Most people reading this document will be very familiar with the term ‘Targeted Individuals’ or TIs. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with this termTIs are those victims of covert assaults, perpetrated with impunity by government sanctioned criminal gangs who use directed energy weapons (DEWS) to assault their targets, their victims. TIs may or may not be aware that they are being assaulted. For details relating to my own experiences of being a TI, please check this link:

This help guide is intended to help as many TIs as possible to overcome, or at least to alleviate, the suffering that they endure as a result of the assaults. For a help guide, this is a lengthy document, because to explain the various remedies that I have found, I have found it necessary to do so in the context on my own experiences of being a TI. There is however a summary of solutions toward the end of this document. Please note that, being based solely on my own personal experience, this help guide contains details only of remedies that I have found to be effective, based entirely on my own ‘trial and error’ findings, for over six years of being under assault by DEWs. This includes over two years of havingendured life with a brain implant, which was inflicted on me by the criminals, or perpetrators (perps) that plague the lives of all TIs. There may therefore be more effective solutions to block or negate the DEW attacks that I am not aware of, or that I have not been in a position to try out myself. I have to admit that I’ve not been all that efficient in identifying effective solutions, given that my practical skills are rubbish and I know nothing about physics. However, what has worked for me, I would imagine is likely to help most other, if not all other, TI’s, but of course I cannot be certain about this.

It is my great hope that the torture that is endured by every TI will soon stop and that we will all become free to pursue the lives that God intended for us. I hope that this help guide will at least go some small way towards that end. If you know that you are a TI, my first piece of advice is NEVER REPORT THESE CRIMES TO THE POLICE. There is a blanket policy across all police forces to refer anyone reporting assault by directed energy weapons, or of the effects of a brain implant, directly to mental health (where the TI is likely to be forcibly incarcerated). DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR A PSYCHIATRIST.


Even if you are not a TI, suffering through DEWS or gang stalking, but just someone that may be considered a thorn in the side of the establishment, the enemy will probably want to get to you. I have no doubt that they have various ways of ‘bumping people off’. It is prudent therefore for anyone to guard against anyone entering your home while you are out. If perps do get in, they may tamper with your food supply, or toiletries to cause illness or worse. By introducing psychotic drugs into food or drink is a means by which they could try to demonstrate that someone is mentally ill, and thus have them incarcerated. Perps could also leave incriminating evidence. Another reason the enemy may have for gaining entry is to have your house all wired up ready as a torture chamber, to better enabling them to harm you with their DEWs. If you are a TI, however, they are likely to have done this before you even move in.

Securing your house

If you can, get a good security system with cameras.

Needless to say, ensure that your windows are well secured when you are away from your home, or sleeping.

If you live in a house that adjoins another, be sure that there is no way for your neighbours to gain entry through the party wall in the loft.

Although you may have very secure locks to your external doors, I believe that the enemy can easily obtain a copy of any key. Judging by my own experiences and observations, a perpetrator merely needs to take a few discreet images of your key, from a distance, to have sufficient information to copy your key to scale. They may even use CCTV in your street, or the discreet cameras hidden in lampposts etc. To combat this, do not let anyone see your key. Keep your keys in a pouch and carefully unlock or lock your door while the key remains hidden by your pouch. I recommend having a secondary lock inside your door. The most secure type of lock, I believe, is the shuttle lock (the type used to lock shipping containers) and you can get smaller versions of these.

To add this secondary lock, Just fix a handle to your inner door and also one next to the door frame, inside the house. When you go out, thread a secure chain through these handles and fix the chain using your shuttle lock (keeping your key hidden from view at all times). If, when you return, you find that the lock has come off, at least you will know that someone has gained entry. Keep your keys about your person at all times and don’t leave them in a draw or on your desk/table if at work or outanywhere. This may seem over the top, but the enemy works in teams and will stop at nothing when they are out to get someone. There is one thing to note about them though, they will avoid at all costs leaving any evidence, or of being seen by any witnesses.

Protecting yourself at night

If the enemy gains entry to your house, that’s one thing. Although it’s not very nice, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. If they gain access to your person while you are asleep, that is another matter entirely, which can have lasting impacts, or may even spell the end of you there and then. Learn from my mistake and prevent the enemy from ever gaining access to you while you are sleeping. It is very simple to do, just put good bolts onto your front and back doors. If you are not able to do so, then put a bolt on your bedroom door and always remember to bolt your door shut before you go to sleep.


Intimate relationships — sadly these are likely to be sabotaged before they even begin. A word here or there to someone, a rumour, especially reinforced by one or more other creatures will usually but paid to any relationship becoming firmly established. If it does your partner may be manipulated in such as way as to create discord within the relationship. The enemy won’t stop with this interference because they want you alone and vulnerable so that they can freely use you for their experiments as though you were a lab rat (these creatures really do believe that humans that are not of their group are less than beasts).

