Operation Trumpeter 2

Operation Trumpeter 2
18 August 2018
For my God, my Saviour, my country and my son.
On the morning of 19 August 1942 the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
of Canada took part in the ill-fated raid on the heavily defended channel port of
Dieppe, France. The second wave of Cameron Highlanders, approaching GREEN
BEACH under heavy enemy fire, traveling in plywood landing craft, were inspired
forward by Corporal Alex Graham. Corporal Graham, armed only with a set of
bagpipes, stood up in full view of the enemy and mounted the prow of the landing
craft he was riding in. On the prow he was without cover, and in range of the
enemy. Corporal Graham then began to play his defiance on the bagpipes as the
craft travelled the 1000 yards to the beach. The fire was so fierce pieces of his
webbing and uniform were blown off. But he continued to play and inspire his
comrades forward as they hit the beach. He had stood up into the machine gun fire
because he knew it was his duty.
My name is Ian Ronald Cameron. I am forty six years old. On the evening of
21 February 2018 I was saved by God from the slavery that had held me captive –
a slavery I had been oblivious to my entire life. My entire life up until that
moment had been based on a lie. Then, on that day of days, the Lord let me
remember and let me know the truth. I was born again into a new life with my
Savior Jesus Christ.
I was born in Pickering, Ontario on 08 June 1972 into a pedophile family. I
was abused from the earliest age and was trafficked in a Satanic Pedophile Ring
(SPR) by my family and others that included members of the Durham Regional
Police Service (DRPS) and Durham District School Board. I was raped, tortured,
abused and made to participate in satanic rituals, orgies and child pornography –
including “snuff” films. This is commonly referred to as Satanic Ritual Abuse
(SRA). Not only are children murdered in these films, but they also include having
other children do the murdering.
Prior to my awaking in February 2018 I had invented a completely false
version of my childhood in order to forget. The trauma was so severe my child’s
brain simply could not handle it and shut out the truth as a defence/survival
mechanism. But I have been allowed to remember now and so I am writing to tell
you the truth. Also, anybody who has worked with me will know, I have a
photographic memory.
The SPR I was trafficked in started with my uncle – Graham Hiron, and my
grandfather – Lionel Hiron (a TTC employee). My mother and father abandoned
me shortly after I was born and left me in the care of maternal grandparents who
resided at 865 Boxworth Place in Pickering, Ontario.
Satanic Ritual Abuse is a form of slavery. Slavery runs in families. The SRA
is generational in nature because is implanted in the victim from birth. For
example, I have a relative Dr. Peter Hiron living in Sault St Marie. Three out of
four of his children have committed suicide at various ages – starting extremely
young. The survivor refuses to have children of their own. I was told they had
remarked they didn’t want to pass on the family “sickness” to another generation.
Lionel Hiron was his uncle, and Graham Hiron his cousin.
My uncle, Graham Hiron, had moved in with grandparents when I was a
toddler after his first wife divorced him after discovering he was abusing my
cousin, who was two months younger than me. Graham Hiron was a boys physical
education teacher at Pickering High School at the time. Later he would become the
head of the physical education department, and coach of many of the boys sports
teams like football and rugby. His second marriage failed when he was caught
having a homosexual affair. His other girlfriends all left him citing his complete
lack of interest in having sex with them. To this day his daughter will not let him
see his grandchildren and she lives in another country. He is now retired and
spends his winters in Mexico, where child prostitution is less regulated.
Graham Hiron worked alongside other pedophiles at Pickering High School
and abused many students. In particular he “groomed” Terry Clements as a student
and then later was instrumental in having Clements hired as teacher at Pickering
High School. As you can see – the abuse has a generational quality to it. I would
later be taken on a high school trip with several others to, guess where, – San
Francisco with Hiron and Clements acting as “chaperones.”
I have complained in writing several times to Dean Bertrim of the DRPS about
Graham Hiron. He has refused point blank to take any further information or cause
an investigation to occur.
I have also complained in writing to the Durham Regional Police Service
Board, and requested they notify the Durham District School Board. I have heard
nothing from them since.
