as parts of Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria. If you live or work in or near this area, you should make preparations for a possible multiple day power outage. Call SCE at 1-800-611-1911 or visit for more info on this potential outage. Additional info:

Southern California Edison (SCE) ha notificado al público que están considerando apagar la electricidad en algunas áreas del condado de Santa Bárbara esta semana. La electricidad no se ha apagado en estas áreas en este momento. El apagón puede afectar un área no incorporada al oeste de Goleta entre Gaviota State Park y Jalama Beach County Park, así como partes de Montecito, Summerland y Carpinteria. Si vive o trabaja en esta área o cerca de ella, debe prepararse para un posible corte de energía de varios días. Llame a SCE al 1-800-611-1911 o visite para obtener más información sobre este posible apagón. Información adicional:

Bomb cyclone hits Oregon and California, setting records and bringing heavy snow, hurricane-force winds – The Washington Post

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High Tech arson in California

New World Order Globalist Cabal Throws
More Fuel On The California Wildfires

Geoengineered California Firestorms Triggered by Deliberate Acts of Pyro-Terrorism (Videos)

State of the Nation

As expected and predicted, the California Fall wildfire season was “exploded” with geoengineering precision and pinpoint arson attacks.

For those uninitiated in the convoluted workings of the complex criminal conspiracy behind these intentional acts of pyro-terrorism, the following exposé provides the necessary background and history.

CA POWER SHUTDOWN: “First they predict the fires, then turn off the power, then start the fires, next they spread the fires….”

Every resident of California ought to be deeply familiar with the well-established dynamic expressed by the preceding post title.  Likewise, every person traveling through the now charred Golden State should know exactly where they are going to and staying vis-à-vis the targeted areas that are being burned down on purpose by this state-sponsored criminal conspiracy.  Your life may depend on it!

Geoengineered Wildfire Season & Arson Proof

Yes, the once great state of California has always experienced its share of destructive wildfires in the form of forest fires, brush fires and grass fires.  However, the last decade has seen a dramatic uptick in both the number and intensity of these devastating conflagrations.

It’s of paramount importance to comprehend that this new trend has been fabricated with highly purposeful design.  And, that the real perps — state-sponsored geoengineers and foreign-controlled globalists — are responsible for both covertly creating the conducive conditions for these wildfires, as well as stealthily starting and spreading them via various arson techniques and technologies.

Let’s face it: when headlines like this (see below) now appear regularly — during California’s two wildfire seasons each and every year now — something is very wrong indeed.

“My House Could Be Burning Right Now”: LA Menaced By Wildfires As 40,000 Ordered To Evacuate

Proof of Arson

What follows is a video of just one wildfire site in Northern California that was just arson-attacked by a fire-triggering DEW*.  Below the video is a screenshot which shows the size of that conflagration relative to the California coastline.

*DEW = Directed Energy Weapon

MASSIVE EXPLOSION Strikes No. California 50 miles wide! (Video)

For a better frame of reference, the following map of Northern California indicates the area of this particular conflagration in Mendocino County (indicated above), which is west of Sacramento and just east of the coastline where it juts out into the Pacific.

Now here’s a close-up of the same explosive fire at the very beginning of the burning phase:

For the proper context of this screenshot frame, please watch this entire video before it’s taken down by YouTube: Infrared Camera Captures Strange Ignition of Massive Kincade CA Fire (Video)

Kincade, CA offers the kind of low-density population locale and type of terrain for wildland fires that the New World Order globalists are dead set on burning out and burning down, respectively.  Here’s why:


In this deliberate way, the real perps are terrorizing the residents with annual firestorms in order to forcefully move them off their ancestral lands, especially throughout the conservative red counties of California.  However, there are also many blue county residents getting burned out as well during the last few years.

This ongoing series of clandestine black operations is all about purposeful and well-planned DERACINATION.

Not only are the governmental and corporate co-conspirators committing a targeted genocide with these false flag attacks (“false flag” because they are incorrectly blamed on Mother Nature and PG&E), they are then stealing the coveted lands wherever, whenever and however they can.

The NWO globalists well know that nothing works so effectively than to scare the residents off their properties via a surreptitious implementation plan of deracination.

