THE PLAN – to CONtrol ALL Resources and Production by Registering – Inventory – Control of EVERYTHING

Book Quote re: Inventory of ALL Nature – Behind a Green Mask by Rosa Koire
Rosa Koire has been warning us about the “plan [that] calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners. It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if it is in control. Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by a globalist governing body. Moreover, people should be rounded up off of the land and packed into human settlements or islands of human habitation, as they are called in the UN Agenda 21 documents, close to employment centers and transportation. Another program, called the Wildlands Project, spells out how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans. In anticipation of our objections to such plans, our civil right will be dissolved.”  Additionally, speaking of UN Agenda 21, Ms. Koire says “This plan is a whole life plan. It involves the educational system, the energy market, the transportation system, the governmental system (she says government is now being called ‘GOVERNANCE’), the health care system, food production and more. It is a plan to inventory and control all of the natural resources, means of production, and human beings in the world.”