On the day I remembered my abuse I reported it to the Ontario Provincial
Police Northumberland Detachment (OPP) when I was in the hospital – the stress
of suddenly remembering felt like a heart attack. PW-Constable Whalen (who is
married to DRPS member) and Constable Foster were in the emergency room at
Cobourg Hospital when I named retired Sgt Tom Hart and deceased Insp Tom
Cameron as two of my abusers. This information was not recorded in their incident
report or their notes. Furthermore, prior to the attendance of Dr Susan Laidlaw, Cst
Foster attempted to intimidate me with a masonic hand sign – the familiar triangle /
all seeing eye nonsense. It was meant to intimidate me into not reporting the
incident and to comply with his “suggestions” – more on hand signals to follow. I
have no way on knowing if Foster is mason apart from the hand-sign and his
deportment – but I bet my pension he is. I had spoken openly during the 911 call
about the masonic connection to my abuse, knowing I was creating a record, so the
OPP officers were aware of this before meeting me at the hospital.
Pedophilia is not only the worst crime and a most abominable act before
God, but is also a sophisticated form of slavery. I was going to say “modern
slavery” but it goes back to the beginning. What is the best way to own a slave?
Why, without the slave even being aware of nature and scope of their own slavery.
It is so insidious and needs to be ripped out by the roots because it is a system of
slaves breeding more slaves. My uncle Graham Hiron was abused by his father. No
doubt the abuse goes back generations. The abused often become the abusers if
they are kept in close proximity to the SPR that “owns” them.
I can describe the abuse for you. From the earliest age beatings, verbal abuse
and torture were employed to gain instant compliance with orders. I was told I was
worthless, evil, wicked, ungrateful and that I deserved what was happening to me. I
was taught to lie from the earliest age to teachers, doctors, CAS workers and the
police. I underwent abuse screening, but I was too terrified to disclose anything. I
had herpes from before kindergarten (a review of my primary school photos
documents this quite well). I was abused at Frenchman’s Bay Public School by
teachers. I was raped frequently by Graham Hiron when he would drop me off at
kindergarten on Liverpool Road south of Baseline Road on the west side. He
would play the “popcorn song” that we used to hear during the Participation
Canada morning “health hustle” – that song was the first trigger for these
memories when I heard it played in a YouTube video just days before I awoke to
the truth. He would play the song on the stereo of his tan corvette to muffle my
The physical abuse left several markers that I carry to this day. I have one
eye smaller than the other, and had bad dentition as a result of the beatings. Dark
circles form under both eyes in childhood.
My earliest childhood memory is of him abusing me on the couch in the
basement recreation room, which he was using as his bed after being evicted by his
wife. I can still see him with his shirt off, abusing me after inviting me to play in
the blankets. I can still smell his body odour. My next clear memory is of kneeling
in the crawl space of the same basement. I had a long Lee Enfield Mk 1 “sword”
bayonet in my hands, with the blade poking my stomach above my navel. The
blade was stamped with the year of manufacture – 1916. I had just been anally
raped by Graham and my grandfather in a torchlit midnight ritual. Prior to this I
had been shown how to commit “seppoku” – Japanese style ritual suicide by
opening the abdomen with a bladed weapon. I was praying to God to let me die or
come get me. I was three years old. I didn’t mark my skin at all, and for this I was
punished further. I would later learn this was part of the SRA – offering the child a
chance to kill themselves after the ritual rape by family members. Many children
do not survive the ritual itself.
Children who take up the offer and succeed have their bodies saved for use
in future rituals. Those who attempt it but do not complete it are killed anyways
and dismembered, again for use in future rituals. Those who take up the blade but
do not leave a mark are selected out for “special treatment” – this is the exact term
used and finds its roots in the same term applied to the Jews of World War Two by
the Nazi extermination machine. Those who do not make a mark a subjected to
additional abuse and persecution beyond the “normal” abuse administered to
children who decline the offer to take up the blade.
The persecution complex will follow the child into adulthood as the abusers
continue to take entertainment from the suffering of the victim, with a goal of
eventually driving the victim into addiction, depression and suicide. It is another
form of control that the abusers can exert over the hapless victim who is
completely unaware of the link between the abuser and themselves.
How do I know all this? Because I was taken to these rituals as the abuse
continued into my childhood / adolescence. Many, not all, of these rituals and
orgies took place inside masonic temples / lodges. The more elaborate temples /
lodges have multi-layer basement levels safe from detection and set up for this
How is it possible to get children to take part in these grisly rituals and child
porn without resistance? Simple – the children like me were trained from early
childhood using a language that allows the abuser to control the actions of the
children. How do I know? I remembered the day I woke up and documented it. The
language used is similar to that of NLP –Neuro Linguistic Programming. People
use NLP to quit smoking, change or modify behaviours and for communicating in
a way that results in getting the outcome they desire.