“California is using the “Firegeddon” meme to fear-monger,
and terrorize red county residents off their land.  First they
predict the fires, then turn off the power, then start the fires,
next they spread the fires….  Yes, 
there’s much more to this
power shutdown, but that’s 
the gist of it.”

— Intelligence analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

Why else are they burning out so many folks up and down the state?

Because they want them to move out of the U.N. zones (See Agenda 21 link below).

So, while the goal of land theft is almost always the primary purpose behind terrorism throughout the world today, they also want those groups of people to move elsewhere just as they fast-tracked the Syrians right to Europe.  They didn’t human traffic them to another Middle Eastern country, they cynically transplanted them to a totally foreign culture.

Just look at how the same NWO perpetrators have terrorized the Syrian people off their ancestral lands since 2011 just like they did with the Armenian Genocide 100 years earlier in the very same region.

Manufactured Wildfires

Now here’s how they do it!

Here’s how they first geoengineer the most conducive conditions in which to start the ‘wildfires’, and then widely proliferate them with a pyromaniac’s vengeance.

Atmospheric Aluminum via Chemtrails,
HAARP Frequencies,

Weaponized SMART Meters,
Specific EMFs Disseminated from
Cellphone and Microwave Towers,
 Localized 5G EMP, 
Directed Energy Weapons Fired from Drones,
Satellites, Air Force Aircraft, Naval Ships,  

Arsonists Disguised as Firefighters,
Fire-starting Incendiary Devices,

Gross Mismanagement of California Forests,
Overloaded PG&E Power Lines,
and Other Geoengineering and
Weather Modification Techniques
Are All Used 

in a Highly Coordinated Fashion
to Fabricate a Very Conducive
Environment for Isolated Firestorms
to be Triggered and then
Spread like Wildfire
in Targeted Communities
Throughout California

Statewide Crime Scene: “The Carefully Hidden Back Story”

There’s only one way to properly understand the sheer depth and breadth of this yearly scheduled crime wave.  The two major elements of the true narrative include profound corporate criminality and pervasive government corruption.  Both of these have quietly yet considerably contributed to this multi-decade crime spree of geo-terrorism.

KEY POINT: PG&E is conveniently controlled by the Rothschild Banking Family.  This arrangement permits that corporate crime syndicate to control the power generation capacity all over California.  The Rothschilds then use the electrical grid to manipulate the energy markets, as well as utilize the power lines and transformers to trigger fires during the hot and windy seasons, which they have done like clockwork for years.  Yes, PG&E may be bankrupted, but the Rothschild business and personal interests are always shielded from any losses.  Their filed lawsuits will ensure that they are made whole as the Chapter 11 case below indicates. (See: PG&E board was controlled by Rothschild vice chairman until this year)

Let’s be very clear: Such a highly organized scheme to burn down the state of California could only be successfully carried out with the close collaboration of CA state government, the Military-Industrial Complex that has dominated the state for decades, Big Tech and Big Social Media throughout Silicon Valley, as well as Hollywood.

However, there’s also an overwhelming centripetal force at work that quite effectively holds all of these institutional co-conspirators together with great discipline.


In point of fact, there are four interlocking crime syndicates outlined in the following video that exert the necessary muscle which keeps this massive conspiracy from breaking down.  The same muscle maintains the cover-up in ways that would make the New York Mafia, Chicago Mob and New Orleans Cosa Nostra quite envious.

The 4 Interlocking California Crime Families (Video)

But how do these crime syndicates really do it?

They control the money … all the money … with exceedingly heavy-handed measures.

The only way to correctly grasp the degree of total lockdown on the financial side of this enormous black operation is to understand the microcosm of the Pelosi Crime Family.  The following exposé delineates the main points which will inform how these crime families have co-opted all the key players in this ongoing conspiracy to terrorize the state and traumatize its residents.

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

The Other Back Story

There’s another almost inconceivable back story to this unrelenting scheme to burn out the people of California.  The revelations presented in the link below offer an excellent introduction to the underlying purposes of OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA.

