Paradise Fire Pics

Here are some more shots from the Paradise Fire, other neighborhoods with pg&e damages and other anomolies. Like I said before, I am just trying to get these out to the public because I have no channel or followers (obviously) to get any awareness of what is really happening.


Camp Fire Smart Meters a

Gotta get the word out, I know that we need to document. I don’t have the best software to do any real analysis, but I am giving the best descriptions I have. I am attaching pics of 14 properties that have minimal damage, that either included the smart meter and/or some other anomaly(s) to prove that this is an operation, not caused by wild fire.

Camp Fire

Only 4 properties are in this email, but they seem to show significance. This is so messed up to the people in Paradise/Concow/Magalia, etc. And if we can document proof (I’m not public nor do I have a following) if it turns out that we can stop this, I am soooooo anxious to help. This has hurt my family and so many other innocent people. I need to do something. Thanks.