PG&E and CPUC Email Exchange – these are the emails in the YouTube Video “Plan to Burn Up Northern California”


From: Clanon, Paul

Sent: 8/22/2011 10:04:42 AM

To: Cherry, Brian K (/0=PG&E/0U=C0RP0RATE/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=BKC7)

Cc: Cooke, Michelle (; Lindh, Frank (

Subject: RE: Space Weather

Ah, the good old days.

From: Cherry, Brian K [] Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 10:03 AM
To: Clanon, Paul
Cc: Lindh, Frank; Cooke, Michelle

Subject: RE: Space Weather

Just a reminder, we are the first to propose a solar generator in space that will beam RFwavesdowntoareceptorsiteandconvertittoDCcurrent. Wehavechangedour receptor site from the Mojave desert to Sebastopol.

From: Clanon, Paul [] Sent: Monday, August 22, 20119:50 AM
To: Cherry, Brian K
Cc: Lindh, Frank; Cooke, Michelle

Subject: Space Weather

Brian,I assume you’re assembling a high-level task force of washed-up
and never-were, yet somehow movie-star-handsome, former astronauts to handle PG&E’s response to the upcoming “damaging space weather”? Also, please dribble out one at a time over the next few months all internal memos, lawsuits, PowerPoint presentations, and officer-coverup directives in which PG&E is repeatedly warned about damaging space weather and chooses to do nothing, then has its lawyers blame its customers, aka “earthlings”, for any adverse consequences resulting. Thank you.