California Blackout, Martial Law and 3 Million Californians Targeted for Removal

For those who want to go even deeper down this rabbit hole, the following article gives bigger picture of the global crime scene as well as a peek into the real off-planet perps at the very top of the pyromaniac food chain.

CLIMATEgate: Climate Change Hoax, NWO Cabal and the Archons


What better way to force the people off their multi-generational family-owned lands than to furtively contrive a new normal of biannual power shutdowns?

Who in the world would tolerate the insufferable prospect of having their power shut off for days at a time — twice a year — and right in the middle of a full-blown disaster area when everyone needs their communication technology operating MORE THAN EVER?  See: Here we go again: Power Shutdowns to Paralyze up to a Million of California Residents

If ever there was a mind-boggling psyop, OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA is it.

Not only does such an unprecedented show of force by the state and utilities incapacitate whole cities and counties and even larger areas, this unparalleled psyop sends a poignant and purposeful message: That the people are easily disempowered at will as they are rendered powerless at the flip of a switch. See: Deliberately Disempowering POWER SHUTOFFS the New Normal in California

With just a few more years of implementing these citizen-busting and land-grabbing policies, the mass migrations out of California are guaranteed to greatly increase just as the globalists intended as per Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Just where is this all going?

There are actually two answers.

While the globalists obviously have their nefarious NWO objectives, so, too, does the Higher Power have a divine plan.  Truly, certain eventualities in California’s not-to-distant future ought to compel every resident to consider what that divine plan might be.  Hence, readers, and especially the believers, are strongly encouraged to disseminate this post far and wide.  The lives of many good folks, who are completely unaware of OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA, may depend on this highly censored information.

KEY POINT: Isn’t this just how they do it—Problem~Reaction~Solution?  Not only are these arson fires a great advertisement for the Global Warming hoax, they will also help the globalists sell their fake Green New Deal.   But first they always implement this type of Rothschild-sponsored disaster capitalism so they can generate immense revenue streams in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of these CIA-coordinated black ops.  With headlines like these, they will certainly gain a LOT of traction for their climate change scam: California Faces “Biggest Blackout Ever” As 2.5 Million PG&E Customers May Have No Power For Days.

In closing, it must be pointed out that every once in a great while even the Mainstream Media will somehow get it right like they did with the following and similar headlines.  Notice how often the MSM news reports have the word “explode” in their headlines this wildfire season.  Since when do ‘wildfires’ literally explode with such power and convulsion unless they are actual explosions triggered by DEWs and the like?!  Which means these massive ‘spontaneous combustions’ are purely manmade and designed to burn down the whole place. See: Fires explode across California, from wine country vineyards to Southern California subdivisions.

People, it’s time to take back the state before they really do burn down the biggest agricultural center in the USA.  For once the communists morph it into Kalifornia, it’s technocratic control matrix will quickly spread to the other 49 states; the “Sultans of Silicon Valley” and “Hollywood Moguls” will see to that.

State of the Nation

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SOLAR ALERT SunPower Corporation is Consolidating the Solar Energy Market

SOLAR ALERT SunPower Corporation is Consolidating the Solar Energy Market

SunPower Corporation is Consolidating the Solar 
Energy Market
In the 1990s, SunPower received initial funding from Associate Venture Investors 
Technology Funding and an R&D contract from EPRI 
and (US DOE) – U.S. Department of Energy
Energy from the SUN will not be sustainable due to the 
current solar dimming projects funded by Bill Gates 
and others who are already creating methods of 
massive profits, human enslavement and population 
and listen to our videos which expose 
the Solaren Corporation  
PLANNED POWER OUTAGES will Nudge people to 
install solar and battery backup. The power grid is 
being transitioned, and we are being told different 
energy sources that are more sustainable are 
necessary to save the plant and reduce extreme 
weather events. 
Renewable electric energy sources are:
Wave (Ocean)
We are told we must
reduce green house gas emissions to stop the
increasing weather events due to climate change.
Solar is now required in New Building Construction by 
2020 in many cities 
Solar is a WEAPONized TECH 
the Lithium Ion Batteries explode causing fires 
that are difficult to put out.
SunPower Corporation – Tariffs hit the solar sector and cost of solar imports.  SunPower received an exemption from the government on some of the high efficiency solar imports, and is emerging while other solar companies have been closed down.
In the 1990s, SunPower received initial funding from Associate Venture Investors and Technology Funding and an R&D contract from EPRI and US DOE.
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WATCH OUT – Mental Health Support Teams Are Coming After YOU We will ALL be labeled mentally ill if we do not agree with the illusion


Mental Health Support Teams Are Coming After YOU

We will ALL be labeled mentally ill if we do not agree with the illusion . .

