The Hidden Truth About Fidel Castro…’The Rest Of The Story’

By Preston James, Ph.D

Castro was originally CIA. He was secretly “managed” by the Jesuits and the Vatican which prevented the CIA  and the USG from assassinating him or displacing him or invading Cuba. He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and used to come to NYC to attend meetings. This was never publicized. The Ruling Cabal made sure Castro was pre-informed of all upcoming assassination attempts.

Marital Lorenz of CIA OP40 (Frank Sturgiss aka Fiorini was her handler–he was one of the shooters on the grassy know in Dealey Plaza)). She was Castro’s girlfriend and had a son with him. She is still alive living in NYC, a friend of mine knows her well and saved her life when Sturgiss went to murder her to prevent her from testifying at the HSCA (Sam Giancana was murdered by his driver in his basement kitchen while making a salad, a CIA plant to keep him from testifying too – this man in now in a witness protection plan in XX).

Castro allowed CIA drug dealers and money launderer and ex-mossad to retire in Cuba if they paid him off. He also allowed CIA drug shipments to pass through Cuba for payments. Castro jailed and murdered thousands of dissidents. Before the bay of pigs he was warned by Jesuit agents in the CIA of the coming invasion, where and how so he could be prepared and JFK was tricked into calling off US air support because he was told by McGeorge Bundy that it would immediately start WW3 with the Russians who had cracked the attack plans.

The Pentagon, the Defense contractors and the JCS loved having Castro as their bad boy 90 miles from the USA. This provided motivation for Congress to approve big budgets and to deploy CIA and mercenaries  and death squads trained at the International Police Academy and School of the Americas to train death squads to rape, and murder dissidents on behalf of their south American fascist dictators, appointed on behalf of the large corporations to aid in their asset stripping of South America.