Forced Grid Shut Down – CUT POWER a “JUDGE” ORDERED – During CERTAIN Weather Conditions . . .

This is a managed grid shut down due to climate change!  

The CONTINUED unacknowledged reality of Weaponized Weather Warfare will NEVER be revealed by the media.  The media,

lawmakers, legislatures  and government incorporated agencies are intentionally misguiding the population that will lead to mass destruction and  death.  Will these PEOPLE ever be charged for MURDER?  Of course not.  

You will not be told who PG&E really is, either.  

PG&E is Rothschild – our utilities are operated by Rothschild LLC and affiliates that make massive profits on control, destruction and death.


This is an Economic Shut Down

This is austerity for all

All electronics will be impacted

Credit Cards WILL NOT Be Useable


No Mention of Lack of Water Accessibility for FIRE   Suppressant in rural neighborhoods

No Mention of Gas Stations Inoperative

NO HEAT in homes


This is a way to flush out disabled people that have electronic devices for life support . . .

Grid shut downs will cause power surges that will likely damage appliances and cause smart meter fires. 

REFRIGERATED food will rot

No Mention of the facts – what is this REALLY?

We are witnessing the Climate Change UN Agenda 21 and 2030 PLANS being activated . . . NOW

These Agenda’s are NOT UN Agenda’s for 2020 or 2030 or 2035 THESE Agenda’s ARE “RIGHT NOW” AGENDA’S

Why do we know this?

We know because we have amassed over many years countless ‘documents’ that have and are available on that CONFIRM all that is being done to us, our families, our communities, our countries.  All these policies are build upon schemes of Worldwide Control, Enslavement and Genocide . . .

Take a look at YOUR Climate Action Plan and Resilient Plan that HAS already been adopted for your neighborhood.

We know that we have criminal judges in criminal courts that are paid to follow the plan to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE a NWO . . .

So, the judge has ordered our utilities to cut our power OFF. . . due to climate change which is weather weapons used to destroy us, all of us, everywhere.