CDC Patent Document for Covid

Coronavirus isolated from humans


Disclosed herein is a newly isolated human coronavirus (SARS-CoV), the causative agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Also provided are the nucleic acid sequence of the SARS-CoV genome and the amino acid sequences of the SARS-CoV open reading frames, as well as methods of using these molecules to detect a SARS-CoV and detect infections therewith. Immune stimulatory compositions are also provided, along with methods of their use.

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Covid Opportunities Bloomberg Oil Demand Reduced – Kiss YOUR Gas Good Bye Capturing Human Behavior Changes from Space

BNP Paribas, Ørsted, Google Earth on Using Data to Combat Climate Change

September 14th, 2020, 11:49 AM PDT

Mark Lewis, Global Head of Sustainability Research, BNP Paribas Asset Management; Niels Strange Peulicke-Andersen, Head of ESG Accounting, Ørsted; Carlo Buontemp, Director of Copernicus Climate Change Service, ECMWF; and Rebecca Moore, Director of Google Earth speak with Bloomberg’s Eric Roston at the Bloomberg Green virtual event about the ways in which data is being collected and deployed in the fight against climate change. (Source: Bloomberg)



May 13, 2020
In accordance with your instructions and in forwarding to you this report, the
Investigation Group has the honour to convey to you its findings on the characteristics
of the COVID-19 epidemic, as we were able to observe them.
In order to propose a prevention protocol and to provide information on therapeutic
approaches, it is necessary to establish the parameters of the pathogenic agent, which
has revealed serious inconsistencies in the official version.
These inconsistencies have led to the identification of obvious corruption and an
agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the
implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions.


                       do you know            *      THIS      *          about covid-19?  


In this video David Icke & Dr. Andrew Kaufman talk about how:

 The PCR test does not actually test for the virus & what that means for you.

>  Article /  “Scientists Say the COVID-19 Test Kits Do Not Work, Are Worthless …”   / by  Jason Hommel

  “The problem is the test is known to NOT work:  It’s only looking for partial viral sequences

  NOT whole genomes.  So, identifying a single pathogen is next to impossible.   

     The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like Covid19   is   NONSENSE.”


>  Article / /   “Here come the Covid Detention Centers,”   / by Bill Sardi   / 08/26/20

 New York State Bill A99 is now under consideration in the NY State Legislature . . . 

to take an individual ‘suspected’ of being infected . . .to a detention center and there

compel her/him to receive any medical treatment deemed necessary – including:  

                                                FORCED VACCINATION.

             This bill could become the model for other similar bills to be passed into law in other states.

                  *     ABOUT THE VACCINE    *

>  YouTube:  “Human 2.0?”  A Wake-Up Call To The World /  Dr. Carrie Madej says:

    “I investigated the proposed COVID-19 vaccine and this is My Alarm Call to the World: 

     This new vaccine is NOT like your normal flu vaccine.  There are technologies in this

     vaccine that will change who we are and what we are, and very quickly.” 

                                                    She says  The Vaccine has:

1.  Synthetic RNA or DNA:  a piece that enters/replicates in our own DNA.

2.  ‘Luciferase Enzyme’:  bioluminescent mark/record put under skin to scan to verify vaccination

3.  Hydrogel:  Nanotechnology:  Tiny robots of  artificial intelligence  [A.I.] that connect  24/7

                             to larger A.I. Systems [via Cell Tower/Microwave Transmissions]

                                That receive signals from you and can send signals into you

                                                      WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT

               >  >  >            HERE’S WHAT’S HAPPENING:

> Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers Speech In Berlin – August 29, 2020

                              Listen/Watch this epic 12 minute speech of his!  He says, in part:

“Governments love pandemics for the same reason they love war, because it gives them the ability

 to impose controls on the population  that the population otherwise never would accept.  The great

 institutions are orchestrating & imposing obedience.  The only thing that governments need to

 make  people into slaves . . . .  is FEAR.  You can get them to do anything you want.  [While they’ve

 kept us in lockdown] they’ve  done a very good job of bringing 5G into all of our communities.    And

 to shift us all into a digital currency, which is the beginning of slavery, because if they control your

 bank account they control your behavior.  They’re spending $5 Trillion on 5G for Surveillance and