The abuse begins in infancy and culminates in shattering the child’s ego.
Once the ego is shattered the child engages in disassociation – they go deep into
their mind to a safe place where they block out the abuse. The are physically
present but no longer mentally present. However the child is still awake, and an
“alter” ego is formed and then trained in anything the abuser wants. The use of key
words, phrases, hand signals and objects are used to train the child. Whenever
abuse is to take place a “trigger” is used to let the child know sexual activity /
violence is going to take place. The child retreats into disassociation to prevent
further trauma and the alter ego comes out and engages in the activity. When the
activity is over the child is brought back out of the dissociative state with another
trigger, with the abuse memory inaccessible and blocked out. I mentioned the
“popcorn song” as one of my triggers. Also my grandfather would take out an
orange toy train as trigger.
This is what happens at SRA orgies, rituals and ceremonies. Prior to entering
the location the child is triggered into disassociation.
These orgies / rituals are overseen by two masters of ceremonies (M/C).
There is one M/C for the children three years old and up, and a second for the
children under three – including infants.
The orgy is not simply a free for all, like you would experience in a open
“swingers” club or party where the participants are consenting adults
(unfortunately I have a great deal of experience with that too). The masonic / pedo
orgies are organized into “phases”. Each phase requires a different “list of
players.” The command words inform who is to do what to whom and with what.
The senior masons/pedophiles instruct the newer ones in the use of this language
so that it passes from generation to generation and allows the same language to be
used no matter what age the slave is – the children are treated as nothing but sex
slaves and referred to as such as well.
The more advanced parts of the language consist of hand signs instead of
command or trigger words.
The orgy is not just sexual in nature, but also contains ritual portions that
include “baptizing” new born children as slaves, sacrifices and other satanic/occult
rituals. The baptism of a new slave begins actually at the moment of birth. When
the child is born they are raped (anal or vaginal – does not matter) prior to the
umbilical cord being cut. The point of this from a SRA view is to ensure the child
is born without innocence. This somehow justifies the following abuse on the
grounds the child is “unclean” and therefore deserving of abuse. Also it is done to
create a “hole” in the soul of the child, which they will later try to fill with alcohol,
drugs, sex and ultimately suicide. This abuse is brutal from the start and is
designed to ensure the victim won’t live long enough to remember the abuse and
expose the abusers.
The “baptism” is a play on the practice of some Christian churches, and is
meant as an act of defiance against God. The child is baptized, often in an antique
dry sink, with menstrual blood, blood expelled during the birth, afterbirth, feces,
semen and animal excrement. There is a link between certain types of (antique)
furniture such as the above mentioned dry sink or a hall tree for SRA rituals.
The orgy commences when the M/C gives a universal command word
FOCUS alerts all the participants, both children and adults that the orgy is
about to begin. FOCUS is spoken in a loud command voice (think military style
drill) and means “Pay attention to the command words that follow and OBEY
This is used at the start of an orgy with different “phases.”
As the first orgy phase ends the M/C will call “FOCUS” to alert all the orgy
participants to pay attention as a new phase will begin requiring a new LIST of
players including children as young as three (remember the children under three
are controlled by a separate dedicated M/C).
The commands that follow include words like:
“GREYMAN” – this instructs the children to engage in anal sex with a child
of the opposite sex.
“PERIOD” – Used to denote both the end of a command phrase and the use
of menstrual blood in the phases to follow.
“BABYSITTER” – This denotes an act of sitting on the face of a baby by a
menstruating adult female. This often results in the death of the child. The child
will be saved for future use in some special festival like a solstice or a blood moon
ritual sacrifice.
“YOURANTZ” – This instructs the adult female participants to urinate on
the faces of the youngest children.
“GOODJOBS” – This tells the young boys in the group to apply a hand job
to the oldest men in the group.
These words are then employed later in life by the abusers to former child
sex slaves. How many of you have been told to “FOCUS” in a strong tone? Also
common is the phrase “You’re a big boy / girl now”. After the word FOCUS is
used the abuser plants the desired behaviour into the consciousness of the victim.