Friendships — sorry to sound depressing, this is not good either, if you do have a genuine friend the perps will interfere with this friendship, or else someone that you have considered to be a close friend may well turn out to be a perp. If this is the case, than your ‘friend’ will have been manipulating you according to a script. They will report back to their team, where they will receive instructions on the next strategy to manipulate you, against your own interests. So if you notice a pattern, such as a friend getting a bit too much in your head, and seemingly driving you around in circles, which has wasted a lot of your time, then pay close attention them and be on your guard. Even if you have known a friend for a long time, try to objectively consider their impact on your life. These people really do play the long game. You may develop a friendship quickly, perhaps at work, but if it is a perp, they will appear to empathise with you, to really understand where you are coming from. If you are a target then you have probably had a lot of hassle in your life, so there will be an almost irresistible urge to off-load onto someone that appears to understand. If that friend is a perp, then they will understand you so very well, because they will know your life history and your in-depth psychological profile, which will inform them on how to ‘work you’. If that person is a perp, the net result of that ‘friendship’, over the long term, is likely to have served to erode your confidence and leave you feeling inadequate, or a failure etc. and you will do much better without having them in your life. Having said that, it is hard not to be suspicious of everyone when you are a TI, so consider carefully, before dumping someone that may in fact be a genuine friend.

Workplace — if you are a TI then it is likely that anything that could go wrong will go wrong. Your enemies want you to fail, to be denied access to the opportunities commensurate with your talents and abilities. They do not want you to be recognised for who you really are. I actually believe that, to some extent, they do this to all of us, thus creating a skewed version of reality, whereby their kind are made to look a whole lot better and more capable than they actually are.

In the case of TIs, the perps want to exploit your god given talents for their own purposes, and to take credit for them, whilst also being in a position to create a false persona around you, in accordance with the nature of the experiments that they want to use you for and/or how they plan for you to end up — e.g. perhaps as a patsy in a false flag.

In the work place, there are a whole host of ways and means that the perps may employ to sabotage your career, including getting you sacked. I have listed some ways and means to protect your interests at work, which are based solely on my own experience (in an office environment). You need to ensure that none of your colleagues can take the credit for your work and/or undermine or misrepresent you. These examples of ways to ‘cover your back’ may not all be relevant to many people, but I am guessing that they are pretty generic and, although, they are all so very obvious, nonetheless, it is all too easy to neglect the following precautions:

· Consider what all of the risks are, if anyone did want to sabotage your work and have a strategy in place for mitigating each of those risks.

· Keep evidence of your work for your own records — whatever means is at your disposal to secure proof of what you’ve achieved. Of course, this includes archiving of all your emails in case you need them as evidence to demonstrate of everything that you’ve been involved with.

· If you’ve had a meeting with someone, summarise the key points in writing (under the premise of clarification or just to confirm your actions further to that meeting) email relevant parties to obtain their agreement — this is so there can be no room for any ‘funny business’.

· Consider your company’s work logging system, and how comprehensive it is at tracking and logging each employee’s activities. If it is not apparent to you what these systems are or how reports are generated, then find out. If you can, generate reports to ensure these seem accurate and use these facilities to prove a point, wherever you need to.

· Don’t be hesitant to copy in your senior boss relating to something you’ve achieved or that you know you’ve done well.

· If something is not right, start keeping a log of events (it might be best to do this from home). This can also be a good way of getting things off your chest, but you may also need to refer to your log, or even present it in evidence if things escalate. Take care to ensure that you present your own arguments rationally and logically.

· Of course if you are experiencing inappropriate behaviour of any kind, then try to capture audio/video recordings, as well as noting all details in your log.

· Even if you know ‘someone is out to get you’, be mindful of it, but don’t go about the place tense and suspicious of everyone. Try to be as relaxed and as ‘normal’ you can’.

· Resist the urge to off-load onto anyone, or if you do, at least don’t name names. Even if you chat to a trusted colleague, things often ‘slip out’ unintentionally. Don’t give your perps any material that can be used against you, or that can be used to ‘fuel the flames’ between you and other colleague. So try not to grumble at work, but if you need to, talk to someone about it that has no connections with your place of work.

· Beware of the ‘smiling assassin’ — they may well not be the person they appear to be. Beware of letting anyone lean on you, or compensate for their inefficiencies because you think they are a mate etc. They could just be milking you, while undermining you behind your back. Don’t do significantly more than your share and challenge where you need to, but always in a professional, diplomatic and rational manner. Don’t assume that it is safe to confide in someone just because they appear friendly, or on your side. If that person is untrustworthy, or simply just a gossip, you could be giving the enemy material with which to make your work place so much more difficult to endure.