 Data Harvesting.  It is not for you and me, it’s for Bill Gates, it’s for Jeffrey Zuckerberg, for Bezos

 and all of the other billionaires.    Bill Gates’ satellite fleets will be able to look at every square inch

 of the planet, 24 hours a day.  But that’s only the beginning!  He also will be able to follow you on all

 of your smart devices, through biometric face recognition, through your GPS.  You think your Alexa

 is working for you?!  She isn’t working for you!  She’s working for Bill Gates spying on you!  And the

 pandemic is a crisis of  convenience for elite who are dictating these Policies.  It has given them the

 ability to obliterate the middle class, to destroy the institutions of democracy, to shift all of our wealth

 from all of us to a handful of  billionaires  to make themselves rich by impoverishing the rest of us. 

                                           We are going to demand our democracy back!”

> / “CDC CONFIRMS EXTREMELY LOW COVID-19 DEATH,” by Horowitz 05/26/20 The CDC now independently confirms recent research by Stanford University that COVID-19 has an extremely low death rate. Those without [symptoms] are more likely to die in a car accident and schoolchildren, whose lives we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning.

>    By CNN  Published August 26, 2020 


                              PRESSURE FROM TRUMP ADMINISTRATION


Fauci says he was not part of task force meeting for new CDC testing guidelines

TIP:  Fauci/NIH, Gates/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tedros/WHO and others like them are all part of a United Nations Globalist Agenda to set up worldwide control using CoVid-19 as the excuse, thereby ending America’s sovereignty.  Do you want that?  No?  Tell them.  Push back while you still can.

>      California Civil Code / Section 51(b) / Unruh Civil Rights Act:

   All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their    

   sex, race, religion, …disability, medical condition… are entitled to the full and equal      

                      …services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever. 

            In other words:  Due to a medical condition, which does not have to be declared…

          A person in CA legally can enter any business without a mask or proof of vaccination.


                          “U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams Explains Why…

                            ***   5G IS NOW HERE IN CARPINTERIA   *** 

                               THINK OF IT  NEXT TIME  YOU ARE ILL

>    YouTube:  “Veteran  M.D.  Drops  Bombshell  About   5G   Technology   DANGERS   At  5G  Hearing,” 

                      By Collective Evolution /     OCT 31,   2018    /    For Senate Bill 63

“The way that you create … Diabetes in   [lab]   rats … is   by   exposing them to 2.4 GHz 

          And  this is   NOT   for long term exposure.   The closer you live to a Cell Tower  the  higher  your  Blood [Sugar]   . . .  And THAT  is  based  on  Hemoglobin  A1C  Measurements [Science] ,”  Dr. Sharon Goldberg

                            [Her Background: Internal Medicine Physician,  Practiced 21 years,  Clinical Research, etc.] 

                                         <    Different frequencies create different diseases, it’s not just Diabetes   >

Michigan College Will Digitally Track Students’ Movements At All Times

A Michigan college is requiring students to download a phone application that tracks their location and private health data at all times in an attempt to protect them from the coronavirus.

Albion College, located in Albion, Mich., is one of the first schools in the country to tackle contact tracing. The school is working to create a “COVID-bubble” on campus, and asking students stay within the school’s 4.5-mile perimeter for the entire semester; if a student leaves campus, the app will notify the administration, and the student could be temporarily suspended.

The move comes as universities grapple with how to reopen safely amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Several schools including Harvard University have shut down their campuses entirely, while the University of California system will provide the majority of classes online with a selection of hybrid options. Other schools, such as Boston University, are resuming in-person learning with masks and social distancing guidelines alongside virtual learning supplements for those who don’t feel comfortable returning.

Albion’s reopening plan has sparked blowback from students and parents who are expressing concern about what they view as an invasion of privacy. A father of an Albion student said that he is upset that he must choose between keeping his daughter home from school or signing off on a university-sanctioned “invasion of privacy.”

“The school wants my daughter to sign a form consenting to specimen collection and lab testing,” he told the Washington Free Beacon on condition of anonymity. “I have a ton of concern with that…. Why is the state of Michigan’s contact tracing not enough?”

Though students are required to remain on campus, professors and administrators are not. When asked about this potential loophole in its “COVID-bubble,” the school declined to comment.

