The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is the association that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies.

​Our MissionThe Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is the association that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies. Our members provide electricity for 220 million Americans, and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As a whole, the electric power industry supports more than 7 million jobs in communities across the United States. In addition to our U.S. members, EEI has more than 60 international electric companies as International Members, and hundreds of industry suppliers and related organizations as Associate Members.
Organized in 1933, EEI provides public policy leadership, strategic business intelligence, and essential conferences and forums.Our VisionEEI will be the best trade association.

We will be the best because we are committed to knowing our members and their needs. We will provide leadership and deliver services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

We will be the best because we will attract and retain employees who have the ambition to serve and will empower them to work effectively as individuals and in teams.

Above all, we will be the best trade association because, in the tradition of Thomas Edison, we will make a significant and positive contribution to the long-term success of the electric power industry in its vital mission to provide electricity to foster economic progress and improve the quality of life.



Today’s lifeline infrastructures are interconnected and resourced on unprecedented scales, with supply chains spanning nations and, increasingly, the world. With this growing integration and global reach, they have brought us remarkable capabilities.

At a price.

Concerns have grown over the potential for severe malicious or natural “Black Sky” hazards associated with subcontinent scale, long duration power outages, with cascading failure of all our other globally resourced, interdependent infrastructures.

This creates a grim and difficult dilemma:

Restoration of any sector, and population sustainment during the emergency, will only be possible with carefully planned – and exercised – international, multisector and societal planning and cooperation.

To deal with this deadlock, building and exercising careful sector by sector and cross-sector resilience planning is crucial. With the diversity and the national and global scale of today’s infrastructures, this requires an unprecedented, multi-sector, national and international exercise series

POWER OUTAGES Transport chaos across England and Wales after major power cuts

Transport chaos across England and Wales after major power cuts   –   August 9, 2019

Large parts of England and Wales were left without electricity following a major power cut that had a serious impact on rail and road services, including city traffic lights.

Passengers were shut out of some of the country’s busiest train stations during the Friday evening rush hour, while hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity after what the National Grid described as a problem with two generators.

British Transport police said officers were asked to help as services on the east coast mainline, as well as those into and out of St Pancras station were suspended, with many customers being advised not to travel. London’s Euston station, the southern hub for the west coast mainline, was also closed because of “exceptionally high passenger numbers”. The outage was also affecting other rail services and, reportedly, some traffic lights.

A National Grid spokesperson said the generator issues had caused “loss of power in selected UK areas”. They described the event as “unexpected and unusual”, saying: “Even though these events are outside of our control, we have plans in place to respond and the system operated as planned by disconnecting an isolated portion of electricity demand.

“We appreciate the inconvenience caused but this action allows the system to protect itself and limit the fall in frequency, allowing for power to be quickly restored. By 6.30pm [on Friday], all demand was restored by the distribution network operators. The system is operating normally.”

On Friday night, the energy watchdog, Ofgem, warned it could take “enforcement action” over the outage, saying it had demanded an “urgent detailed report from National Grid so we can understand what went wrong”.

About 500,000 customers in Wales, south-west England and the Midlands were affected and 300,000 customers in south-east England were left without power, the local distributors said. A further 110,000 in Yorkshire and north-east England were affected, alongside about 26,000 in north-west England, according to the electricity distributors in those areas.

EnAppSys, an energy consultancy, said the blackout may have been caused by the unexpected shutdowns of the Hornsea offshore wind farm, which is owned by the Danish wind farm company Orsted, and the Little Barford gas-fired power plant, owned by German utility giant RWE.

National Grid data showed both of the generators dropped from the grid at around the same time. The twin outages caused a sudden loss of frequency of the electricity grid, to below 49Hz, which would have caused certain parts of the network to disconnect automatically, causing the power cuts.

“We would have expected the system to cope with this size of loss of generation,” an EnAppSys spokesman said. “This implies that there may have been [other] issues at the time of the trips.”

After the outage, a Transport for London (TfL) spokeswoman said some traffic lights were not working in the capital but the scale of the problem was not immediately clear. Police officers could be called in to “manage the busy junctions, to physically manage them themselves”, she said.