· Not everyone is a perp even if may seem so — it is easy enough for a perp to turn a colleague against you, simply with a rumour or by reporting back something you said, but twisted and out of context. People are sensitive and easily upset and their attitudes to others can be easily changed. Sadly this is just a fact of the human condition and the enemy will use this to the max.

· Never get emotional — if you do, keep a lid on it till you get home. If you get either tearful or angry at work, this is the material that the enemy will use against you, to portray you as: weak; easily stressed; not up to the job; irrational; or even nuts.

· Try to always come across as affable, professional and rational. If you need to raise an issue then do so assertively and professionally.

· Get some perspective — if you hate your job then focus on the aspects that you most enjoy, or see if there are any ways to initiate changes that would make life more bearable at work. Also focus on what makes you happy, whether your family or hobbies and try to make sure that you have something to look forward to.

· Have a contingency — consider other options such as: whether you can afford to go part time; whether your skills could provide you with other opportunities, such as self employment; whether you are in a position to change your lifestyle, by reducing your costs etc.

· If you are unfairly dismissed — even in this world of utter madness, there is still such a thing as work tribunals, so use whatever means is available to you to fight for your rights.

Self employment

Again the traps that the enemy may set that I briefly allude to are just those taken from my own experience and there are of course many more to watch out for. These are all very obvious, but nonetheless it is worth taking care not to fall into the following ‘elephant traps’:

· If you looking to become self employed, I would say don’t bother searching for a readymade business opportunity — this is probably a waste of time. You need to create your own opportunity, if you have specific skills with which to create a viable business.

· Have relevant insurance and legal cover to mitigate the worst case scenarios.

· Take the time to have appropriate terms and conditions in place, listing all necessary disclaimers etc.

· Beware of anyone else becoming involved in your self-employment. As far as possible don’t rely on, or lean on anyone too much just because they are already established. A perp could be a business associate with which you believe that you have mutual business arrangement (a loose alliance). If they are a perp they will probably want to get into the nitty gritty of what you are doing and/or persuade you to fit in with their business model. Even if you’ve got clients from them, this may be just to ‘hook you in’.

· Beware of anyone giving you business advice. If it is a perp it will be bad advice, or someone that discusses an issue from one angle, but another time will look at it from the opposite angle i.e. driving you around in circles to waste your time and to build in confusion.

· Don’t let anyone else sort out the hosting of your email accounts — they could be sabotaging your business opportunities by deleting important emails etc.

· Make sure that you don’t work for bad payers. Minimise the risk of this by insisting on being paid weekly as opposed to monthly, or in stage payments etc.

· Of course, keep all records of your all of your work related communications.

· Where feasible, keep your business clients separate so that, ideally, they do not know one another — that way there is less opportunity for a client that is a perp to slip in some discrediting misinformation about you to another one of your clients. Don’t tell your clients who your other clients are, as far as is practicable.

· Don’t spend your resources, nor your time and energy, to cater for merely the promise of impending work.

· If possible, avoid doing any commission only based work.

Local community

Be friendly with neighbours etc, but avoid letting them into your home. If you do need to for any reason, keep an eye on them at all times. If you are a TI at least some of your surrounding neighbours are likely to be perps. As in the work place, perps will be looking to discredit you within your local community, with rumours, gossip etc. Make a point of saying hello or chatting with the people that you bump into in your neighbourhood, but otherwise keep yourself to yourself. If they see that you are a decent person and know a bit about you then there is less scope for false information to be circulated. Take time to chat to people on local shops, if they are open to talk, and have bit of chit chat or banter where you can. You will need some human interaction after all, plus the fact then when people become familiar with you in your community, again, there is less scope for anyone to portray you in a false light.


This has not been much of an avert feature, in my case. There have been people that have appeared to have been following me, or staring etc, also I often see people hanging about on my path to somewhere, for no apparent reason. This may be nothing, or it could be an ambush of some kind. If you feel that there is something wrong, then there probably is — trust your instincts. Before proceeding, gather your thoughts, maybe pretend to look in a shop window or look like you are stopping to check a text message etc while you decide what to do next. Perhaps you could simply change direction, and go on an alternative route, or wait a couple of minutes to further check out the odd looking behaviour. If I see a stranger seeming to recognise me and then immediately use their phone, I will think twice about proceeding in that direction.

If someone hurls insults etc at you in the street, try to just walk on an ignore it — they could be baiting you to draw you into a conflict situation. Then you might just get rude behaviour or someone or a group of people just staring at you — stare back — perhaps say something like “can I help you”, or even go over to them and ask for the time or something, but don’t be intimidated by them. One thing again, about the TI program, the perps will not touch you (at least where there are people around — witnesses). They do not take risks. Just don’t get into an argument or debacle with them.