Rising senior Andrew Arszulowicz said that he is upset with both the mandatory use of the app and the manner in which students are being treated. “I feel like I am being treated like a five-year-old that cannot be trusted to follow rules,” Arszulowicz told the Free Beacon. “If the school believes masks work … why are we not allowed to leave if they work? It does not make sense to me.”

Albion is planning to offer in-person learning only, and students who refuse to comply with the contact-tracing program will be forced to defer for a semester or a full school year.

Could this COVID-19 ‘health passport’ be the future of travel and events?

  • Rising COVID-19 infection rates pose a threat to global tourism.
  • A new app acts as a health passport for travellers who are virus-free.
  • Using blockchain technology, it provides an encrypted record of test results.
  • Its creators say it could allow healthy travellers to avoid quarantine.
  • The app could also allow sports and entertainment venues to reopen safely, as well as the global conference and exhibition industry.

Thousands of summer holidays are now up in the air, following a series of COVID-19 flare-ups around the world, with trips cancelled and travellers forced to quarantine when they return home.

In mid-July, the number of confirmed cases globally jumped by a million in just four days. The UK imposed a 14-day isolation on holidaymakers returning from Spain after infection rates spiked there, prompting the UK’s biggest tour operator to cancel all holidays to that country.

After recording its first cases since April, Viet Nam closed the tourist hotspot of Da Nang to tourists and evacuated 80,000 tourists from the city.

Now, a new health passport app promises to restore confidence to the travel industry, which has been badly hit by the pandemic. Global tourism shrank by 97% in April, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

CovidPass is the brainchild of one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Mustapha Mokass. It also involves other YGLs across 5 continents, including Muna AbuSulayman and Peggy Liu. CovidPass uses blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19.

Unlike contact tracing apps, CovidPass will not track users’ movements. Non-mandatory contact tracing apps have met with only limited success so far due to privacy concerns.

Germany, regarded as one of the most successful nations in rolling out a voluntary app, currently has only 16 million users out of 83 million citizens. Experts say at least half the population needs to use a contact tracing app to make it effective in fighting the virus.

Meanwhile, governments are faced with a variety of different testing regimes to validate the health of travellers. “This isn’t enough to reassure tourists or health authorities”, says Mokass.

Mokass hopes his app, which is launching in September, will become a standardized solution for airlines, airports and border agencies, and eliminate quarantine for healthy travellers. CovidPass could also allow hotels, cinemas, theatres, sporting and concert venues to reopen safely.

Another possible use would be to help restart the worldwide conference and exhibition industry, which has contracted by 60%, at a cost of $180 billion in lost revenues and impacting 1.9 million jobs, according to the industry’s global association, UFI.

CovidPass commits to mandatory carbon offsetting for each flight passenger, to preserve the environmental benefits of reduced air travel during the crisis.

The ones selling the panic. Are the same ones selling the vaccine.

COVID – The ones selling the panic – Are the same ones selling the vaccine.

– Gates invests MILLIONS into GAVI and the W.H.O.

– Gates and Microsoft invented ID2020.

– Gates owns patent for a biometric system that turns your body into a cryptocurrency mining rig that monitors all of your bodily functions.


ALL of these are included within the so called “vaccine” injection for the pandemic fraud.

Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild “side effects”, experts say

Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild “side effects”, experts say



Look this patent up which ties to the Vaccine

Covid-19 vaccines may cause mild side effects, experts say –

July 27, 2020

Helen Branswell


While the world awaits the results of large clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccines, experts say the data so far suggest one important possibility: The vaccines may carry a bit of a kick.

In vaccine parlance, they appear to be “reactogenic,” meaning they have induced short-term discomfort in a percentage of the people who have received them in clinical trials. This kind of discomfort includes headache, sore arms, fatigue, chills, and fever.

As long as the side effects of eventual Covid-19 vaccines are transient and not severe, these would not be sources of alarm — in fact, they may be signals of an immune system lurching into gear. It’s a simple fact that some vaccines are more unpleasant to take than others. Think about the pain of a tetanus shot, for instance.

But experts say it makes sense to prepare people now for the possibility that Covid-19 vaccines may be reactogenic.

“I think one of the things we’re going to have to realize is that all of these vaccines are going to be reactogenic…. They’re all going to be associated with reactions,” said Kathryn Edwards, scientific director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program in Nashville, Tenn.