When an abuser wants a former child sex slave to do something for them to
benefit the abuser at the expense of the victim the same language, tone and hand
signals are employed. The hand signals allow the abuser to “speak” to the victim
without the victim even knowing they are being “spoken” to. A simple wave with a
particular hand (left or right have separate meanings), with the “ok” gesture, for
example, can evoke behaviour / compliance rooted in the SRA training.
The key words don’t change much over time in order to enable the seamless
passage of fresh child slaves into the SPR system whilst allowing the oldest child
slaves to be controlled using the same control words. The words learned in infancy
are the same you hear at 10 or older.
Few of the child sex slave survivors remember the abuse, but end up living
difficult and often short lives. Some, however, are able to break the conditioning
by making choices in early adulthood that mitigate or neutralize the abuse
programming. Undergoing some experience that is a “total life experience” that
results in shift or re-programming of the survivor’s personality can extend their life
and help them recover.
By “total life experience” I am referring to some event or series of events
that change the person on a fundamental level. Anybody who has undergone Basic
Training in the Regular Army / Navy / Air Force for example will know what I
mean. Joining the military – especially the military of different country – has a
significant impact. The required learning of a new culture and language breaks
down the programming. Attending University overseas or working in career that
requires frequent foreign travel also works to break down the childhood SRA
Survivors live lives characterized by shame, guilt and feelings of
inadequacy. Substance abuse, promiscuity, pornography, and high risk sexual
behaviour are common place. The abuse has left the survivor with no sense of
boundaries in relationships. They frequently are too trusting or don’t trust at all.
Compulsive lying is another hallmark – “lying when the truth would do.” They are
easy to manipulate, and often fall into dysfunctional relationships. There are books
filled with this information, so take this as only a small picture of the totality.
The SPR operating at DRPS routinely hires earlier victims of the ring as
civilians or sworn members. The former child slaves can be easily manipulated to
benefit the abusers. Throughout their career some victims is subjected to extra
punishment, denied advancement despite their merit, and a extended “death by a
thousand cuts” approach (especially those in the “persecution class”). This is why
at DRPS some members are literally taken to the cleaners under the PSA and
criminal code, while other masonic members or high performing slaves “walk
between the raindrops.” Others have their home life and reputation destroyed on
purpose. The victim is always left craving the approval. This is the foundation of
the dysfunction at DRPS. Have you ever noticed how the DRPS frequently
disciplines military veterans?
Do not think if you did not grow up in Durham you are immune. Remember
that extensive background check when you joined? It went through several hands
and over several desks and sat in a file before, during and after you were hired.
Also – these abusers can see you. By that I mean they know the “markers” of a
former child victim. You can display them, saving them the trouble, or they can
pry with seemingly innocent questions. They can also just try using the “language”
on you. You could be from Halifax or Vancouver and they can spot you.
They do not need to have been one of your childhood abusers to take
advantage of you.
The second purpose of the SPR at DRPS hiring victims is it gives them the
ability to closely monitor them for any sign they might remember or “wake up.”
The third reason is that the victim can continued to be exploited – let me
explain. As I mentioned, the SPR uses physical and emotional abuse to shatter the
ego of the young child. Once the ego has been shattered the child is left with a
desperate need for approval and recognition. The shattered ego causes the child to
“disassociate” – to literally shut down and block out the abuse and retreat into a
safe place constructed in their mind. The child’s mind becomes like clay.
The abusers, having shattered the child’s ego, begin to train the child to
perform whatever perversions they wish not only by the threat of punishment but
with rewards of praise. The victim is left constantly longingly for the approval of
the abuser. Fast forward to adulthood. An abuser knows he/she has a former child
sex slave under their supervision. The abuser already knows how to press all the
“buttons” of the former child slave. By a series of calculated and often fabricated
situations the abuser can manipulate the victim into performing in a way that
benefits the abuser. The victim, desperate for praise on a core fundamental level,
works hard for the praise. The victim becomes a slave again, but does not even
realize it. The abuser can devastate the equilibrium of the victim with the slightest
critique. If the victim/slave is not performing well, the abuser will take advantage
of any excuse to come down hard on the victim, shattering them to the core –
sometimes to suicide.