Armed with Grant Money, OUR MONEY, which is increasing city debt obligations, the cities will “hunt” for more revenue. Our pockets will be reached into (pick-pocket-like) for additional taxes. Our cost of living will go sky high and we will require mental treatment for being depressed and unable to survive. We are being asset stripped and if we crack up under the stress of the economic hit teams of the Rothschild Gang we will be restrained by mental health programs for our safety while being exploited and made homeless.

We must be resilient – and if we are not able to handle the continual loss we will be given mental support which will include data tracking, crisis intervention, mobile crisis and intervention teams assisted by law enforcement.

We MUST remain sane in this growing world of insanity or WE will be restrained for our safety!

County Receives $2.145 Million Grant to Support Public Safety Mental Health Co-Response



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FIRE MAKERS Set to Burn Us Up Santa Ana Winds BLOW FIRES to Burn ALL the Way to the OCEAN California Fire Season Starts! 9-16-19

FIRE MAKERS Set to Burn Us Up   
Santa Ana Winds BLOW
FIRES to Burn ALL the Way to the OCEAN  
California Fire Season Starts! 


FIRES are PLANNED “EVERYWHERE” Not Only in California
To Verify You Need to Look at the Climate Action Plan that has ALREADY been adopted in your town.

For More Information go to 

and watch the

Santa Ana Winds Return to California Bringing Wildfire Danger

The Santa Ana winds have returned to California, a signal to the state’s residents that the wildfire season has begun in earnest.
The winds are created by high pressure over Nevada’s Great Basin as cool weather starts to arrive in the Fall. Low pressure systems in warmer California pull them along, and as they flow through the Sierra Nevadas and other ranges, twisting their way through narrow passes and canyons, they heat up, lose moisture and gain speed.
Let’s be clear – this article omits the facts of weather weapons. We are heavily sprayed overhead with fresh accelerants aka geoengineering, aka chemtrails just prior to fires being intentionally set.
The article continues:
Once they hit California, their low humidity and high heat can quickly turn the bushy chaparral into an explosive fuel source. It’s part of the reason that California accounted for 92% of all insured wildfire losses in the U.S. from 2008 to 2018, according to insurer Munich Re. Colorado was second with 3%.
Manipulated weather to induce high wind speeds:
The high winds cause the fires to spread incredibly rapidly,” according to Mark Bove, a natural catastrophe solutions manager at Munich Re. In some cases, he said, they have burned at the equivalent of “one football field per minute,” driven by the wind.
They also “cause more severe types of fire behavior,” Bove said, spurring “fire tornadoes or whirls” where the blazes move speedily from the ground to the tree tops.
In 2018, this behavior helped feed 6,284 fires that destroyed 876,147 acres in the state, while the so-called Camp Fire alone killed 86 people, making it the deadliest wildfire in state history. In response, California has set aside $1 billion for fire-prevention, and set up a $21 billion insurance fund to pay for future blazes sparked by utility company equipment.
Long known as Santa Anna winds in Southern California, similar winds are called “diablos” in northern California. Whatever the name, the winds have haven’t been a good combination with California’s local utilities.
Utilities run by Rothschild LLC and associates.
A series of wind-driven fires sparked by PG&E Corp. equipment forced the utility to seek bankruptcy protection in January. The company said it faced liabilities of $30 billion or more from claims tied to the fires that destroyed tens of thousands of structures and killed more than 100 people.
So far this year, wildfires haven’t done the level of damage seen in previous years. Through Sept. 8, 3,993 fires have burned about 36,683 in the state, substantially below the 271,740 five-year average, according to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection.
But much is at stake: Across California, 240,580 homes remain at extreme risk from fires, according to a new study from CoreLogic, a property data company in Irvine, California.
During the Santa Anas, the hottest temperatures can be right at the ocean,” said Eric Boldt, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Los Angeles. “That is why these fires can burn all the way to the ocean.”

