Air Force – DEW’s and Human Effectiveness to Evaluate Human Targets


The Human Effectiveness Directorate (711 HPW/RH), will evaluate the human target effects of DEW when funded by a DEW Program Manager.

2.8.6. The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) is respo ns ib le for co nd uct ing med ica l/ hea lt h e ffe cts co ns ult ing a nd ed uca t io n/tra ining. USAFSAM shall establish, administer, and maintain the DoD Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Injury Hotline and Tri-Service Laser Injury Hotline to provide immediate expert medical advice in the event of an injury or suspected injury to DoD personnel from EMF and lasers. USAFSAM shall establish, administer, and maintain the EMF Overexposure Repository for DoD Components to access, analyze, and use in EMF protection programs.

2.8.7. USAFSAM shall provide 24/7 response and consultative capability to the unit DEW Safety Officer (DEWSO) and DEWSB for DEW health hazard evaluations including, as needed, sample collection, epidemiologic surveillance, and hazard assessment.