This Covert Electromagnetic Era:Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Control

This Covert Electromagnetic Era:
Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control
By Elana Freeland
Like nuclear radiation, the EM radiation technology in which we’ve
become so enmeshed will require a painful learning curve. We’re engaged in a
giant world experiment for which electropollution, biological stress, mental health,
and even judiciary systems demand immediate and serious re-thinking. Despite
corporate media disinformation, we now know that ELF frequencies have a
primary impact on all life forms, and that lower power densities can do more
damage than higher densities, particularly when it comes to RF or MW
It would be comforting to believe that ignorance of the impact on human
health here and now and in future generations lies behind the present
proliferation of cell towers and Wi-Fi technology. But the dangers inherent in
nonionized, nonthermal electromagnetic technology have been well known since
Project Pandora in the mid-1960s. Read about it in Robert O. Becker’s 1985
book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life and dispel
forever the illusion that the military-industrial complex cares about the loss or
debilitation of millions of human beings.