Remember to watch the YouTube video

“Coastlines Under Attack”.
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KILL “LIST” in the United States a Map Is Your Town on the Kill List?

Cumulative Radiation – Veterans Today | Military 

Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine 


I won’t try to kid you with good news lies and made up “fake facts.” Bottom-line, this is way too much radiation for humans to take.

Look at the Table of Poisoned American Cities, Million a Week, January 1, 2018 to August 3, 2019, or 13,920 Hours, Published August 17, 2019, Gamma and Beta CPM by City and State in the USA

Scroll Right and Left with the Arrow Keys. Change Pages at Bottom of Table. There are 10 Pages.

Targeted Individuals by Area – It is the number of Targeted Individuals by Area for the ongoing radiation kill in America.

Are you included in the kill numbers and just don’t know it yet? Look and see!

All nuke power plants leak radiation; the nukes leak on purpose. The Rad cannot be contained; they are built that way. Also, the nuke power plants cannot be sued.

The rich owners think the trade-off for your health and life is worth the money. I do not.

No Agency will tell you this. All physicists know this is true. Their jobs depend on their not telling you. What a world!
 Click on the link above to do a search of your town/city.

Click on the link above to do a search of your town/city.
The nearby Targeted Individuals of US nuclear power plants are 160,876,377 people by the official 2010 US Census. The next official census starts in 2020.

The poor souls live within range of a leaking nuclear power plant and catch radiation poisoning.

All nuke power plants leak radiation; the nukes leak on purpose. The Rad cannot be contained; they are built that way. Also, the nuke power plants cannot be sued.

The rich owners think the trade-off for your health and life is worth the money. I do not.

No Agency will tell you this. All physicists know this is true. Their jobs depend on their not telling you. What a world!

The Individuals in the Targeted Area are exposed to the measured Cumulative Gamma Rad this year and in 2018:
Six billion,
five hundred seven million,
seven hundred sixteen thousand,
four hundred fortyCPM.

Or, 6,507,716,440 CPM [Counts Per Minute so far in 2019 Plus 2018.] All cities on the list are measuring excessive radiation.
YTD is short for Year to Date. It means January 1 of the current year to today. CPM is short for Counts Per Minute; also written here as cpm.

Source RadNet Gamma radiation readings are reported by the Hour throughout the year. Radiation covers the US like a deadly blanket.

That’s 8,760 cpm hourly reports on each city listed in a year. That’s 8,784 cpm hourly reports in a Leap Year.

The Radiation is cumulative so the Total Gamma Radiation continues to increase as long as humans continue to produce the Rads with nuclear power factories and nuclear detonations. One way to measure the Rad became widespread in the States.

That is by measuring, recording and publishing the Total Gamma Radiation at ground level at many locations in the US. Those Rad Numbers are presented here.

Continuing the Gamma Rad Count
Starting the Rad Count over at the first of the year is the convention. That is misleading to non-physicists. I reject that standard start-over practice as Silly.

Combined with another column for the Total Rad Count, it paints a grimmer but more complete reality.

I will not abandon the previous year’s Rad Count on January 1, 2019; but continue the count and also list the 2019 bi-weekly (every two weeks) radiation increase.

You can find your town or city’s Cumulative Rad number since January 1, 2018, by Adding the NEW YTD 2019 GAMMA RAD Count to the 2018 Rad Count.

It is absurd to think that Billions of Rad Counts JUST GO AWAY ON JANUARY 1 EACH YEAR.

Get ready; it will rock your world. It’s just reality, y’know.

Last Week
Weekly increases in radiation are way too high a price to pay in deaths and lost health; in addition to just being the Wrong thing to do. Most politicians say nuclear bombs are good.

Note: Colorado Springs data was WITHHELD for 2006 and 2007, and continues to be WITHHELD by the PTB [Powers that Be].

I wonder what really happened around Colorado Springs in 2006 and 2007, don’t you?

