Did You Know About This? UNDER AN IONIZED SKY
From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown
Indiana, USA and many other locations are DEPLOYING Wind Farms
Wind Farms are a Worldwide Deployment
Wind Farms and Fracking Well Stems

See and the YouTube “Are Wind Turbines Changing the Weather?” (HowStuffWorks, June 24, 2013).

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Visit a wind farm and you will quickly notice that life appears to have fled, which is strange, given how many think of wind farms as “green energy.” While driving through western Ontario, Canadian activist Suzanne Maher noted that what was once beautiful landscape and farmland had been replaced by hundreds of massive, imposing wind turbines. People in homes close to the turbines do not seem to realize they are living inside a power station that operates by creating low-pressure systems, with the blades of each turbine at a 15º angle from the oncoming wind (7.5º / 7.5º) soas to produce a toroid straight-line wind tunnel.   
Public protests are usually about devaluation of real estate and noise, but the pulsing itself is dangerous to mental and physical health. The infrasound and low frequency noise produce what is being called the wind-turbine syndrome:  headaches,sleep problems, night terrors, learning disabilities, ringing in the ears(tinnitus), mood swings (irritability, anxiety), concentration and memory problems, and equilibrium issues like dizziness and nausea. 

From the Mariana islands to Hawaii (through the Kwajalein Atoll), a line of transmitters fires northeast in a repetitious pulse—an invisible wall of radio waves all the way to Alaska that creates a funneling effect. Fire radio frequency into a front that’s been “seeded” with aluminum nanoparticles and a plasma-dense field arises, while the pressure wall off of Mexico acts like the bumper on a billiard table to roll the weather system north along the California-Oregon coastline to Vancouver Island and the jetstream ready to be pushed east and south through Wyoming and the Dakotas and into Kansas where NexRad and wind farm pulses will kick in to build high pressure for tornadoes, superstorms, and floods.[1]
Wind farms and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) wells are separated by exactly 300 miles, like GWEN towers, then calibrated together.  Fracking wells provide grounding points for wind farms while creating new faultlines for earthquake terraforming.

According to Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man,” the brine in the well heads of all new wells is treated with absorbents like the aluminum oxide and barium oxide being laid in chemtrails.

A directional explosive is then packed into the well to create perforations in the casing for about 20 feet out so the acid seeps down with the brine mix on top. This “re-dosing” must penetrate the casing because without water, it will float to the top of the well. 

Wind turbines and oil well stems have the same resonant length of 1,282 feet. Each rotation of a wind turbine gives off a powerful static charge.

 In fact, every time the turbines pulse at 2.95 Hz in 1-nanosecond pulses, the liquid mixture at the well head jumps 20 pounds up and 20 pounds down 3X per second like a hammer.This is called “thumping.” The discharge of the wind farms occurs in an arc at a certain length and a certain pulse that resonates with wells tuned to 2.95Hz. Put your hand on the casing and feel it twitch, like it’s alive.

            Both wind farms and fracking well stems have a part to play in the Space Fence infrastructure, along ionospheric heaters, NexRads, cell and GWEN towers, etc. It is because of how they pulse together that nations like Scotland[2] and states like Oklahoma[3] won’t be allowed to ban for long the unconventional practice of fracking.

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