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Not so Fast – This “is” NOT TRUE: Italians stop 5G? forward on please


Not so Fast – 

This “is” NOT TRUE:  Italians stop 5G

Question:  Please confirm this 5G Halt in Italy – this has been sent here in the US and considering “who” sent this I do not TRUST the information.
Answer – From the UK:   I do not believe it either, this is Genocide and the Cabal are not going to give up. . We have had a few areas here say the exact same and they already have 5G in the Street furniture.
Banning Huawei is NOT a ban on 5G – lets be very clear . . Other Countries have deployed 5G not using China’s Huawei.  5G “is” being deployed . . . in Italy!

Italian lawmakers push for Huawei 5G ban

  • Intelligence committee report concludes that security concerns over Chinese companies installing next-generation networks are ‘largely grounded’
  • Panel also cites past security vulnerabilities identified in equipment supplied by Huawei in Italy

5G ‘can spy on you’: Critic sensationally claims tech will watch you at home


5G ‘can spy on you’: Critic sensationally claims tech will watch you at home

A vocal 5G critic who makes Youtube videos describing the technology as “weapons” has claimed it can be misused to listen and watch people in their own homes


An inventor has sensationally claimed that 5G technology can be abused to spy on people in their own homes – listening in on conversations and even watching people in the bath.

The state-of-the-art technology could revolutionise the speed of mobile phones when it is eventually rolled out.


But ever since it was announced, conspiracies have emerged of its potential health dangers.

Mark Steele, who makes Youtube conspiracy videos of himself dismantling LED lamps and 5G equipment, believes local councils installing the masts are ignorant to the threat they put people under.

In an interview with Daily Star Online, the patent writer said 5G waves are the same ones used by self-driving cars and therefore street lights fitted with 5G technology are “scanners”.

An inventor has sensationally claimed that 5G technology can be abused to spy on people
An inventor said he is very worried 5G will be abused to spy on people (Image: Getty)

“The street light arrays – it’s all one large array – can all work in conjunction with each other, that’s the purpose of them,” he said.

“And what they do, they scan the environment, if you look at the technicalities, the specifics are for autonomous cars.

“Now to send a collimated signal [a signal that is made as straight as possible] you need to be able to target acquire the car.

“You have to be able to see it.”

Explaining more how he believes microwaves can be abused with 5G, Mark added: “If you’ve got Wi-Fi in your home what actually happens is that you have actually got microwave radiation in the environment and I can scan that environment and any disturbance in those microwaves, I can pick that up and I can actually turn that and a digitalisation of that into voice recognition.

“So not only can I listen to you, I can see you.

“Obviously you’re a biological structure so I can’t see you very well, but I can certainly see an image of you, and I can see in your home.”

Mark – who acts as a technical advisor to anti-5G group saveusnow.org.uk – has also claimed that he is afraid the waves are damaging to human health.

Many mainstream scientists have dismissed the claims of 5G dangers and there is no conclusive proof of cancer-causing radiation from phones.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said there has been no evidence of detrimental effects caused by mobile phones despite studies conducted over two decades.

In 2011, WHO declared mobile phones (which use radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation) as a Class 2B carcinogen, meaning the technology is “possibly linked to cancer” but there is limited evidence in human studies.




FCC announces $9B fund for rural 5G deployment | Smart Cities Dive


Dive Brief:

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans for a $9 billion fund to help carriers deploy 5G wireless service in rural America, which will replace an existing program that supported 4G LTE networks. 
  • The 5G Fund will be distributed through a reverse auction and will target areas with difficult terrain or sparse populations. The FCC will set aside at least $1 billion for projects facilitating precision agriculture. 
  • According to a report released by the FCC this week, the previous Mobility Fund Phase II was marred by inaccurate data provided by carriers. Based on speed tests conducted over nearly 10,000 miles of driving, FCC staff determined that “coverage maps submitted by certain carriers likely overstated each provider’s actual coverage and did not reflect on-the-ground experience in many instances.”

Dive Insight:

Telecoms have charged ahead to deploy 5G in urban areas since the spring, with limited launches in downtown neighborhoods. But rural areas have lagged behind. Because 5G requires installation of small cells to broadcast heavy data, it’s a challenge to install the necessary infrastructure in sparsely populated areas. Despite promises from telecoms that they will target rural areas — Sprint and T-Mobile have made that pledge a key part of their proposed merger — deployment is likely far off.

