Project NEMO | New/Next Economic Model…

Project NEMO (New/Next Economic Model)

Project NEMO started 200 Years after the “Wealth of Nations” from Adam Smith when there were mainly trading (mercantilism) and manual work. One head was enough for 1000 hands. People had little value. Witches were beheaded, workers were less educated and the mean life expectation was around 38 Years.

“Wealth of Nations” was made in and for another Real World and Life.
Following this old paradigms and rules will direct industry and nations back to 1776.
No way to make a BMW with rules and tools designed for making a steam machine.

Project NEMO started from scratch in today’s Real World and Life. Based on present human needs and potential.
It enables new insights and decision options for enterprises and nations to create real wealth.
And it’s compatible to proven classic rules.