FIRES RAGE – in The Land Down Under . . . is Queensland Targeted with DEW’s?


FIRES RAGE – in The Land Down Under . . .
is Queensland Targeted with DEW’s?

Climate Change “IS” Weather Control . . . and their plans forewarned of the different weaponized weather attacks that will be used.

The City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan is provided in the link below:

Excerpts from the PLAN:
Risks and impacts addressed
CoM was forewarned that by 2030, the City is likely to be significantly affected by warmer temperatures and heatwaves, lower rainfall, intense storm events and flash flooding1. In addition, four potential extreme event scenarios for the broader Melbourne region required a more comprehensive assessment of these climate change risks: * Less rainfall and more chance of drought
* Extreme heatwaves and bushfires
* Intense rainfall and wind storms
* Sea level rise
Each risk was assessed on a 1 to 5 scale for its likelihood of occurring and the consequences. Critical risks requiring
the most serious management and
monitoring attained a combined rating of 7 or more. All critical risks have been detailed to identify their risk attributes, stakeholders, recommended adaptation measures and next steps.
Immediate impacts of intense rainfall and wind events, heatwaves and droughts

Climate Action Plan – Melborne

Queensland bushfire emergency continues for Deepwater and areas around Mackay, Rockhampton
Residents in parts of central Queensland are again being told to leave immediately as bushfires flare up in Winfield and Captain Creek as well as Broken River west of Mackay.

Key points:

· 120 fires continue to burn across Queensland
· A leave now alert is in place for Stanwell, Kabra, The Caves, Winfield, Captain Creek, Broken Hill, Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek
· Residents need to stay informed regarding fires in Gracemere, Undullah, and Round Hill
· The Campwin Beach and Wamuran fires have been downgraded to advice level
· More than 60 schools are closed around the state
· Follow our main story for full coverage

Here’s the ABC’s Lexy Hamilton-Smith with the latest from emergency management HQ:

They are saying that conditions are extreme, not catastrophic. And the winds are picking up this afternoon which is why we have lot more spot fires at this point. We have spoken with the Fire Brigade, they say the fires yesterday near Gladstone, there were flames up to 20m high, and some residents who look like they have lost a bit of property have said it was like tornado winds, so extremely frightening in that area. So while there is some relief today and round here at headquarters, there are few smiles on people’s faces at this point. They say it is still dangerous and people have to be on extreme alert.

And James Hancock in Gracemere:

People I’ve spoken to describe the terrifying scene as the fire storm approached yesterday. They are counting their blessings today that no properties were damaged. Following on from what Lexy has said, I am outside Gracemere, next to Kabra and the latest advice for the Kabra fire, formerly the Gracemere fire, is for residents to prepare to leave. The latest information is firefighters are battling the fire on several fronts, in the process of putting in firebreaks to protect homes. Some homes are threatened by the fire at Kabra and in surrounding areas. I am outside the Kabra pub where a staging post has been set up by firefighters as they monitor the fire ground and send resources. Water bombers are in the air this afternoon helping firefighters on the ground to try to get on top of the blaze. Certainly it is a changing situation minute by minute and the latest information for the Kabra fire is for residents to prepare to leave with the fire threatening homes.