Disaster Preparedness Information from Red Cross Trainer . . . Be prepared – Be Safe Everyone!

We are not just living in wildfire country, but also in earthquake country.

Every person in your family should have an emergency bag packed with:

1) a change of clothes, including sweatshirt or sweater; 2)

2) 3 changes of underwear; 3)

3) power bars (change out every 3 months); 4)

4) emergency water (change out every 3 months); 5)

5) identification including name, address, phone & email numbers; 6)

6) emergency numbers for next of kin AND OUT OF STATE family or friend, in case your sister or your kid lives in the same area and is also hurt or evacuated; 7)

7) emergency cash;

8) copies of important papers (bank numbers, credit card numbers); 9)

9) emergency health info (if you have major allergies or are diabetic);

10) a list of medications; 2 weeks worth of emergency meds, including inhalers (change out every 3 months);

11) small note pad;

12) flashlight; extra battery pack; extra charger; hand crank power source;

13) N95 (or better) emergency mask;

14) soap, toilet paper;

15) perhaps a tiny foldout foil blanket;

16) toothbrush;

17) old eyeglasses;

18) matches in waterproof safe pack;

19) plastic gloves,

20) a small knife;

21) salt;

22) alcohol,

23) a WHISTLE, in case you are buried under rubble.

24) Evacuation Plan

Following a major earthquake (which IS COMING), we can expect MORE FIRES. Every family should have an evacuation plan. Families with evacuation plans for emergencies have higher survival rates.

Keep your auto gas tanks fairly full. Remember during the wildfires when gas stations were closed, or electricity was out and pumps didn’t work?

We all need to learn basic first aid. The RED CROSS has simple classes. This post is to remind everyone that disasters DO happen, and that we are more at risk here than in some other parts of the country. Prepare yourself & your family. Talk about it.

Most earthquakes last about 45 seconds. Teach your kids..& yourselves…..to start counting …yelling… out loud…One-one hundred, two-on hundred, three-one hundred,…etc., up to 45 one hundred, to measure the time the earthquake lasts. The exercise will calm frightened children…and will help us know when to expect an end to the shaking. Some earthquakes last longer. Also teach yourselves and your children what to do when an earthquake starts. DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!

In making your plan, assess where in each room of your home is the safest place, and teach everyone to get THERE when the shaking starts.

Teach everyone NOT to try to run across the house to each other. TOO DANGEROUS!. As you are all yelling out the time (One-one hundred, two-one hundred…) you will hear each other and be comforted. Teach kids how to exit a room if the door is blocked. What to do if a parent is hurt. You can save your own lives, and the lives of people you love. But you have to be really prepared.

Not just batteries & a few jugs of water. An emergency TO GO bag is just a start. Please, start!