The abusers in the SPR do not act alone in fabricating or fermenting these
situations – they work together. The goal is to inflict the greatest amount of stress
thereby providing them with the greatest entertainment and feelings of power. In
public they might be sworn enemies but behind closed doors they revel in the pain
they cause. Remember that the roster of abusers is not confined to the ranks of the
DRPS. Other police services, SIU, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians CAS
workers and other professionals make up the ring, so the engineered crisis can
appear completely external. Indeed one or more of the abusers may act as your
protector, confidant and friend giving them access to even more information that
can be used to manipulate you.
If you are wondering what those high level masons are so busy studying at
their temples, this is it. At the lower degrees it’s simply taught and used as
effective communication skills, but as they progress up the degrees it eventually
culminates in this. Most never pass “master mason” at the third degree (out of a
total of 33).
The DRPS component of the SPR operates with the full knowledge and
protection of Chief Paul Martin. Martin was a Constable at the time I was a child in
Pickering. I was being trafficked at 25 Division where I had been given a part time
job cleaning police cars on Sundays.
It is worth noting the SPR is not exclusively male – far from it. There are
female abusers and female branches of Freemasonry like the Daughters of the
Eastern Star. Former Deputy Chief Whiteway comes to mind. Also, female masons
are far less public about their membership preferring to remain quiet. Flattery, sex,
and sympathy are their preferred tools.
The public symbol for the Daughters of the Eastern Star is five pointed
inverted pentagram – known as the Baphomet Star or pentagram. You can find this
on the cover of any Satanic bible – but maybe its just a coincidence?
I am not accusing every mason of involvement in the SPR. Indeed most are
kept ignorant and simply believe the lies they are fed by the high ranking members
about “making a good man better.” Most are used as camouflage for these
criminals to operate. They are victims of these people too, and must be treated with
compassion and sympathy for being conned. If they bothered to read their own
literature several high degree masons write openly about deceiving the lower
degree members for their own good (like Albert Pike). Again, if the rank and file
bothered to read the writings of Albert Pike – the Father of Freemasonry in North
America, they would see Pike openly admits Freemasonry is about the worship of
Lucifer – hence “Luciferian” in orientation. I refer anybody with eyes to see to
Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogma (which is referred to today as a
foundational document for Freemasons) page 321. This is another way of saying
Satanism – hence the involvement with SRA. Albert Pike is buried in the masonic
National House of the Temple in Washington DC.
Freemasonry is a religion, although the lower degree members will swear
otherwise. Speaking of swearing – masons take oaths of secrecy upon initiation at
every degree that supersede their oath of office as police constable. Their loyalty is
sworn to Freemasonry above anything else.
There are other SPR members who are not masons, just confederates who
share the same goals – similar to those who deal on equal terms with the Hell’s
Angels without becoming a member. They still have access to the club.
I am not going to get into a theological debate about the existence of God or
Satan. It does not matter (in the context of this letter) if you don’t believe in Satan
– these people do regardless of your beliefs.
The scale of the SPR is impressive. In order to operate without detection and
free from exposure the SPR needs to be a team, for lack of a better word. The
abuse is so sick and evil that exposure would outrage the public, who would
demand justice. Numerous fathers and brothers would be out to lynch those
involved, and even the most professional police officer would be pushed to the
limit to protect them.
So what to do? Control.
They must control every sensitive position, office and skill required to
operate undetected. They don’t need to occupy every single position as long as the
bottlenecks are under their direct control. They don’t need to be members of the
SPR – just controllable in some fashion. Like blackmail.
So, the SPR has a dead child they need to dispose of. How best? How about
be the homicide investigator assigned to the task? Better yet control the homicide
unit. Better yet control the entire police service. Plus you need a sympathetic
coroner. Maybe a friendly funeral home with a crematorium.
They need doctors to write off the side affects of the abuse as something
else. If a child reports the abuse, a family doctor must say the child is fabricating it
and has some other mental health issue and then prescribe some mind-numbing
You need to control the media too – personally I would not put my trust in
Mr. Jeff Mitchell (I told him the outline of this story and my call was never
returned). He is either incompetent, scared or complicit.
They need a go-to person in the key agencies like CAS. The persons at CAS
can also act as recruiters by locating vulnerable children and placing them with
some on-board pedo foster parents (who have sailed through the background
investigation done by guess who).
If you can’t place a member of the SPR in key spot, how do you find
blackmail on the person occupying it? How about by controlling the Intelligence
Branch and other sister organizations. These people don’t worry about warrants
and the law.