Seeming coincidences may be put on for the TI to witness. I think that this is designed to sensitise TIs to certain stimuli, or to make them feel paranoid. This is the effect that the perps want to achieve, to make TIs fearful and to start questioning their own sanity. In my case I notice cars driving past me just at that precise moment that I’m intending to cross the road. This coincidence happens over and over, even when I’m in a place that is otherwise deserted, a car will be there just to keep me waiting to cross the road, when there may me not another soul around. It is quite annoying and it is probably relating to my targeting, but I don’t pay much heed to it. What is really annoying is the amount of tax payers’ money that these idiots are probably wasting to play these kinds of daft games. So if 5 consecutive people walk past you wearing a red hat or something like that, they’ve probably all been just paid a tenner each to do so, so think no more of it.

You may however be confronted with real danger signs. For example, on one occasion, my next door perps (son and mother team) followed me into a shop and were whispering together in something of an agitated manner. It was obvious to me that they were up to something, to set me up in some way. I left the shop and they followed me out, so instead of continuing I slipped into a coffee shop. If they had followed me in there, it would have been apparent that they had been following me and not the other way around. I would also say to be mindful of not getting yourself nabbed by the enemy while you’re out and about. For example, don’t walk on the inside of a parked van (where you could be dragged in) and take special care if there are few or no people around.

Many TI’s report acute levels of gangstalking, street theatre and general harassment wherever they go. This has not been a feature of my targeting, so I am not in a position to offer much in the way of advice. As mentioned above, the perps are highly unlikely become violent towards you, but they will be attempting to provoke you into getting angry, even to the point of violence, so never take the bait. Just try your best to block them out and concentrate on whatever it is you have to do. However, do take video recordings of your perps if you can. Body cameras are ideal for this. Try also to maintain a daily log of all of the details of the harassment that you’ve been subjected to. One day we may all obtain justice, but, in the meantime, as already mentioned, DO NOT REPORT THESE CRIMES TO THE POLICE and DO NOT BE PROVOKED INTO CONFRONTATION.


Most TIs have probably been implanted with some form of chip and as a result are likely to be regularly tortured, although the degree and nature of torture may vary. I believe that the purpose of the torture is to render the TI extremely vulnerable and unable to hold down work, so as to impoverish them and/or get them into the health care system, where they are likely to be further harmed.

I am not certain whether it is the properties within the implants that cause the pain, or whether the implants merely serve as tracking points to enable the targeting of microwave frequencies to the TI, so that pain will result. Implants are minute and can be injected using a syringe, to be lodged permanently in given locations of the TI’s body. Implants to the head can be easily implanted by a dentist as he injects a solution into the gum tissues. The upper gums of course are very close in proximity to the brain and temples. Immense pain can result in having these implants and, in my view, could even kill; such can be the intensity of pain. I believe that the pain is the result of interference, by microwave frequencies, of blood flow. So if you are tortured with pain to the head, then (it is my belief) parts of the brain become partially oxygen starved during an assault.

To determine whether the pain one experiences is being induced

It is likely that the majority of people that are being tortured with directed energy weapons are not aware of the cause of their suffering. Indeed, they may not have even heard of directed energy weapons. The more people that become aware of this phenomena therefore, the more victims will have the opportunity to take the necessary actions to save their lives.

If you, or someone that you know, experiences regular occurrences of pain, or becomes suddenly ill, try shielding the affected area of the body with metal to see if this lessons, or stops, the pain. If this makes any noticeable difference in reducing the pain, then it is clear that the pain is being induced by DEWs.

I would just like to take the opportunity here to point out the issues on targeted individuals

I would just like to take the opportunity here to point out the issues on targeted individuals, as I am one. I reported my case to Eric Karlstrom who published my account on his website –  here is the link:

Statement of British TI, Helen Gurney

I have since continued to have great distress by the sexual assaults, inflicted by perpetrators vibrating my body via directed energy weapons.
I have mitigated this to a large extent with shielding, but things have stepped up and the assaults have again become extremely acute. This is the most disgusting, vile and obscene thing to do to anyone.
Nonetheless, the perpetrators are determined to inflict this sickness onto me, as it is clearly a key component of the whole program. I fear this criminal enterprise plans to use this sick method to assault anyone in the future, as a
means of behavioural conditioning. This of course is ideal for the sex slave industry! What is coming if we cant stop it is beyond evil, beyond obscene.

Thank you again for all your work.

Best regards,

Helen Gurney

Please Listen to Ian Crane’s Message from the UK – NOW

Please listen to Ian Crane’s message in the link below – Ian stands tall and strong in spirit in-spite of his circumstances – and tells US what to do going forward in the times we find ourselves living in.



