Willow.ai™ and Qube® Deliver Immediate AI Solutions


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today Willow.ai, an industry-leading next generation artificial intelligence firm with a proprietary AI called Willow, announces that it is strategically partnering with Qube, the leader in all-in-one IT as a System® infrastructure solutions, to deliver an optimized enterprise ready end-to-end hardware plus artificial intelligence solution that arrives ready to use immediately.

According to a recent Appen report, nearly 75% of businesses now consider AI critical to their success yet over half of the respondents feel that their company is behind on their AI journey, suggesting a critical gap exists between the strategic need and the ability to execute. “This partnership addresses this gap by combining WillowAI’s powerful proprietary artificial intelligence solutions with Qube’s single integrated hardware component that enables enterprises to utilize AI right out-of-the-box”, explains Brian K. Kennedy, CEO, WillowAI. “We are especially pleased to partner with Qube, our new combined offering will provide rapid organizational transformation through the power of AI at an affordable price.”

Qube delivers a complete pre-configured enterprise technology infrastructure,” adds Robert Mueller, CEO, Qube, “This partnership will help companies recognize the benefits of AI right away. Businesses will now be able to seamlessly roll out enterprise AI on a highly scalable infrastructure and be one step closer to transforming into their organizations into fully functional intelligent enterprises.”

About Willow.ai™Willow.ai provides the next generation of artificial intelligence solutions by creating private customized business neural networks that sync people with AI. Its proprietary pre-trained artificial intelligence solution called Willow fuses advanced intelligence with subject matter experts to develop end-to-end business solutions that empower organizations to rapidly scale revenues, cut costs, automate operations, and optimized results. To learn more, visit www.Willow.ai

About Qube®
Qube architects cloud ready industry-specific infrastructures that provide long-term sustained value and ensure optimal synergy of an organization. The company’s pre-configured scalable environments adapt to changing requirements and automatically update with new capabilities to ensure secure centralized management. The purpose-built architecture arrives plug and play, dramatically reducing integration costs and implementation time.
For more information, please visit www.Qube.tech