Don’t underestimate the recruiting branch. Not only CAS and families
already involved in the SPR, but people like those Tom Hart worked with. He was
key player at Big Brothers which seeks to help young boys without a dad around to
watch out for them. Hart did the police background checks for Ajax Pickering Big
Brothers and Sisters. My uncle was the head of Phys Ed at Pickering High School.
I was also abused by primary school teachers. How about the Cadet Forces? Filled
with vulnerable and impressionable young people. My Commanding Officer was
friends with Graham Hiron, you may remember Charles Green? Pillars of the
It’s a web and a pyramid structure at the same time.
Tom Hart also was in charge of the Sex Offender Registry….a virtual
Rolodex of clients and victims. Key places in SAU – people who can choose who
gets investigated and who doesn’t. Also a prime position to blackmail other
pedophiles. “Buy my product or I put you in jail.”
This makes Training Day look like a cartoon.
Hart was member of the Julie Ann Stanton murder investigation which
convicted the accused without a body. I went to high school with her older sister.
Tom Cameron played a memorable role in helping sewer the Christine
Jessop investigation. Guy Paul Morin was acquitted but the cry continues “it was
him.” Was it really?
Both murders took place during or close to the time of my own abuse.
Let’s say SAU makes an arrest that comes too close to the SPR…they have a
Crown who can deal it away or ensure some fatal mistake like a charter breach
occurs to scuttle the case. If that fails a sympathetic judge is needed to create a
fatal finding or give a slap on the wrist for a child rapist.
Who appoints the Judges? Who appoints the Crown Attorney?
Let’s say a survivor is showing signs of waking up….lets send him to
reputable psychologist that can later sink him/her and attempt to discredit them.
The chain must be unbroken from the street all the way up because they
must not face exposure.
I have noticed, in adulthood, that several of my abusers actually let me know
what they were doing to my face. I think it is an extra thrill for evil people to mock
you by openly telling you what they are doing. It was always done in a joking way
or in a way to make it look insincere. Comments like “yeah of course I’m
recording this” or a jest that you think means the opposite of what is being said. It
may sound joking but they mean it. It reminds me of the vampire legend – they
need your permission to enter your house.
Take courage – there is hope. This chain has many weak links. The members
are consumed with the knowledge of what will happen to them when they are
exposed. They live in fear of discovery, and guilt over what they have done (well,
at least the non-psychopaths / sociopaths among them). The psychopaths and
sociopaths don’t care about anybody but themselves – and would sell out the rest
to spare themselves if they think there is a chance they will get caught. They are
also victims of this ring too – I doubt there is a single one who was not abused
themselves as children. If there are, that is an evil I cannot begin to understand. In
truth, without their current power, they are sad and pathetic human beings. But
they must be stopped.
Read my words and search your heart. If you pray, please pray about this
(and for me).
Before I close I wish to add that I have recently cancelled my life insurance
through the Durham Regional Police Association (DRPA). I have a young son who
is the apple of my eye, and I would never voluntarily leave him alone in this world.
I have been taking proof of wellness testing regularly and I remain sober by the
grace of God. My PTSD has also disappeared by His grace. I have no significant
debts, no illness or real stress in my life now – indeed the truth has set me free. If
anything should happen to me, or my family, please know it was no accident, nor
would I harm myself or anybody else in anyway. I look forward to seeing the
wicked exposed. This summer (2018), after much medical review and testing, I
have been found fit for retraining including attending University or other post
secondary training. The WSIB conducted a full medical and psychological
investigations involving several doctors. They would not commit resources to this
if I was unstable or in some way incapacitated.
We cannot win with weapons or force, nor should we. We can only win with
seeking and speaking the truth no matter what the cost. Love and forgiveness are
all we really have to fight this, and its all we really need in my humble opinion.
“Therefore put on the whole Armour of God, so that you may stand against
all the schemes of the Devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and bone, but against powers, principalities,
the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high
places.” Ephesians 6.
My thoughts now return to Corporal Alex Graham, all those years ago. I am
standing up into the machine gun fire that has already begun. Not bullets (well, not
yet) – but character assassination. Scoffers, mockers and jokers will hurl all they
have. No doubt a file has been opened and resources deployed. The guilty think
they are beyond reach.
The question is will you stand up with me?
Ian Ronald Cameron