He had three operations over Easter and was not expected to survive; please read what he has written and the letter from Brian to which he replied.


If you know of any of his followers/supporters in the US perhaps you could forward this info onto them?


I think the £20K goal was quite modest in terms of the seriousness of his condition, and in reality he will need all the funding we can get; as always, Ian is putting others before himself with the desire to set up a Trust!  But many of us would like to see HIM well first!!



With very best wishes and many thanks,



Jean Marie Pike




Rest of the email click the link below


EMF Updates from Ireland

Ladies and Gentleman,


The Public-Private Partnership (read Fascist) relationship between private enterprise and the unelected European Commission is yet another instance of government supporting industry at the expense of the public. The effect of electromagnetic pollution on the public is ignored.

This latest initiative stems from the 5G Action Plan for Europe (5GAP), which  “calls for actions to achieve uninterrupted 5G coverage in all urban areas and along all main transport paths across Europe by 2025.”

Not only will there be no escape for most Europeans, plans involve the provision of digital services to vehicles. Naturally, this technology is a system for tracking vehicles including cars, trucks and even boats on inland waterways.

For an unelected governmental body to support this technology is authoritarian and certainly not democratic. There was no plebiscite, public vote or referendum. It is a control system that is being imposed without regard to the health impacts on human beings or animals.

This technology, when married to the iPhone, becomes a tool to match car and driver wirelessly with pinpoint accuracy. (See article below.)

Much to their credit, two Euro MP’s are questioning the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. In the link posted below from Giorgio Cinciripini of Retenoelettrosmogitalia in Italy, he notes that debate in Europe has been “hijacked” by corporate interests. This indicates that 703 MPs are unwilling to confront industry and the European Commission itself on the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation.

It is yet another example of the cowardice and / or lack of concern of officials elected to represent the voting public.

The irony is that EU representatives work from offices shielded from 5G by a moratorium on its deployment in Brussels.

Please circulate widely.

Kind regards,

John Weigel




Updates from Ireland 63 pages

Dees // UPDATE March 27, 20

Here is the new virus art …. the world is in a pandemic, or, so it appears, are we convinced?…


Health condition UPDATE ; March 26, 2020

i am surviving this cancer thing, although been through some tough days this week, Just to sum up my condition the doctors diagnosed me with melanoma cancer lesions on my liver, lungs, spleen, adrenal glands and growing inside the vertebrae lower spine causing severe sciatic nerve pain, numb hip and right leg that could lead to paralysis if not stopped. And they suspect also brain tumors, but have not seen the MRI scan of my head they took last week. Seems i have a full plate of health concerns would you not agree?

My treatments are having a halting effect on the growth of the lesions, simply by observing that the 3 inch inflamed welt on my back that the doctors biopsied is now half that size and flattened out. Nice huh? The dozen nodule poking under my skin of my chest and neck and arms have all reduced considerably too.

Long hours of Rife frequency therapy overnights, RSO cannabis oil, ozonated water, fenbendazole dog dewormer, baking soda and lemon, B17, turkey tail mushrooms, allicin C, carnivora, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, black seed oil, and on and on. But i credit the Wim Hof deep breathing method and super cold showers everyday for the last 17 days to my recovery, as disease cannot live in a highly alkaline system, it needs acidity to thrive. Pounding in the oxygen in hours long deep breathing daily has flooded my brain and lungs with powerful healing oxygen, and it changes my physiology, rebooting my immune system. Yes all this breathing and cold water is way outside of my comfort zone, but i am so uncomfortable in the pain level that pushing myself into a cold shower is a very nice distraction.

Strict diet of no sugar or carbs, lots of greens and veggies, no fruit sugar, a gallon of distilled water a day, etc.

Had a deep tissue therapy massage this week that moved major tissue flows on my spine, back and hip deep down, and actually i kept asking my tormentor to ease off and just give a soothing massage, seems he could not do that and kept digging and pushing the back muscles harder than i thought i could bare. Afterwards i knew crazy stuff was stirred up and dumped into my bloodstream as i lost consciousness in bed for a long time with a severe healing reaction, so painful, no way to lay in bed to find comfort, torturous!!! The pain pills dont even touch this level. The fact i finally can even focus enough to write this to you after my 24 hours of detox healing reactions is shocking, i was comatose, and when i did wake i was so miserable feeling i was certain i would never be able to walk again.

Such a massing healing reaction feels like you will never escape,

BUT… then only a couple hours ago after bathroom and suddenly i brightened up and could stand up without too much pain, my body finally started to work somewhat. Felt like i rose from the dead.