Once emitted from the nuclear power plant, the Rad travels with the wind.

Much of it goes around the world and is detected on the West Coast of the United States.

Nuke Power Plants add to the deadly radiation every minute of every day. There are 525,600 total minutes in 2019.

The Rad measured YTD so far in 2019 Plus 2018.] All cities on the list are measuring excessive radiation.

two billion,
three hundred sixteen million,
two hundred sixty-five thousand,
nine hundred one CPM,

Or, 2,316,265,901 CPM YTD.

Dr. John Gofman, Medical Director of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab famously called that kind of thing “premeditated murder.”

This nuke stuff gets real serious, real quick. It’s a nasty, nasty business.

“This is a Bad situation for all who breathe,” states EU physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa.[5] Now included all cities above the MaxNormalSafeLevel [27] of deadly Gamma Radiation since the beginning of 2018.

Gamma “Rays” unpublished radioactive kin are a disastrous freebie from the PTB [Powers that Be.] A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

Today’s 580-day or 13,920-hour report for January 1, 2018 to August 3, 2019, is another case of Bad news from your RadWeather Report.

I won’t try to kid you with good news lies and made up “fake facts.” Bottom-line, this is way too much radiation for humans to take.

I despise the people-like animals responsible for this worldwide calamity. I will continue the report as long as I am able.

Continue to read and share as long as you are able. Tell your smart friends; the others, not so much; they will not believe you. Above all, be selective.

The Perps knew exactly what they were doing and did it anyway. That’s textbook psychopathic behavior and a whole bucketload of Criminal Acts.

Denial is very strong in Americans; expect it often. Don’t let it get you down; there are millions of folks who know the score on the Rad. Persevere, Find Others. Figure out what to do.

I will measure and characterize our shared demise to the best of my ability. BookMark this article and Sign up for Emails on VeteransToday and my Websites; I’ll keep you advised.

Cell Killers

All cities with RadNet Total Gamma Radiation counters are above the Maximum Safe Gamma Radiation Level.

Their killer attack on your body’s trillions of cells never ceases. It did not used to be that way y’know – back in the day.

There were only four radioactive Isotopes then in existence and their Decay products. They were mostly in the ground.

Today there are 1,946 known radioactive Isotopes in existence in our atmosphere. The known Gamma radioactive Isotopes are measured by RadNet [1] and reported here.

Cell assassins, like Plutonium 239, and its brothers were never around; they did not exist on this Planet.

RadNet has largely stopped reporting radioactive Beta counts. No explanation was given.

What started the whole Rad Counting thing
No mystery there. DC got Zapped. RadNet measured and recorded 7.38 BILLION Beta Radiation Counts in Washington, DC[31] in 2006.

Only a few countries possessed that kind of nuke power for excursions; including the United States of America.

The Perps and/or corporation(s)/country or countries that caused the radiation excursion to occur never have been identified publicly. Speculation varies widely.

Who do you think did it?
Recorded by RadNet, it displayed the real radiation threat to life and limb.

RadNet measures and records Raw Total Gamma Radiation in Counts per Minute and nSv/Hour. Beta Counts are measured and recorded on various occasions.

RadNet started publishing radiation data in 2006. I suspect strongly the nine Nuclear Weapons Labs collected the radiation data for years before 2006.

To date, the Radiation Counts before 2006 are not released to the public.

Max Normal Safe Level

The United States is a very radioactive country now. No cities are below the MaxNormalSafeLevel; all cities are above safe level. This includes cities and towns not on the list.

The raw records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer and a fast Internet connection at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. [1]

RadNet simply presents the raw Total Gamma Radiation data. I process the raw data to a useable form.

Use a fast InterNet connection or run the look-ups as a background task. Either way, you get the data yourself.

Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.
Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

Total Gamma Radiation Colorado Springs 2006 thru 2018: 911,206,330 CPM.
2018 Annual Rad CPM: 84,459,093 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2017 Annual Rad CPM: 84,495,556 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2016 Annual Rad CPM: 85,154,664 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2015 Annual Rad CPM: 81,746,223 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2014 Annual Rad CPM: 77,531,924 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2013 Annual Rad CPM: 84,817,423 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2012 Annual Rad CPM: 85,323,100 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Withheld
2011 Annual Rad CPM: 78,015,071 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 568,266 CPM
2010 Annual Rad CPM: 76,610,646 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 598,878 CPM
2009 Annual Rad CPM: 79,872,468 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 1,278,274 CPM
2008 Annual Rad CPM: 93,502,028 CPM Total Gamma Count, Beta Count: 2,183,901 CPM
2007 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2006 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.

Total Gamma Radiation Portland, Maine 2006 thru 2018: 589,690,089 CPM.
2018 Annual Rad CPM: 78,925,336 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2017 Annual Rad CPM: 70,951,759 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2016 Annual Rad CPM: 25,288,835 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2015 Annual Rad CPM: 69,080,020 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2014 Annual Rad CPM: 70,562,301 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2013 Annual Rad CPM: 69,063,736 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2012 Annual Rad CPM: 71,094,256 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2011 Annual Rad CPM: 69,292,457 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2010 Annual Rad CPM: 72,303,622 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2009 Annual Rad CPM: 62,191,503 CPM Total Gamma Count.
2008 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2007 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2006 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.

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WARNING Home Energy Scores to Rate Home Values and REQUIRE Energy Upgrades Costing Thousands


Home Energy Scores to Rate Home Values 
and REQUIRE Energy Upgrades Costing Thousands 
Everyone will “PAY”
Landlords and ALL Other Property Owners will be forced to retrofit all apartments and buildings

Tenants may find code enforcement will NOT allow occupancy if owners do not have the funds to retrofit as required and tenants could be forced to relocate

Retrofits include and are not limited to:
insulated energy efficient windows,
attic/floor/wall insulation,
eliminate all gas appliances – (additional electrical wiring),
only electric heat and air systems,
electric water heaters,
cool roofs,
wireless smart electric and smart wireless water metering of of all appliances, water faucets, shower heads,
energy saving LED lighting,
wireless thermostats
septic system upgrades or removals,
well water metering (water allocations) and
ALL water run-off from properties into streets and creeks are to be restricted.
Earthquake retrofitting
Energy usage WILL be allocated or NOT consistently available
Increased TAXES
Predatory GREEN Loans for Retrofitting – “Rockefeller” Instigated
Fines and Penalties for Non-Compliance
Increased Forecloses on Property – Property Theft
Neighbor Encouragement to Report on Violations

If your property is considered to be in a flood plain, or in a low lying coastal area, in a fire zone, or other area where climate change destruction is increasing (which is everywhere) you will find it difficult to obtain insurance or worse unable to obtain insurance coverage at all. You will be unable to sell your property. Many people will become climate refugees and forced to relocate, or move into an RV, or tent city as many people are now experiencing – called


STOP Being Manipulated by Politics
“They Have ALREADY Created Policies That ARE In Place
We Have Been Deceived, AGAIN


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EXAMPLE in Portland – Home Energy Score

* Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, home seller’s in Portland, Oregon have been required to get a Home Energy Score, or a HERS home energy rating score.

* Must be completed by licensed Home Energy Assessment contractor prior to listing home for sale

* Intended to help meet Portland’s goal of reducing carbon emissions 40% below 1990 levels and help buyers make more “knowledgeable decisions about the full costs of operating a home.

Any building owner or person who fails, omits, neglects, or refuses to comply with the provisions of this Chapter shall be subject to:

Upon the first violation, the Director may issue a written warning notice to the entity or person, describing the violation and steps required to comply.
If the violation is not remedied within 90 days after issue of written warning notice, the Director may assess a civil penalty of up to $500. For every subsequent 180-day period during which the violation continues, the Director may assess additional civil penalties of up to $500.
What Are You Required To Do With The Energy Score?

Provide a copy of the home energy performance report:

To all licensed real estate agents working on the seller’s behalf;
Have a printed copy available to prospective buyers who visit the home while it is listed publicly for sale; and
To the Director for quality assurance and evaluation of policy compliance; and
Include the Home Energy Performance Score in all real estate listings, including the Home Energy Performance Report

Only the Director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability or his or her authorized representative, designee or agent can exempt a property from the requirements.

