Directed Energy Weapons: US Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

US Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

According to several sources publishing articles in 2012, the US Army is officially developing directed energy weapons aimed at striking targets with lightning bolts…

Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon ~ ~ 2012 Article

A U.S. Army lab is testing how lasers can create an energized plasma channel in the air — an invisible pathway for electricity to follow. The laser-guided lightning weapon could precisely hit targets such as enemy tanks or unexploded roadside bombs, because such targets represent better conductors for electricity than the ground.

Army researchers used an “ultra-short-pulse laser of modest energy” that keeps the laser beam focused through its own intensity. The laser’s electro-magnetic field can harvest electrons from air molecules to create the plasma pathway for electricity to follow.

U.S. Army Announces Latest Toy: Lightning Laser Gun ~ ~ 2012 articleThis is how it works: a very brief but incredibly intense laser beam paints the target. By intense, the army means 50 billion watts of optical power … about 500 million times more powerful than the light bulb illuminating your room.

By some trick of physics, very intense laser beams focus themselves in air. And when they are intensive enough, laser beams generate an electro-magnetic field “strong enough to rip electrons off of air molecules.”


Directed energy weapons can do quite a lot… I know that many secrets lie in electromagnetics when it comes to future technologies and methodologies. Lightning directed energy weapons isn’t even 1% of it…