Traffic lights were also affected in Bradford, the bus operator First West Yorks said. One social media user said it was “like GTA [Grand Theft Auto] out here” as a result.

Forced Grid Shut Down – CUT POWER a “JUDGE” ORDERED – During CERTAIN Weather Conditions . . .

This is a managed grid shut down due to climate change!  

The CONTINUED unacknowledged reality of Weaponized Weather Warfare will NEVER be revealed by the media.  The media,

Read more “Forced Grid Shut Down – CUT POWER a “JUDGE” ORDERED – During CERTAIN Weather Conditions . . .”

Catastrophic POWER OUT-Age STUDY . . . NIAC The President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council


Introduction: What the Nation Faces
Across the nation, we experience major threats nearly every year: hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, droughts,
and other serious disasters. For these events, the nation has well-established response processes where the
federal government serves as a backstop for the robust efforts of individuals, businesses, communities, and
states. Even as severe weather increases, the nation has steadily improved its ability to respond to growing
disasters and resulting outages—improving planning and coordination, hardening infrastructure, and
building strong mutual aid agreements.
The risk posed by a catastrophic power outage, however, is not simply a bigger, stronger storm. It is
something that could paralyze entire regions, with grave implications for the nation’s economic and social
well-being. The NIAC was tasked to examine the nation’s ability to withstand a catastrophic power outage
of a magnitude beyond modern experience, exceeding prior events in severity, scale, duration, and

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OUTAGE: US investigating CenturyLink internet outage, 911 failures

US investigating CenturyLink internet outage, 911 failures

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — U.S. officials and at least one state said Friday that they have started investigations into a nationwide CenturyLink internet outage that has disrupted 911 service.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai called the outage that began Thursday “completely unacceptable” because people who need help couldn’t use the emergency number.

“Its breadth and duration are particularly troubling,” he said.

The commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau will investigate the cause and effect of the outage, he said.

The Monroe, Louisiana-based telecommunications giant is one of the largest in the United States. It offers communications and information technology services in dozens of states. Customers from New York to California reported outages.

CenturyLink spokeswoman Debra Peterson said the outage “is not related to hacking,” but she declined further comment.

The company said on Twitter that it’s working to restore service and appears to be making progress. It hasn’t provided a cause for the problems.

“Where CenturyLink is the 911 service provider 911 calls are completing,” the company said in a tweet.

Regulators in Washington state also said they were opening an investigation into an outage of its statewide 911 service.

The state Utilities and Transportation Commission said interruptions began about 8:30 p.m. Thursday. The commission’s regulatory services division director, Mark Vasconi, said the system appeared stable Friday but the agency was monitoring it.

In Idaho, Emergency Office Management Director Brad Richy said he didn’t receive any reports of 911 service failures, but some state agencies, including the state Department of Correction, lost service on internet-based phones.

Some businesses in Idaho also lost the ability to make credit card sales, and some ATM machines weren’t working in Idaho and Montana.

Due to sporadic 911 outages in Massachusetts, public safety officials recommended individuals looking for emergency help use the 10-digit telephone number of the fire or police departments they wanted to contact.

In Greeley, Colorado, the Weld County Regional Communication Center on Friday said 911 calls were being dropped, but callers should keep trying and emergency dispatchers would try to call back.

The 911 dispatch center and emergency management in western Missouri’s Johnson County were hit by the outage, county Emergency Management Director Troy Armstrong said Friday. He said the 911 lines were not affected, but the internet was down at the dispatch center and phone services also were spotty.

CON-Edison aka Rothschild – New York sky lights up with eerie blue glow after huge power plant explosion brings Big Apple to a standstill and sparks alien invasion jokes

New York sky lights up with eerie blue glow after huge power plant explosion brings Big Apple to a standstill and sparks alien invasion jokes

THE sky above New York was lit up by an eerie blue glow that could be seen across the city after a huge power plant explosion last night.

Electricity was cut off for thousands while the busy La Guardia airport was shut down by the blast – leading to dozens of flights being grounded or diverted.