“Aloha Deborah,

Thank you for reaching out and your support in exposing the truth about FEMA, the Red Cross and our evil Governor and the Maui Police Chief. This is a premeditated planned evil event organized and managed by the UN and WEF agenda by the New World Order.

Obviously Josh Green was at the UN showing off his proud Smart City project when the wild fires hit Lahaina Town, Kula and Kihei on Maui. This is the first Governor in our history that refuse to have a Kahuna or Priest open a press conference with a Prayer. Junya Leonard Nakoa is our Committee Chair in Lahaina managing the Kahana Pier accepting provisions by boat from Oahu, Molokai and Big Island sinceDay 2.” 

Mahalo ke AKUA,Sir Don Kauli’a  

The US Marines are visible here due to the US Constitution compromised by FEMA and soon the Governor and Maui County Officials will face their fate. DOD Law of War Manual in effect as the US INC, FEMA, RED CROSS, STATE of HAWAII and COUNTY OF MAUI has compromised multiple lives in an orchestrated planned event of epic crimes against humanity and treason.