NBC: NYC is force vaccinating Jewish adults & kids (fines and imprisonment if they fight) and they’re suing over unconstitutionality 

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You really cannot make this up. I haven’t had a free moment to even send a newsletter out to my hundreds of thousands of readers with an update.

Earlier this week the mayor of New York City ( Bill de Blasio) announced at an eerily Orwellian press conference that they WOULD begin mandated vaccinations on the people of Brooklyn, New York. This mandate includes men women and children in four zip codes, which makes up Williamsburg/ Brooklyn NY (huge densely populated area and almost exclusively Orthodox Jewish families).


You’ll find those links in the stories below too.

Michael Sussman, who successfully sued Rockland county, NY for banning kids from GOING OUT IN PUBLIC PLACES if they didn’t have the MMR shots up to date, is now going to sue the city of New York.

Just like Brooklyn, the Rockland County New York who has a handful of measles cases are almost all Orthodox/Hasidic Jews.

Since Sussman prevailed in Rockland county (Go Michael They overturned that ban!) We hope he prevails in Brooklyn well.

Though I love how mainstream news tries to justify it and says the city might actually have a case against the people, since back well over 100 years ago they were able to force vaccinate people as well (that went over well, NOT).

Sadly, in history we’ve had many injustices in the last 100 years (or more) upheld by the current leaders or regime. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right, said one law professor.

You can read some of the articles below to hear what the Jewish community had to say. I do not want to speak for them whatsoever ,but some life long elder Jewish activists and leaders in Brooklyn were furious and compared them to much darker times for the Jewish people on TV no less. Right after they made this particular comparison and used the word Nazis? The cameras cut (shocker). That video is also linked in the stories below.

(Strange segue now, but this wasn’t planned, obviously).

Also, I never expected these two events to coincide (I never actually expected the NYC travesty to happen ever in the USA) but it just so happens to be replay weekend of our biggest docuseries of the year- The Eastern Medicine series made by my close friends at the Truth About Cancer.

You can click below on the articles and the summits that are running free and The Eastern Medicine docuseries is running free all weekend ALL episodes.

Watch them all now or skip around. They’re linked below under EASTERN MEDICINE docuseries.

Check out the articles on our rights being taken away like never before too. Maybe history does repeat itself 🙁

I’ve read several mainstream and historical articles about the history of forced mandated vaccinations upon the people of the US, but nothing like this where, IF they do not comply then it says right in the order (signed by the self described “goat woman” herself Dr. Oxiris Barbot ) that they will face high fines and imprisonment if they don’t comply.. wow. Even the New York Times had to admit that…

We don’t know why she calls herself that on Twitter. We did a FOUR HOUR NON STOP video on this to hundreds of thousands live also included in the stories below.

Until next time, I’m back to work but please stay safe. It pains me to announce such news and as I told my mom (who is pro vaccine more or less was shocked) She had the measles and like most Americans who did, she barely remembers it. It was boring and she read books.

She was born in the 40s and I never thought in either of our lifetimes would I have such news to share with her as I broke into tears on the phone trying to make sense of it all.

Love to you and hold your families close tonight….. In the videos in the articles I read a famous poem that keeps echoing through my ears each and every day… Firs they came for the Jews….. I’m sure you know the rest.

XO Erin Elizabeth

PS This might seem like serious subject matter but it needs to be told. I understand many here do some vaccinations, all vaccinations or none at all. But most do not want them mandated upon the people. I did a poll last week with over 140,000 on my personal page (thanks we won by 1%) and what was interesting is the pro mandatory people claimed their kids had reasons why they couldn’t be vaccinated again (immunocompromised etc) so they said (dropping a few F bombs) that everyone else needed to vaccinate NOW. The people against mandated vaccines seem to be in the same boat with their kids, but they don’t want to be forced nor do they want others to. That appears to be the one big difference.

PPS ErinHNN.com for our line of organic award winning products which is the only thing that keeps our mission going. I was on video about 8 hours a day last week. and our team is doubling again this month.

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RFK Jr. launches immediate legal challenge against New York City’s public health emergency due to measles (THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!)

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