Building Exemptions:

Vertically stacked units (condos) Insider Comment: This exemption allows the dense housing – smart city housing and excludes rural/country unsustainable and sprawl
Detached ADU’s
Mobile homes
Buildings used primarily for commercial purposes
Selling Exemptions:

A foreclosure sale,
A trustee’s sale,
A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure sale, or
Any pre-foreclosure sale in which seller has reached an agreement with the mortgage holder to sell the property for an amount less than the amount owed on the mortgage.
Undue Hardship Exemptions

The covered building qualifies for sale at public auction or acquisition by a public agency due to arrears for property taxes,
A court appointed receiver is in control of the covered building due to financial distress,
The senior mortgage on the covered building is subject to a notice of default
The low-income qualified seller demonstrates household income is at or below 60 percent of median household income for the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA Metropolitan Statistical Area

The Home Energy Score Report Contains

The home energy performance score and an explanation of the score;
An estimate of the total annual energy used in the home in retail units of energy, by fuel type;
An estimate of the total annual energy generated by on-site solar electric, wind electric, hydroelectric, and solar water heating systems in retail units of energy, by type of fuel displaced by the generation;
An estimate of the total monthly or annual cost of energy purchased for use in the covered building in dollars, by fuel type, based on the current average annual retail residential energy price of the utility serving the covered building at the time of the report and the average annual energy prices of non-regulated fuels, by fuel type, as provided by the Oregon Department of Energy;
The current average annual utility retail residential energy price in dollars, by fuel type, and the average annual energy prices of non-regulated fuels, by fuel type, provided by the Oregon Department of Energy and used to determine the costs described in this section;
At least one comparison home energy performance score that provides context for the range of possible scores. Examples of comparison homes include, but are not limited to, a similar home with Oregon’s average energy consumption, the same home built to Oregon energy code, and the same home with certain energy efficiency upgrades;
The name of the entity that assigned the home energy performance score and that entity’s Construction Contractors Board license number;
The date the building energy assessment was performed

Q. Does this policy harm vulnerable people, like elders on fixed incomes, who may need to sell a home they have lived in for decades?

A. The cost of getting a home energy score is low ($150-$250). The cost of doing an upgrade to increase the total value and selling price of the home, as well as giving the home a better home energy score, ranges from $5,000-$15,000 on average.

The policy will begin to help the market more correctly value homes by clearly recognizing energy costs as a component of the cost of owning a home. In a down market, homes that have below-average home energy scores may not compare as favorably to similar homes that have better energy scores

Q. Will this policy lead to more demolitions of older homes?

A. No. In analyzing all the scores delivered nationwide to date, the U.S. Department of Energy has found a very weak correlation between home vintage and low home energy scores. This means that smaller, older homes will not necessarily score lower than newer homes. DOE found a much stronger correlation between square footage and low home energy scores. This means that larger homes of any age are likely to score lower than smaller homes.

Q. Will this policy help Portland to reduce carbon emissions?

A. Yes. The City of Austin passed an energy audit report disclosure requirement in 2009. The City found that from 2009 to 2011, about 6 percent of homes undertook home energy retrofits as a result of disclosure. To accelerate consumer action in favor of energy upgrades, the City of Austin moved the time of disclosure earlier in the transaction to better inform consumer decision-making. Berkeley also moved its disclosure requirement earlier in the sale process for a similar reason. Portland has learned lessons from the experience in Austin and Berkeley and is thus specifically requiring disclosure at time of listing to maximize the positive benefits of the policy.

OPower (owned by Oracle) provides utility customers with information about their energy use in context to their neighbor’s energy use, similar to the type of comparison provided by the US DOE Home Energy Score. Evaluations of OPower’s business model have demonstrated reliable and persistent energy savings in the range of 1.5-2.5 percent, simply by providing consumers with information on energy use in comparison to their neighbors.
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FIRES and Utilities 
Using Satellite Technology “in time” for 2019 Fire Season 
Mind-warfare Combined

Yes, IN TIME indeed, IN TIME to start fires by satellite with this absurd cover story.

How much longer will people believe in this New NORMAL OF CLIMATE CHANGE




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