DYING YOUNG: Alarming increase in Millennials 18-34 Getting Strokes

The statistics are rolling in on increasing rates of strokes in younger people.
No one will tell the millennials their fast food diets “equate” to the fast uploads they demand from computers which are impacting their health – both a slow kill.
The USA, Inc. corporate food containing flour, sugar and chemical additives IS intended to cause obesity, sluggishness, foggy thinking, and create disease, shorter life spans, and death.
No one will admit that the millennials were orphaned by parents too busy working to take care of them.  Overly worked parents relied on quick fast food to feed their children and school cafeterias to serve up lunch – a variety of deficient processed foods.
No one will tell millennials that the vaccinations given to them slowly stroked them out with each vaccine they were jabbed with.  Many dead doctors have been sounding the alarm and have paid the price for attempting to expose the medical fraudsters falsifying the vaccine records that the CDC and WHO were promoting.
No one will tell millennials the wireless technologies they use are activating dormant vaccine viruses that cause immune deficiencies and strokes intended to be another slow method of health decline.
We also need to ask how many millennials are targeted individuals?  How many millennials are being shot with directed energy weapons, gang stalked and assassinated?  Stroked out with DEW’s!
How many millennials have wireless phones, lap tops, and sit for hours gaming where cell connections are facilitated with WiFi?  Scientific studies document the damage to human DNA from the wireless world we now live in that has greatly impacted the millennials.
No one will discuss the health effects of the continual aerosol spraying programs (chemtrails) and how we are all dying younger.  Many of the millennials are compromised with weakened immune systems and have been deceived and setup for these health consequences.
The bigger question is WHY are the doctors surprised?  Why are the doctors saying the reasons for these trends are not entirely clear?  REALLY?
The questions are how long are we going to continue to be KILLED by all the assaults of the illegitimate corporate depoplulation agendas of a government that exists in NAME ONLY?
Our government is a network of corporations that has long advanced policies designed to determine the minimum and optimum levels of destruction of Life, Property and Natural Resources.
All of these goals have been incrementally advanced as to not create a crisis in public confidence.
So, why should the increase strokes in millennials ages 18-34 years of age come as an ALARM?