Not so Fast – This “is” NOT TRUE: Italians stop 5G? forward on please

Not so Fast – 

This “is” NOT TRUE:  Italians stop 5G

Question:  Please confirm this 5G Halt in Italy – this has been sent here in the US and considering “who” sent this I do not TRUST the information.
Answer – From the UK:   I do not believe it either, this is Genocide and the Cabal are not going to give up. . We have had a few areas here say the exact same and they already have 5G in the Street furniture.
Banning Huawei is NOT a ban on 5G – lets be very clear . . Other Countries have deployed 5G not using China’s Huawei.  5G “is” being deployed . . . in Italy!

Italian lawmakers push for Huawei 5G ban

  • Intelligence committee report concludes that security concerns over Chinese companies installing next-generation networks are ‘largely grounded’
  • Panel also cites past security vulnerabilities identified in equipment supplied by Huawei in Italy