Electromagnetic Defense Task Force 2018 Report

Electromagnetic Defense Task Force 2018 Report  – 69 pages link below  . . .

In countering EMS challenges, some windows of opportunity needed to compete with our adversaries are closing. Meanwhile, EMS threats that have existed since the 1960s and earlier, such as nuclear-EMP and geomagnetic storms, have regained prominence.

The salience of these threats has returned due to several factors, including (1) near-universal integration of electromagnetically sensitive silica-based technologies into most modern hardware, (2) adversaries’ increased understanding of how to exploit critical vulnerabilities, (3) institutional knowledge atrophy due to retirement or transition of personnel who conducted nuclear and EMP testing, and (4) the emergence of novel technologies, many of them poorly understood.

Click  here for the full report (69 PDF pages) on the Air University website. and LP_0002_DEMAIO_ELECTROMAGNETIC_DEFENSE_TASK_FORCE