FIRE in Paradise:  Images in the SMOKE

FIRE in Paradise:  Images in the SMOKE
Photos about 2 hours after fires started (11/08/18)
What Do You Think These UFO’s Are?
Insider Comment:
Some of the photos look like an electronically “cloaked” helicopter, others a UFO.
Alien anti-gravity craft or US Secret Space War craft are both anti-gravity craft and have electronic capability and “biomorphic” image shape-shifting ability (as a created illusion for observers).
Conclusion is high tech – Task Force 160 “Night Stalkers” which uses high tech helicopters that are equipped with special infrared and special radar guidance systems and can fly at night and through smoke. They could have been there lighting the fires or just for observation. If they were there they would have to have been involved to make sure they didn’t get hit by the orbital to ground high powered lasers and/or particle beams.
Paradise Fire in Butte County, California
The bigger helicopter is at 13:06 and a smaller drone or something at 13:05  left side screen 3/4 up. It’s quick. And then one at 5:00 minutes in difficult to catch.
We need more eyes on these images in the video.