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NTT Docomo develops manhole-type base station

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Major Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo has developed a base station for 5G technology that is buried in the ground to overcome a shortage of space.The water-proof antenna is placed into a 70-centimeter deep hole and then covered with reinforced plastic that still allows radio waves to pass through.In accordance with guidelines set by the communications ministry, the intensity and direction of the radio waves will be adjusted to prevent them from affecting passers-by.

The new 5G wireless systems require more base stations than before but the amount of available space on towers and building roofs is becoming increasingly limited.

NTT Docomo plans to start putting the new base stations into practical use next March.

The company’s manager in charge of wireless access networks, Jun Ando, says they came up with the idea of burying the base stations while thinking of ways to overcome the space shortage.

He says his company hopes this new technology will allow more people to enjoy stable wireless reception.