“I think if you were to point out that, look, this is going to be a little bit painful, but there’s an end to it, and there’s a greater good to be gained here, I think that that’s probably worthwhile,” agreed Brian Southwell, senior director of the science in the public sphere program at the Center for Communication Science at RTI International, a think tank located in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

At least two manufacturers, Cambridge, Mass.-based Moderna and CanSino, a Chinese vaccine maker, stopped testing the highest doses of their Covid-19 vaccines because of the number of severe adverse events recorded among participants in their clinical trials.

Ian Haydon, one of the volunteers who received the highest dose in the Moderna Phase 1 clinical trial, ended up seeking medical care after he spiked a fever of 103 Fahrenheit 12 hours after getting a second dose of the vaccine. (Most Covid-19 vaccines will likely require two doses to work.)

The side effects are being seen across a number of different vaccines, made in different ways. This does not appear to be a problem linked to a specific type of Covid-19 vaccine.

The Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine, which uses a harmless-to-humans virus that infects chimpanzees as its backbone, saw adverse events reported by 60% of recipients in its early phase trial, reported last week in the journal The Lancet. Half of patients who got the highest dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine — which like Moderna’s is a messenger RNA vaccine — reported side effects.

Even after abandoning study of its highest dose, CanSino saw nearly three-quarters of the people in the vaccine arms in its Phase 2 trial report side effects, though none was severe. The CanSino vaccine uses a human adenovirus as its backbone.

Getting people prepared for the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines may be reactogenic lets them know what to expect when vaccine becomes available, said Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

“As with many vaccines, we have found that if we let people know what to expect, then they have fewer concerns if side effects happen,” Neuzil said.

There’s plenty of evidence that people will accept reactogenic vaccines — will virtually rush to get them — if they are concerned enough about the condition the vaccine is designed to prevent.

Edwards said GSK’s shingles vaccine, Shingrix, which reportedly makes people feel pretty miserable for a short period after injection, is a perfect example. Despite the possibility of discomfort, from the moment the vaccine was brought to market, the company could not keep up with the crush of demand for it. (GSK recently announced the vaccine was no longer in short supply.)

Most people know someone who has had shingles; they’ve heard how painful the condition — a reactivation of latent varicella virus, a late side-effect of chickenpox infection — is for people who develop it.

But the behavior of many Americans suggests they don’t see Covid-19 as a particular threat, with many resisting wearing masks and following the social distancing recommendations that have successfully driven down transmission in a number of other parts of the world.

A variety of polls suggest between half and 70% of Americans plan to be vaccinated when Covid-19 vaccines become available, figures that raise concerns in some quarters about the ability of vaccines to trigger herd immunity in the U.S. population.

Noel Brewer, a professor of health behavior at the University of North Carolina, isn’t worried at this point about those polling numbers. At present, it’s not even clear if vaccines will work, he said, which means pollsters are asking people about hypothetical decisions they may have to make at some unknown point in the future.

“It’s all just a bunch of question marks,” said Brewer, who actually thinks the polling numbers look pretty good under the circumstances. “Once folks are faced with a specific vaccine and a particular effectiveness profile and so on, they can then make a decision based on a thing, as opposed to an idea of a thing.”

For most people right now, Covid-19 is invisible “unless you are in an ICU,” he said. “For most of us every day, we don’t see people who are really sick.”

Brewer, who is on a World Health Organization subcommittee on Covid-19 vaccine safety, said people do expect some discomfort from getting vaccinated.

“The real question is: How much discomfort compared to what other things they may be facing? So, if you’re 70 years old and you can’t leave your house at all, you’re going to have one calculus as compared to if you’re someone who’s 20 years old,” he said.

Conditions at the time vaccine becomes ready for use will be a big influencing factor when the public is offered vaccines, said Southwell. In the meantime, though, he thinks it is critical to communicate with the public about issues like how vaccines are made and that the Covid-19 vaccines may be reactogenic.

People are paying attention to these issues, he said, arguing that members of public has a greater capacity to understand than they are generally given credit for.

“There might be a much greater case for acceptance if we do our work in building trust now and laying the groundwork now,” said Southwell. “But we’re not necessarily as focused on that as we could be.”

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