But with several tumors grown inside my vertebrae swelling and pushing on the nerve center of my spine it is causing severe flaming sciatic nerve pains in my hip, leg, and now my right hand. Nothing like getting stabbed by your own leg. Massage is pushing the toxins around, washed out and flowing again, massage was very heaing, and that is great news as the radiation oncologist scared me pretty good when he said that if i dont stop the progress of the tumor in my spine that it will cause my feet to become paralyzed, and after the massage my right leg too painful and numb to use at times. You just cannot imagine being crippled, and here i am experiencing it now, what i trap to be caught in.

My advise to everyone is when you see black mole that looks scary, get it biopsied and get an MRI scan to see if it has spread, otherwise you will sit and let it spread everywhere like did. My whole reasoning was that i would never take their treatments so why get it diagnosed? Boy was i wrong, so be sure to get their diagnosis, and refuse their chemo, radiation, surgeries and immunotherapy, and use alternative treatments.

If you have any suggestions to add to my treatment list please send that, i am always adding and ordering a lot of what you have suggested.

If you can donate to my health ascension and my massage therapy i surely need that if it easy for you, throw me 20 bucks, adds up, and really does keeps my lights on, i just paid 400 on my power last month, and i am about to pay a 500 dollar overdue power bill this week. Send to David Dees, PO BOX 3292, Ashland, OR 97520 or donate PayPal at, (friends and family option) And please buy my art books at as all money goes only to me, this is the only place you can purchase my highly collectible volumes of activist art, no where else. Your support helps keep me on this physical realm like never before, and i want to stick around and see what happens next to this lovely world changing into a pandemic world order.

But, I know i am on the right path with my alt healing methods, dont worry about me. Love your letters of inspiration and harrowing stories of your health concerns, i really joined the elite club of ailments, but then, when you lose your health you lose it all. Thank you and please know the encouragement i feel in talking with you.




Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program

Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program – Silent Holocaust PDF


Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program
Silent Holocaust
Whistleblower Testimony
By Builder Rejected ~~ October 14, 2017
Excerpts from live interview with private security ex-employee describing gang stalking, electronic harassment and mind control tactics.
(Name redacted by request)


Read more “Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program”

TARGETED: What is going on with abusive psychiatry today?

