SMOKE is Good for Fish – Deadly for Humans: Smoke from wildfires has cooling effect on water temperatures | YubaNet

Insider Comment:
Smoke generated by wildfires cools rivers and stream water temperatures by reducing solar radiation.  This cools air temperatures which benefit aquatic species that require cool water to survive.  So, now we are told that warmer summer water temperatures are a major factor contributing to population declines in fish – and smoke helps cool the water by dimming the sunlight.  OK!
Keep in mind, this NEW study (below) is neglecting to mention the effects caused by warmer water dispersions into existing waterways from industry and sewer waste water treatment plants, etc.  EPA documents explain the thermal effects of water temperature differences when industry dumps warmer water into the cooler waters of the rivers, streams and creeks.  This waste water discharge process is elevating temperatures in the waterways that are causing increased algae and reducing oxygen causing the fish to suffocate, worldwide.   Oops!  Sounds like we need to let these experts know about these previously documented facts that they have “failed” to discuss. 
Further, we are told by air quality monitoring reporting, in public health reports, and in the health consequences due to climate change effects that “increased” morbidity rates for humans will occur.   Wildfire smoke creates toxic air pollution resulting in respiratory illness, allergies, and death. (Note: UC Davis California is studying the smoke effects on new borns due to the raging “King” fire events in Northern California 2017/2018).
Conclusion:  SMOKE is Good for Fish – Deadly for Humans . . . 
Don’t be tricked by what you will read below.  One truth they do say is “historical wildfire patterns are quite different than those of present day”.  Yes, that’s true!  Yet, no mention of Geoengineering, the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s climate, a deadly omitted fact, HUM?
These boards and agencies reporting such inaccurate information are very dangerous, indeed. .