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C40 networks connect city practitioners and Mayors around the world to enable stronger collective climate action.


Working across multiple sectors and issues, C40 convenes networks that provide a range of services in support of cities’ climate change efforts. C40 currently has 17 networks that cover the mitigation, adaptation and sustainability topics of highest priority to C40 cities and with the potential for the greatest climate impact. C40 networks help cities replicate, improve and accelerate climate action.

Through C40 networks, city practitioners from around the world advise and learn from one another about the successes and challenges of implementing climate action. Network interactions and C40 communications provide a platform for cities to showcase their climate action solutions and inspire their city peers. C40 networks also help cities engage with technical experts and undertake collective actions that demonstrate the power of cities working together.

C40 Networks Lead to Results

One third of the actions member cities reported were directly influenced by collaboration between cities and 70% of C40 cities have implemented new, better or faster climate actions as a result of participating in C40 networks. These actions are the result of our Networks’ four-pronged approach, designed to

  • • Connect city officials with their peers around the world to help deliver solutions to climate challenges;
  • • Inspire innovation by showcasing the ideas and solutions of leading global cities;
  • • Advise city peers based on experience with similar projects and policies; and
  • • Influence national and international policy agendas and driving the market by leveraging the collective voice of cities.


Below, we invite you to explore our networks, which are organized into Initiative areas.

Consolidated fact sheets about our networks are also available for download in EnglishSpanish, and Mandarin.


Current Networks by Initiative


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