GENOCIDE – SERCO’s Covert Network of Companies Engages in Software and Poison Programs . . . maps/graphs

GENOCIDE – SERCO’s Covert Network of Companies Engages in Software and Poison Programs . .

Summary: Open Genocide the London-NY-Axis by SERCO

Serco Group is a crown-controlled company conspiring with the Senior Executive Service (SES) to implement a soft-kill program to depopulate the world for the London-NY-Axis (the English monarch, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild) through:

Eugenics, the world-intelligence-network, software and poison programs). On 2 Jan 2018, Serco was awarded a 610 million USD contract to manage FEMA Region IX that covers California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. On 16 Jul 2013, Obama awarded Serco a 1.2 billion USD contract to run the ObamaCare website. Serco also manages the air-traffic-control towers in 63 US airports, and has been paid more than 95 million USD to run the US patent and trademark examination processes. Serco has 73 subsidiaries and runs the “Internet of Things” patents filed by Richard C Walker, Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies (these patents explicitly refer to human beings as “wet-ware”). Serco’s activities are correlated with DOJ 500 (500 unelected DOJ lawyers), OPIC, MCC, USAID, Serco Inc, the Aerospace Corporation, crown-agents, the Office of Net Assessment (DoD), Andrew W Marshall, the American Inns of Court, the Five Eyes (5is = US, GB, CA, AU, NZ), the Internet of Things, the Highlands Group, the IBM Eclipse Foundation, the theft of social networking invention created by Leader Technologies, James P Chandler III and Richard C Walker’s “wet-ware” patents.

This system, called SERCO, is widely known and many researchers and authors precede us in their reporting; however, it is our intent in this series of articles and videos to show the specific rat lines that make Senior Executive Services and SERCO the evilest system in the world. We will be showing you the big picture of SERCO in this series.