NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse And Military Technology Used On American Citizens

NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse
And Military Technology Used On American Citizens

By John Richardson

Deeply informative and compelling discussion and disclosure with Richard Lighthouse, NASA engineer with degrees in science and engineering from Stanford University, as well as independent research in theoretical physics, who shares the current discoveries he has made from his research of patents and military programs, of USAF Space Command being putatively involved in the use since the 1980s of sophisticated Star Wars satellite weapons systems used secretly and without public knowledge in political monitoring, surveillance, and remote electromagnetic anti-personnel assault of civilians worldwide.

Sharing his discoveries of patents, and pointing viewers to information posted already at Technologies on , a new human rights organization dedicated to exposing and addressing the criminal abuse of military technologies on civilians, Mr. Lighthouse delineates a timeline of weapon creation, patent recording and attribution (to the USAF), and subsequent seamless withdrawal of weapons into “classified” or “National Security” compartments, in tandem with public and documented reports of civilians reporting remote electromagnetic assault on their person from satellites, starting with well-known American citizen Harlan Girard.

Given the wide reports of abusive electromagnetic anti-personnel technology use on civilians worldwide currently, Richard Lighthouse also discusses other weapons systems such as magnetrons used in conjunction with satellite GPS tracking and cell towers, smart meters, and portable weapons. Additionally, he addresses information emerging newly from perusing lawsuits and ACLU reports related to the FBI’s Known and Suspected Terrorist List program, which wrongfully lists innocent civilians to be considered “Non-Investigative Subjects” and coded “Silent Hit.” More on this subject may be found at Targeted v=33O2J-oErOU&feature=share    NASA Scientist Whisteblower   ( Assange and Snowden are CIA rat traps… both say the government’s bullshit story was a “terrorist attack” and not what it was… a false flag attack done by the Zionist’s, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA and deep state TRAITORS).

Harlan Girard – targeted individual
Real Estate Developer who got targeted
after telling HW Bush he would not contribute
to his Presidential Campaign.