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Blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed[UNIQID]

Blood Scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed!

🦠🥩🎯☠️ This is in reply to the pure blood scheme to offer non covid blood to the unjabbed.  

PLEASE don’t believe for one minute that ANY blood 🩸 is untainted.  

Blood banks have been for profit and toxic blood products – another method of poisoning the compromised that seek transfusions FOR many illnesses created to cause illness in the first place. Keep in mind the cov shed spread.  PRIONS and planet microwaving to kill faster.  Even prior to the kill shot other jabs were aimed at slow depopulation goals by our overlords.  Now we face self replicating nano bots in our bodies – human and animal cyborgs.  Whatever Pure  blood there could be is reserved as a blood elixir for the priveledged to slow aging and a power stimulant taken from trauma and tortured victims oxygenated blood.  Those that register for the illusion of safe unjabbed blood are providing data collection on themselves.  The data is being used for the advancement of A.I.  –  the takeover of all legacy systems. All systems – ALL LIFE – all LAND – all AIR – all WATER 💧 — all our BRAINS all abilities to think and MEMORY ERASING.  We are witnessing a bio weaponized Alzheimer’s attack of our minds.  We will soon see history blurred out – our current thinking impacted with more targeted forgetfulness – and OUR tomorrow’s erased.  The ultimate power grab -OUR MINDS.  As we are advanced into control systems we can not stop we WILL experience levels of austerity never felt previously.  We have been told we must reduce our carbon foot print leading to life in the mid 1750s but far worse.  Nature is being destroyed and we will have NOTHING to fall back on – a well thought out extinction of our planet 🌎 Our cities and infrastructure is being degraded and destroyed by targeted use of frequencies that are pulsed to cause collapses of built systems (bridges-buildings – land erosion via targeted land and bluff collapses AND weather weapons – we will see massive relocations of the populations forced to evacuate their communities as the illusion of dwindling water supplies and food is ELIMINATED.  We are watching all this happening now. WE ARE being forced onto unreliable renewables -solar – wind – geothermal – wave electricity sources that will not provide enough available energy.  WHY – Aren’t renewables reliable you may ask? The weather required for a renewable infrastructure IS CONTROLLED☠️.  Most folks will perish!!
All travel is being reduced so populations can be confined in open air prisons and those areas targeted by deadly wireless weapons and weather attacks. 

Invisible frequency fencing will disable and kill anyone seeking to go out of their designated  human settlement zones.  The KILL GRID!  

Cameras – and facial recognition WILL and is being used against us.  Just like China we exist within a network of corporations disguised as governments. managed by a few inbred appearing like humans without concern for ethics, without morals or concern for life  – they are MURDERS. 
We are gullible slaves trapped in a monetary debt 💸 control NET.  

There is So much more I could say – but PURE BLOOD 🩸 dreamers DO NOT understand their/our circumstances.   Do not sign up for data gathering trickery.  🙏

Please go to read the many documents gathered over the years that clearly state what you have read above.  

COVID-19 as a Force Majeure. But What Is Force Majeure? My Contract Doesn’t Even Use that Term!

From the web site –

August 3, 2020

COVID-19 as a Force Majeure. But What Is Force Majeure? My Contract Doesn’t Even Use that Term!

“Force Majeure” – History, Understanding, and Early Applications

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New COVID ‘Scariant’

Fact or Fiction with Dr. Kaufman

Mentions Deborah Tavares’s Research at about 43:00 into the video below

Omicron Variant Mythbusting 
The world faces more lockdowns, travel restrictions, and coerced vaccinations as the WHO announces (and thousands of media stories) the sudden appearance of a new, potentially deadly strain. What’s going on? Hear from one of the world’s leading experts on the topic, and dive deep into an uncensored discussion on the BeSovereign free speech platform!