Earthquakes, Flooding, Fires and Dams Planned Infrastructure FAILURES . . Snow Droughts = more Flooding

Report: Climate-Safe Infrastructure Based on FALSE Science of Climate Change vs. Climate Control = Weather Weapons . . . the CONtrollers intend to bankrupt our communities, cities, countries and nations by REPLACING and modernizing deteriorating and deferred maintenance of all Infrastructure.  The cost will be in the billions and billions in preparing for accelerating negative impacts of climate change – flooding, fires, earthquakes, sea level rise, storm surge.


Massive taxes are being levied through accounting schemes to fund the necessary waste to rebuild the infracturce that is being destroyed by weather weapon attacks.

This report tells us the world faces a pivotal moment at which the world’s political leaders – at all levels – need to commit to making a sustained, “climate-safe” investment in the very foundation of its economy and its communities safety and well-being as if the World’s future depended on it. Because the World’s Future Does Depend on Immediately Rebuilding Infrastructure, in all communities, worldwide. . .