WATCHES – Evasive Actions REQUIRED Now

ALERTWEATHER WARFARE“WATCHES” Evasive Actions REQUIRED Now Form Neighborhood SLEEP Shifts  WATCHES to Warn Others to Wake Up🔥💨🌨🌊🌪⚡️💧📡📣📢WE ARE UNDER OCCUPATION
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We Must NOT all go to sleep and be burned up alive.
Form Neighborhood (Paul Revere) Micro Climate Atmospheric OBSERVERS 
We must teach our perception to identify – we must become the weather reporters  
Report and become neighborhood warning observers of MICRO atmospheric conditions
We must LOOK UP and watch for and observe attacks that are being setup.  
The following are atmospheric conditions and what we have seen in the skies when fires start
3 days of Heavy Chemtrailing
Low Humidity – 40% or under – Also, needed for wireless communicationsWatch for artificial clouds with ribs (they are all artificial)  
Often Fires erupt in Hot Dry and Drought conditions to  disguise the Fires that are Military Weapons
Listen for Reports of Lightning and Dry Lightning NOTICE Weather Conditions
Call you local fire department and ask if they have reports of dry lightening.
Remember: EVERY SINGLE THING AND PERSON ON EARTH HAS ITS OWN UNIQUE DNA FREQUENCY SIGNATURE. A good example is the recent murder that was solved by processing muddy shoes with pine needles embedded in the treads. The shoes were sent to an honest lab, the pine tree type was identified and located, the murderer identified. CASE SOLVED – CRIME SOLVED.   While we see trees still standing in areas of beam weapon attacks used to destroy homes and structures, the trees are not OK.  Many folks say the trees are fine and still standing – THAT’S NOT THE CASE.  
The Lahaina, Maui trees that are still standing among buildings razed to the ground by thermite combustion exposes the fact that assault frequencies were pre-calibrated to destroy the structures and not the trees. As for the trees burning from the inside out, this was due to decades of aluminum oxide saturation in the soil, along with heavy metals in deadly chemical spraying. Call this aerosol delivery system chemtrails or geoengineering or death dumps, but please don’t call it “climate change.”
Remember the earth has been sprayed and pounded for many many years with Aluminum – perfect for starting and feeding fire – Thermite ignition

When ignited, the reducing agent steals oxygen from the metal oxide, producing intense heat and molten metal as a result. Thermite (/ˈθɜːrmaɪt/) is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder and metal oxide. When ignited by heat or chemical reaction, thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create brief bursts of heat and high temperature in a small area.

If you can – observe 24/7/365 LIVE camera feeds in your local area – that’s important – a man captured the use of a laser used to ignite a fire in Sonoma county – watch for lasers and masersA maser is a type of energy weapon, similar to but distinct from a laser. Masers use kinetic energy as well as laser energy to damage a target.

LIVE camera feeds – 24/7/365 provide and serve as visual alert systems allowing us to watch where we are being attacked.
A Reminder – The jet stream is controlled to carry weather where ever they want the weather to go. 
WE MUST NOW LOOK UP – FEEL AND ACT When atmospheric conditions are closely observed and an attack is likely – we must consider a WATCH system. We must NOT all go to sleep.
We have watched as wireless communications are intentionally shut off prior to a military/government attack. Water to hydrants has been turned off.Community warning systems are deactivated.Evacuation routes are clogged.Police and Fire services are MIA – no Sirens, no flashing lights, no Bull Horns
We need designated boots on the ground – US to warn US.Media weather and soon to attack conditions are NOT reported.  WE must not rely or trust media weather reporting, they LIE and as a result we sustain damage, are injured or DIE.
WE are on our own in unacknowledged weather wars that ARE being waged intentionally upon us.
We can no longer be sleeping victims We must become acutely attuned to atmospheric conditions.  We can and must observe the sky and observe and feel the amped up frequencies.
Our lives depend on our abilities to detect the conditions that are weapons used to kill us.  
This is WAR and we are the TARGETS.

CHECKLIST FOR EVACUATIONS PUT THESE ITEMS INTO YOUR CAR THE DAY/NIGHT YOU LEAVE – THIS REQUIRES PRE-PACKING!1.      Secure animals in bathroom until the moment you leave with them. Do not let them run into a hiding place (they will want to – it’s pure insanity in the dark!!). Do not let them dash outside while you pack your car!!2.      Computers, Cords, Mouse & Flash drives3.      Phones & Chargers4.      Cash/Valuables, Checkbooks5.      Keys, Wallet, Purse, Reading Glasses/Contact Lenses & Sunglasses6.      Medicines/Vitamins/Safety Supplies (peroxide, bandaids, matches/lighter, good knife & shovel, Feminine Hygiene Products, etc.7.      Family Photos8.      Go Bag – warm & cool weather clothes, coats, rain ponchos, comfortable shoes/socks, toiletries, etc.9.      Food, Pet Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Baby Wipes & Some Trash Bags10.  Flashlights/Headlamps w/ extra batteries, goggles (to see through smoke), rags to get wet to keep from breathing smoke or good mask11.  Maps – the old kind. Phones may not work.12.  Compass!  Thick smoke prevents knowing which direction you are going!!  BEFORE EVACUATION Some of these you’ll do in advance (days, weeks), and others you’ll do the moment your car is fully packed and you are literally driving away from your home
1.      Set up headlamps in bedrooms & flashlights in kitchen. Best to wear the headlamp but ALSO have several big flashlights set out in a stationary place. Headlamp can cause headache as head moves quickly so stationary light is critical to see the whole area.2.      Gas up cars3.      Move propane tanks/grill4.      Spray water on roof, yard, etc.5.      Take trash to bins6.      Lock Windows7.      Unplug appliances8.      Turn off icemaker9.      Some say to leave a light on, some do not. You decide.10.  Turn off gas & flip unneeded breakers11.  Check in with neighbors12.  Get mail13.  Plan your routes – get maps in car in advance14.  Pack Everything you’ll take for evacuation above, i.e., Go-Bag, Food, Pet Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Baby Wipes, Trash Bags, Medicines, etc.________________________________________

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Wake UpDon’t Fall AsleepCreate ShiftsDo ALL You Can to SurviveStudy, Research and Learn OUR World is NOT what it Seems
In Defense of Humanity