FIRES and Utilities Using Satellite Technology “in time” for 2019 Fire Season and Mind-warfare Combined

FIRES and Utilities 
Using Satellite Technology “in time” for 2019 Fire Season 
Mind-warfare Combined

Yes, IN TIME indeed, IN TIME to start fires by satellite with this absurd cover story.

How much longer will people believe in this New NORMAL OF CLIMATE CHANGE




the FACTS that Climate Change is Weather Weapons?

How much further can and will the CONtrollers go with selling this deadly LIE?

When will people open their minds to the truth of weather weapons disguised as climate change?
Sadly, our reality has been crafted and built upon LIES for decades and decades and now many people believe the LIES.  
People have been mind controlled through the media, print, movies, education, live images of disasters and destruction and now have been Mind Controlled to honestly think the planet is running our of land, resources and the ability to provide for continued support of life.  .  
Even NOW our local policies have shifted the facts about weather control weapons into a deadly fear based campaign.  Such as, too many people, accepted depopulation, accepted land theft, and industry created pollution to deliberately change the lives of every single living being on planet earth.
Of course, we know YOU know this!  But what about your neighbors – do they know?  
We are being “Sectionalized” into neighborhood grids of control.  The term divide and conquer is the scheme, and it seems to be effective since the majority of people don’t seem to notice.
Governments will use computer apps for your neighbors to report undo use of water, electricity and whether you are using your car vs. riding a bike. Keep in mind the e-bikes use Lithium Ion batteries which have exploded and burned up houses while charging, and have also caused people to flee from their e-bike as fires start.  But we shall not digress.
Why don’t more people see and understand what many of us know?
Stepping beyond and understanding the Mind-war Technologies used on us is crucial.  After you read the PG&E, electric utilities absurd “cover story” we will insert our five part you tube series that discloses documents that will help explain many aspects of what we all face.
We are living on a battlefield called Earth, Inc.  We are the targets of multiple weapon systems that most people cannot even imagine exist much less being targeted by our own governments.
AND NOW – PG&E a ROTHSCHILD LLC utility along with many other agencies are likely deceiving us again.  We found out about the contractual business arrangements between many countries and the SOLAREN CORPORATION.  SOLAREN – IS about space-based satellite weapons systems that are launched to beam lasers to specific points on Earth.  And the Solaren patents show the use of Russian technologies being used by many nations to create weather events.
The following is an article which actually describes HOW tracking and monitoring with deadly frequency systems have been deployed to surveil and destroy us, the enemy!

PG&E using satellite technology in time for 2019 fire season –   July 16, 2019

NORTHSTATE AREA, Calif. — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is using first of its kind satellite technology with the goal of being the first to know when a wildfire sparks.

With the 2019 fire season underway, PG&E has launched their wildfire tracking system, using heat sensored satellite technology to better track wildfires.

According to the utility company’s spokesperson, Paul Moreno, PG&E has devoted several years of testing and development to incorporate the wildfire detection and alert system. Just as Cal Fire and people who live in California have had to adapt to the “new normal” of devastating wildfires, so have they.

“It’s all about safety, keeping our customers in our community safe,” Moreno said. “We’ve entered a new age for wildfires in California. We’ve had many years of drought and very long fire seasons over very long periods of no precipitation that have created some very dangerous fire conditions in California so we want to be able to utilize whatever tools we have available to us to help us prevent and help us identify early on any wildfires so they can be stopped.”

In many cases the satellite system is expected to provide an early, if not the first, indication of an incident.

According to PG&E, it works by incorporating data from two new GOES satellites, as well as three polar orbiting satellites, to provide PG&E with advanced warning of potential new fires. The satellites are operated by the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service division. The satellite images are sent to PG&E’s operation center in San Francisco, which during the fire season is open 24/7.

PG&E new satellite fire detection technology

“We’re expecting the satellite technology through it’s special algorithms and abilities to pre-identify or early on identify wildfires. It’ll give us some advance warning about wildfires in the area and then we can use other technologies such as high definition cameras to verify fire conditions and of course will be sharing information with fire agencies such as Cal Fire so they can utilize the data as well,” Moreno explained.

The technology uses a high resolution image, pixels represent any fire detection and color coding is used based on to the time of the last detection and size. The satellite additionally shows existing fire perimeters, Cal Fire incidents and detections from other satellites.

Along with the two GOES satellites, PG&E has seven planes which are contracted to patrol during late afternoon hours until evening when wildfires are most likely to begin.

Those routes include:

  • Redding to Auburn in the Northern Sierra
  • Auburn to Sonora in the Central Sierra
  • Sonora to Porterville in the Southern Sierra
  • Redding to Humboldt to Lake County
  • Vacaville to Solvang near the coast
  • Redding to Hoopa to McArthur (Siskiyou County and northeastern Shasta County)
  • Mendocino County

By the end of 2019, PG&E plans to have at least 600 weather stations and 100 high-definition cameras in high fire-threat areas. According to PG&E, these new installations are one of the many additional precautionary measures the company is implementing following the 2017 and 2018 wildfires to further reduce wildfire risks.