The federal funding, however, will offer a major inventive and help companies get over the high up-front cost of installing infrastructure and obtaining spectrum. Federal funding from the FCC, the Agriculture Department and other agencies has helped improve rural broadband access. 

Christopher Mitchell, director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, said the funds will help, although he cautioned that rural areas will still not likely see the kind of speeds cities will get. Instead, he said, “you’ll see better services that may be similar to 5G, but it’s really about improved mobile service.”

That, Mitchell added, will require oversight by the FCC, especially after the problems with the 4G deployment. According to the FCC report, participants in the Mobility Fund Phase II, including Verizon, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile, provided data that was “not sufficiently reliable” to justify continuing the program. That meant customers were not getting promised speeds, and the digital divide did not shrink as much as the government had promised it would. 

“This is nothing that came out of the blue, the FCC had ample opportunity to look into this and act on it,” Mitchell said. “They need to be much more stringent and dedicate a focus to proving that claims that are made are followed through.”

WOW – MISINFORMATION at Its Finest . . . 5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People – SGT Report

Satellite Update – 12/2/2019

5G Satellite – Update 
as of 12/1/2019
Current List of Companies Planning 5G Satellites
As of today, the following companies are planning to launch, or are already launching, 5G satellites into low orbit around the Earth:

SpaceX, based in the United States, has plans for 42,000 satellites, has already launched 120, intends to launch 60 at a time twice a month during 2020, and is developing a larger rocket that can launch 120 at a time. As soon as 420 satellites are in orbit, it plans to turn them on. That could be as early as February 2020.

OneWeb, based in the United Kingdom, has plans for 5,260 satellites and intends to launch 30 at a time every three to four weeks beginning in January 2020. As soon as 300 satellites are in orbit, in late 2020, it plans to turn them on.

Telesat, based in Canada, has plans for 512 satellites, and intends to begin service in 2021.

Amazon has plans for 3,236 satellites and intends to begin service as soon as 578 are in orbit.

Facebook has plans for thousands of satellites but has not disclosed its plans to the public.

Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, has plans for 640 satellites, to be deployed between 2022 and 2026.

Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., a Chinese state-owned company, has plans for 156 satellites, to be in place by 2022.

The above companies will broadcast only 5G and will sell user devices that will be mounted on homes and vehicles and will function as small cells. Another company, Lynk, has plans for “several thousand” satellites that will communicate directly with cell phones and will broadcast not only 5G, but also 2G, 3G and 4G. Lynk intends to begin service in 2023.

In addition to these satellite plans, Loon, a subsidiary of Google, has a contract to provide Internet to remote areas of the Amazon rainforest in Peru from stratospheric balloons.

China Already Has Nationwide 5G and Is Developing 6G
Two countries already have nationwide 5G, China and South Korea. And the insanity continues to escalate: China is already developing 6G. On November 7, CNBC reported that 37 universities, research institutes, and enterprises will be involved in developing 6G technology in China. 6G will use even higher frequencies than 5G, and will send even greater tsunamis of data all over this fragile world. And other countries are rushing to compete as well. The University of Oulu in Finland has a 6G research institute. On September 29, 2019, Rohde and Schwarz demonstrated a prototype system operating at 300 GHz at a workshop in Paris. And in the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission is planning to open up frequencies up to 3 THz (3,000 GHz) for research purposes.

Smartphones cause cancer; Big Wireless doesn’t want you to know – The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones

5G smartphones cause cancer
Big Wireless doesn’t want you to know 
The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones
Mind Control by Cell Phone

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THIS IS NOT TRUE – England Town Bans 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns England Town DID NOT Ban 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns – Our towns – YOUR town has No Authority to stop the 5G “Deployment” PLEASE STOP BEING DUPED

THIS IS NOT TRUE – England Town Bans 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns 
England Town DID NOT Ban 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns – 

Read more “THIS IS NOT TRUE – England Town Bans 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns England Town DID NOT Ban 5G Rollout Amidst Growing Health Concerns – Our towns – YOUR town has No Authority to stop the 5G “Deployment” PLEASE STOP BEING DUPED”