 What is going on with abusive psychiatry today?TRAPPED BY CORRUPT PSYCHIATRY!January 2020  From: Angela Budd Hello my name is Angela, I am a 49 year old christian woman located in The Miramaci New Brunswick canada area, how ever i was residing in British columbia for quite a number of years until May 2017, I thought that i would explain my story that has been going on now for nearly 17 years, I want to see ifDeborah taverse can help me to stop the crime that has been happening to me or at least get some body who can and will help me! My story goes back to the year of 2003 when i was residing in the British columbia surrey area of Canada! I was in a new area of Surrey B,C. and i was going to join a new church group, When all of a sudden i was unlawfully detained by a very corrupt governmental agency known as Frasier Health Authority Located at 11th Floor Station Tower 9Gateway station) 13401- 108th Ave Surrey B.C CANADA V3T- 5T3 to make a very long story short i was held against my will by psyciatry for my christian religouse beliefs I was kidnapped by FRasier health authority psyciatry and they will not let me go to make matters even worse i must tell you that i was and have been being very badly abused, to torturouse states and lied about ( character assination) is what you would call it and psyciatry made up untrue stories about me to be able to unlawfully and unfairly detain me further they lied about me having a mental illness and said that i had schizophrenia when i do not have any mental problems at all as well as my behaviour is perfectly calm and loving and very normal! and my church friends that know me will tell people that, i was held and i was also surgically raped and injured purposly by the OBGYN that FRasier health authority forced me to go and see! They have injured my uterus so that i can not hold a pregnancy in or get a baby out of me without a doctors help! this is surgical rape and an attempt to sterilize me against my will! i was made impoverished as they got and had complete control over me ( my person) they controlled my bank accounts my money and they also sat on my name date of birth as well as place of birth and my social insurance number they were moving me around against my will ( which is legal definition for kidnapp) and they were interfering with my employment as well as employers i got into college a few years back as i am very intelligent i got up the funding myself and i did the work and i made better grades i was told than the people already in college there i was doing very well in college i had make up on new clothes as well as new books and i was making good grades and not missing any classes and when the psyciatrist who liked to control everything about me found out that i had funding and he saw the new clothes and books he was not happy for me at all instead he purposly had my college funding as well as my college education shut down on me! ( PLEASE. NOTE: that when i was in B.C i am an intelligent woman and psyciatry did not like that very much as they were controlling everything about me they (FRASIER HEALTH AUTHORITY) had kept me impoverished, abused, locked up in cold cruel cells and when i was in public i was so impoverished that i could not even afford to buy myself a small coffee at the local mcdonald’s restauraunt! I made several complaints to the Surrey R.C.M.P. about FRASIER HEALTH AUTHORITY and the R.C.M.P. told me that they would get back to me however they acted like they had not received any reports from me and they did not step in to protect me from the psyciatric abuse i was being transported to the Surrey memorial hospital located at 96 AVE. and KING GEORGE HIGWAY IN THE SURREY B.C. AREA FRASIER HEALTH AUTHORITY IN SURREY B.C are a very corrupt governmental agency that should be closed down i was so badly abused by them that in the summer of 2016 i was litterally on my death bed i was vommiting large quantities of bright red blood as well as i was told that my kidney’s were shutting down and that the doctor said that i might need dialysis i was very sick because of psyciatry was poisioning me by over dosing me with several kinds of very harmful dangerouse psyciatric drugs PLEASE ALSO NOTE: that they were forcing the drugs into me by injections against my will they even were forcing me to see a doctor a general practioner every week to every 2 weeks when i was first detained by them i was not sick then and i was being forced against my will to go to these so called check ups were the doctor always was checking me for christian pregnancies and she would every week try to examine my vaginal area as well as give me full physicals as well as breast exams and asking me very personal questions which was none of her buisness like what boys i was interested in in the community etc! PLEASE NOTE: that i am a full grown intelligent woman that know when i need to go see a doctor and i am quite capable of choosing my own family doctor and also this was medicalized rapes as i do not need vaginal exams nor full physicals nor breast exams every 1 to 2 weeks!FRASIER HEALTH AUTHORITY was also coming into my home againstmy will and they were playing a very unfair, scarry, abusive, corrupt governmental system against me ! PLEASE ALSO NOTE: that they did and have been doing all this to me and i have not even been to court once they just pulled me out of a church in canada under false pretensis of the mental health act and raped tortured abused me and held me controlling everything about me against my will PLEASE NOTE: that i have not commited any crimes nor have i broken any laws THE CRIMES ARE BEING COMMITED BY PSYCIATRY AND THEY ARE DETAINING OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE AS WELL AND DRUGGING THEM AND TORTORING THEM ALL BECAUSE OF OUR RELIGOUSE OR POLITICAL BELIEFS! please see on internet cchr international videos about psyciatric abuse one video is called CCHR INTERNATIONAL VIDEO :WHAT WE BELIEVE” also see CCHR INTERNATIONAL VIDEOS ON PSYCIATRIC ABUSE AND CRIMES i have made psyciatric abuse reports with CCHR INTERNATIONAL but all they can do is document the abuse i need urgent help to get a lawyer in my area who can practice this type of law in the new brunswick area as well as in the BRITISH COLUMBIA area also in MAY 2017 I had taken all the persecution, medicalized rapes,torture and the unfair detainment i had taken all i could take from FRASier health authority and i walked out of the Surrey BRitish columbia area and for the first time in my life found myself having to hitch hike my way back to were i was originally from miramichi new brunswick area, I only hitch hiked because FRSIER HEALTH AUTHORITY HAD ME COMPLETELY IMPOVERISED AND THEY WERE AND STILL ARE VICTIMIZING ME THEY HAD THE R.C.M.P. FOLLOW MY ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND JUST WHEN I MADE IT BACK TO MY HOME TOWN THE LOCAL R.C.M.P. TREATED ME LIKE A CRIMINAL AND GRABBED ME AND I SAID TO THE VERY CORRUPT OFFICER : I HAVE NOT COMMITED ANY CRIMES NOR AM I A DANGER TO OTHER”S OR MYSELF WHY ARE YOU TREATING ME LIKE A CRIMINAL LIKE I DID SOMRTHING WRONG WHEN IT IS YOU WHO ARE IN THE WRONG?” SHE GAVE ME NO ANSWER BUT BROUGHT ME INTO PSYCIATRY AGAIN WERE I AM STILL BEING UNFAIRLY DETAINED AGINST MY WILL AND THEY PSYCIATRY IS LYING ABOUT ME AGAIN AS WELL AS ABUSING ME AGAIN AND THEY ARE INJECTING ME LIKE A LAB RAT OR GUINE PIG IT SEEMS LIKE THEY ARE TESTING DRUGS ON THE PUBLIC AGAINST OUR WILL AND I HAVE BEEN HAVING MY HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSED AS WELL AS MY WOMEN;S RIGHTS ABUSED AS WELL AS MY RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND RELIGOUSE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ABUSED I HAVE BEEN BEING HELD AND ABUSED AND THREATENED BY PSYCIATRY AND I HAVE DONE ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG THIS IS CHRISTIAN CRUELTY AND PERSECUTION PLEASE SEE THE LEGAL DEFINITON OF PERSECUTION IT IS SOM GROUP TREATING AN INDIVIDUAL OR ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE KEEPING THEM IN FEAR FOR THERE LIVES AS WELL AS IMPRISSONMENT UNFAIR UNLAWFUL DETAINMENT USUALLY BECAUSE OF RELIGOUSE BELIEFS AS WELL AS KEEPING THAT INDIVIDUAL IN PAIN FEAR AND TORTURE! I HAVE BEEN BEING HELD NOW AGAINST MY WILL AND ABUSED GOING NOW ON SEVENTEEN YEARS PLEASE NOTE” THAT I HAVE 1 SON WHO IS NOW 28 YEARS OF AGE AND I HAVE ALSO BEEN SEPERATED FROM HIM AND I HAVEN’T SEEN HIM IN 3 YEARS NOW AND I LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM VERY MUCH! SO CAN YOU PLEASE HELP FREE ME FROM MY NIGHTMARE?PSYCIATRY HAS LIED ABOUT ME ABUSED AND TORTURED ME MAIMED ME INJURED ME AS WELL AS FINANCIALLY IMPOVERISHED ME I HAVE NOT COMMITED ANY CRIMES NOR HAVE I DONE ANYTHING WRONG TO DESERVE THIS ABUSE DETAINMENT SEPERATION FROM MY CHILD NOR AM I A DANGER TO ANY ONE HOWEVER THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES WILL NOT LET ME GO NOR LEAVE ME ALONE I WAS UNLAWFULLY DETAINED UNLAWFULLY LABELLED AND UNLAWFULLY IMPRISONED FOR THE LAST 17 YEARS AND I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GO SEE A JUDGE HAVE A COURT HEARING OR A TRIAL APPARENTLY PSYCIATRY TODAY IS ALLOWED TO UNFAIRLY DETAIN INNOCENT PEOPLE WITHOUT THEM BEING ABLE TO HAVE A FAIR DUE LEGAL PROCESS WHEN SOMBODY IS MAKING UP STORIES ABOUT YOU THAT ARE UNTRUE AND TAKING AWAY YOUR FREEDOM AND CALLING YOU MENTALLY ILL SO THEY CAN HAVE POWER AND CONTROL OVER YOU AND HURT YOU BUT I THINK THAT I HAVE A RIGHT AS A CANADIAN CITIZEN TO GET A LAWYER AND TO GO INTO COURT AND HAVE A TRIAL AND EXPLAIN MY SIDE OF THE STORY! SORRY THAT THIS EMAIL IS SO LONG BUT MY QUESTION TO DEBORAH TAVERS IS CAN YOU HELP ME DEBORAH HELP ME TO GET A LAWYER AS I HAVE BEEN TRYING AND WORKING AROUND THE CLOCK TO GET LEGAL REPRESENTATION HOWEVER I SEEM TO BE STUCK WITHIN A VERY CORRUPT GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM ONE IN WHICH THE POLICE DO NOT PROTECT ME FROM THESE PSYCIATRIC CRIMINALS I WAS THREATENED BY THE PSYCIATRIST WHO IS NOW ABUSING ME IN THE MIRAMICHI NEW BRUNSWICK AREA HIS NAME IS DR. SANJAY SIDDHARTHA OF HORIZON HEALTH IN THE MIRAMICHI NEW BRUNSWICK HOSPITAL PSYCIATRY UNIT LOCATED AT 500 WATER STREET MIRAMICHI NEW BRUNSWICK! CAN YOU PLEASE TRY TO GET ME A LAWYER I AM HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME GETTING A LAWYER AS PSYCIATRY HAS KICKED ME UP ON DISSABILITY AND HAS COMPLETLY IMPOVRISHED ME AS A MEANS TO CONTROL ME! THEY (PSYCIATRY) IS DOING THIS TO ME TO MAKE MONEY THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE IT IS LIKE A HITLER MOVEMENT ALL OVER AGAIN! PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE CANADIAN R.C.M.P AS THEY HA E BEEN BEHAVING VERY CORRUPTLY AGAINST ME! PLEASE LET ME KNOW SEND ME BACK AN EMAIL EITHR WAY TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP ME TO GET A LAWYER OR IF YOU CAN HELP ME IN SOME OTHER WAY MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS thank you very much and god bless please help to stop the crimes being done against me and to set an innocent person free and to stop this psyciatric abuse it’s torture i would also like to see my only son whom i have not seen for 3 years now because i can not go back to the B.c. atea were my son lives because FRASIER HEALTH AUTHORITY WILL BEGIN TO TORTURE AND CONTROL EVERYTHING ABOUT ME AGAIN! thanks sincerly Angela TRAPPED BY CORRUPT PSYCHIATRY!